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Best Facebook Blueprint Courses

Facebook Blueprint refers to the online platform that offers free training to learners to help them with advertising on Facebook and Instagram. These Certificate programs and free online courses are a treasure to the students of Digital Marketing and those who want to promote their businesses in the largest Social Media platform of the world- Facebook.

The most popular and largest Social Media network that connects people from across the globe, Facebook today stands as an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether we use it as a source of communication or promoting business, Facebook provides a plethora of opportunities to all.

The Facebook Blueprint course introduces you to creating Business Pages on Facebook, creating the right SEO-friendly content for Digital Marketing, and also makes you familiar with Ad Policies, Business Promoting, and Targeting. Whether you are a Business Professional or a student who wants to learn how Digital Marketing works with Facebook, these online courses on our list are going to help you a lot.

1. Facebook Blueprint Course by Udemy

Udemy’s Facebook Blueprint is a comprehensive course that will introduce you to the ideas of advertising on Facebook. This course will introduce students to the concept of Facebook as a platform or medium of Business, and how you can take advantage of Facebook Ads with the right guidance.

Some of the key skills you will be focusing on in this course are creating and maintaining your Facebook page, bringing in traffic, working on Ad Campaigns, Post strategies that will attract page visitors, and much more. This course with a duration of 3 hours guarantees student satisfaction, and especially for those who are hoping to become successful entrepreneurs promoting their business on Facebook. Digital or Internet Marketers, Business owners can get great help from this course.

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2. Facebook Blueprint Free Online Courses by Facebook Business

Facebook for Business organizes the best free online blueprint courses that are fast-paced, self-guided, and will develop marketing skills for social media including Facebook, Messenger Instagram, and WhatsApp (literally every app owned by Facebook).

This course will help bring your business ideas into the virtual world, and you will gain insights about how you should begin, whom you should target, and how you can achieve your marketing goals. Apart from these, you will also know how to establish yourselves in the social media platforms, attract an audience and build relationships with them, adapt creative strategies for your Facebook page, and lastly learn to optimize your methods. This course is all-in-one, which means it has everything you need to know.

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3. Facebook Blueprint Certification by Facebook Business

Now those who are after certifications, Facebook For Business has the best Blueprint Certificate courses for them. Take your Digital Marketing experience and career into a boom with the help of these Facebook Certifiedcourses each of them designed carefully keeping in mind the different requirements of professionals.

Some of the best Facebook Blueprint Certified programs available on the website include Digital Marketing Associate, Marketing Science Professional, Creative Strategy Professional, Media Planning Professional, Marketing Developer, and many more programs. Each of these certificate programs is designed especially for professionals who are seeking opportunities through Facebook.

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4. Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate by Coursera

A course led by an expert professional of Facebook, this highly ranked certificate course in Coursera brings a great opportunity to take your Social Media Marketing career to the next level. Throughout this course, you will adopt some job-ready skills and learn a lot about Performance Advertising, Digital Marketing, Advertising Campaigns, Marketing Strategies, Content Strategies, Ad Management, and many more things. This professional certification course is all you need to accelerate your career.

This course will begin with an introduction to Digital Marketing and its role in Social Media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. You will be introduced to many skills and strategies, and also work on hands-on projects. By the end of this course, you will be all set to create your own business page and promote your business to a worldwide audience. The certificate you will earn will add much more value to your professional life. Since this course is at a beginner level, you won’t require any degree or prior experience, just enthusiasm for social media marketing.

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5. Facebook Ads for E-Commerce: The Complete Guide by Udemy

Another course by Udemy that deserves a mention is the Facebook Ads for E-commerce course that will let you explore how you can tactfully run Ads on Facebook and Instagram. This top-rated course led by an expert instructor will introduce you to the process of creating a Facebook page for your business or brand and successfully run it. You will learn to create and manage Ads, use tools to navigate your reach, know about Targets and Post Engagements. Ads in Facebook have types, and you will be exploring them all, such as Page Likes Ads, Video Views Ads, Page Post Engagement Ads, and Dynamic Product Catalogue Sales Ads. There is a lot of things to know about in this course, and after completion, you will be all set to run your E-commerce business on Facebook and other Social Media platforms.

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6. Effective Facebook Advertising by Pluralsight

An intermediate-level course by Pluralsight that will focus on Facebook Advertising, and how the right guidance can take your e-business into the boom. The expert instructor will introduce advertising as an important “money-making” source from social media platforms and will focus on techniques and strategies that can bring success.

In this duration of 2 hours and 24 mins, you will explore all the dimensions of advertising on Facebook including Targets, Promotions, Ad Management and campaigns, and much more. You should definitely opt for this course if you are after short courses and are unwilling to spend months learning about Facebook Advertisement.

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7. Facebook Ads MASTERY Blueprint – Go From Beginner to Expert by Skillshare

An amazing course by Skillshare that you can begin with for free, the Facebook Ads MASTERY Blueprint course is specially designed to transform your beginner’s knowledge into master skills. This course will proceed step-by-step and introduce you to exactly what you need to learn about Facebook Ads. These in-depth video instructions will feature how you can create Facebook Ads from Scratch, and use them for your E-commerce page. There are also some class projects you need to work on that will make you a master of Facebook Advertising.

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8. The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint by Udemy

This course on our list by Udemy is especially for those who have begun with advertising on Facebook, and are worried about their targets and reaches. This course is for you if you are spending much on Facebook Advertising and yet failing to reach the required audience for your Business page, the expert instructor will introduce you to Facebook Sales Funnel that will Skyrocket your sales on Facebook.

You will be learning a lot of things in this course, beginning from how to reach hundreds to millions of audience, creating E-mail Sequence, help customers reach your sales products directly from Ads in just one click, learn about Facebook Sales Funnel, optimize your Facebook Business Pages, drive traffic to your business pages in various other social media platforms and much more. This course is undoubtedly a treasure for those who are into promoting their business on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and YouTube. If you want to take your sales to a peak and spread your business across the world, then this course has everything to help you with that.

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9. Advertising on Facebook by LinkedIn Learning

A reliable resource of learning for jobseekers, Advertising on Facebook is for those who are seeking Digital Marketing or Business opportunities on Facebook and other related Social Media platforms. The instructor will introduce learners to Facebook Advertising, and marketing campaigns, that are absolutely necessary to know about before setting up your business online.

From setting up your business account, business pages to promoting them using the right kind of tools for advertisement that will reach the desired audience, this course will be covering many important areas like these. You will also come across some pro tips and advice including budget decisions, critical placement, content creation, and lastly, how to improve your Ad performance. The certificate you earn after the completion of this course will not only add value to your LinkedIn Profile, but also to your professional life.

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10. The Ultimate Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint by Skillshare

The last course on our list and yet another one by Skillshare that definitely deserves a mention, The Ultimate Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint is a course for learners of all stages who want to take their business on Facebook to the next level through the art of Advertising.

This course consists of a total of 23 video lessons that will guide you with Facebook Ads, Ad Campaigns, and Marketing Blueprint. You will be able to target huge traffic by spending less and accelerate your sales. The Strategies you will be learning in this course are enough to bring success to your online business. This ultimate course on advertising is a gem for Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and also offline Marketers.

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