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Best Ethical Hacking Courses on Udemy

Have you always wanted to become a legal hacker? Have you heard the term white hats? Do you want to learn the skill of ethical hacking? Then you are in the right place. We have bought you some of the best courses available on Udemy to help you become an ethical hacker.

Ethical Hacking or pen testing involves legally breaking into computers, devices or any application to identify the security vulnerabilities of the company. This way, an attack by any malicious hacker can be stopped before they could gain access to the company’s important data files. Ethical Hackers or white hats are professionals that perform this task. The work done by them helps the organization to improve its security posture. 

Hacking Experts follow 4 key protocols:

  1. They always obtain authorization before accessing and performing security breach. Staying legal is the most important factor of being a white hat.
  2. For the work to stay under the organization’s approved boundaries, hackers need to determine the scope of assessment they’ll be performing.
  3. An Ethical hacker’s basic responsibility is to inform the organization of any vulnerabilities found during the assessment. They are also to provide advice on how to resolve these security defects.
  4. Any organizations data is sensitive to it, and white hats should respect the data sensitivity and are to agree to a non-disclosure agreement with the organization they are working with. 

 It is one of the most exciting jobs in the IT sector, and being an ethical hacker is a popular goal of IT aspirants. An ethical hacking certificate can always add an extra point to your resume, and it never hurts to learn a new skill. If you have decided to learn this exciting skill, learn it through Udemy from the comfort of your home.

Udemy is one the best online e-learning platforms with a wide variety of courses that too very low prices, and you always receive certification after the completion of the course. The courses on Udemy are easy to understand and follow a fun and interactive approach. The platform has Grads and professors as experts in their fields, and all the courses are self-paced. This lets you learn at your comfort from expert people.

Today we have a list of the best ethical hacking courses available on Udemy. So, scroll down and find the right course for yourself. 

1. Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch by Udemy

This is 15.5 hours long on-demand video course available on Udemy. It is a bestseller. This course is a complete package course for becoming an ethical hacker. It is an extensive program and divided primarily into 4 sections, namely- Network Hacking, Gaining Access, Post Exploitation and Website/Web application Hacking. You’ll learn everything there is about hacking, its fields and its different types. You’ll get to learn how to exploit application vulnerabilities and successfully hack into a system. You’ll get to learn 30+ hacking tools such as Metasploit, SQLmaps as well as Linux basics and their commands. You’ll also learn network hacking and penetration test, plus some basics of SQL and backdoor programs and a lot more. To enrol in this course, click on the link provided below.

Instructor: Zaid Sabih Rating: 4.6 Price: $118

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2. Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking: Core Skills by Udemy

This is 14 hours demand video course offered on Udemy and is one of the bestsellers. This course provides you with Wireshark pcapng files so you can practice while learning. You require a computer that supports Wireshark as this course is practical and interactive. In this course, you’ll learn to troubleshoot networks and capture VoIP, OSPF, HTTP, Telnet and many more using Wireshark. The course has 63 videos divided into 10 short sections to explain to the students’ everything precisely. You’ll also learn to understand and interpret network protocols and hack into them using Kali Linux. Click on the provided link and enrol in this course today.

Instructor: David Bombal Rating: 4.7 Price: $17.58

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3. Ethical Hacking Methodologies: From Basic to Advance by Udemy

This is a 3.5 hours video lecture offered on Udemy. It is a short course but has received many positive feedbacks from people. It is one of the top courses available on hacking on Udemy. This is a core training program for IT professionals on hacking and cybersecurity. In this course, you’ll learn to assess the security posture of any organization by identifying vulnerabilities in the network and system. You’ll learn to attack various wireless networks and learn using Wireshark and Metasploit. In this course, you’ll also learn the basic of android hacking. Click on the link provided below to gain access to this course.

Instructor: Sahil Singh Rating: 5.0 Price: $17.58

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4. Modern Ethical Hacking- Complete Course by Udemy

This is a 12.5 hours on-demand video course provided by Udemy. This is an extensive program divided into 7 short sections to help you understand all there is to know about hacking. You’ll get to learn modern operational hacking techniques and building a cyber range to practice attacks and defense. You’ll learn attacker tradecraft against modern Active directory environments and end-to-end hacking. This course is designed in a practical approach where you can practice while learning through the videos. You’ll get to learn new bug bounty reconnaissance techniques being used on HackerOne and BugCrowd and how to easily write a penetration testing report. To avail of this course, click on the link below.   

          Instructor: Vonnie Hudson Rating: 4.8 Price: $118

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5. Practical Ethical Hacking- The Complete Course by Udemy

This is a 25 hours complete course for learning ethical hacking and penetration testing available on Udemy. This course has a practical approach, and no prior knowledge regarding hacking is required to avail this course. You’ll learn about network hacking and defenses, how to hack wireless networks and common web application attacks. You’ll also learn to write penetration reports, latest IT trends and understand the security treats affecting applications and networks. To enrol in this course, click on the link below.

Instructor: Heath Adams Rating: 4.7 Price: $26.57

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6. Ethical Hacking Course for 2021: Cyber Security v2.0 by Udemy 

This is 10.5 hours course for learning about system hacking, Wi-Fi Hacking, Website Hacking and Security for beginners. This course on Udemy starts from scratch, and you don’t need to possess any prior knowledge of hacking for this course. This course starts with cybersecurity, and you’ll also learn how to hack and secure your systems and Wi-Fi hacking and security. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Linux OS, mobile hacking and Phishing. To avail of this course today, click on the link below. 

Instructor: Cyber Security Online Training Rating: 4.7 Price: $26

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7. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced by Udemy

This is approx. 25 hours course on Udemy for learning ethical hacking, Wi-Fi hacking, penetration testing and web testing using Kali Linux. It is an interactive course where you are given step by step instructions required for creating your virtual hacking environment, breaking passwords and attacking networks. You’ll also learn the ability to secure and protect networks from hackers, plus everything about penetration testing activities. You’ll learn enough skills to become a freelance white hat. To get access to this course, click on the link given below.

Instructor: Ermin Kreponic Rating: 4.4 Price: $118

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8. Cyber Security Starter Kit (CSSK)- 2021 by Udemy

This is a 4 hours video lecture course available on Udemy. This is a fundamental hacking course. In this course, you’ll learn the basic of ethical hacking, its keywords, its elements and the tools used in hacking. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of networking, port scanning and information gathering. To enrol in this course, click on the link below. 

Instructor: Akash Ranjan Patel Rating: 5.0 Price: $17.58

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9. Ultimate Ethical Hacking Bootcamp- Beginner to Pro by Udemy

This is a complete Bootcamp course on Ethical Hacking requiring approx. 5 hours of your attention. On this Udemy course, you’ll learn to identify and hack into different applications, systems and wireless access points. You’ll learn how to set up a testing lab for penetration testing and how to recover passwords with password cracking tools. You’ll also get to do practical learnings with a decoy website and simulate a phishing attack to steal usernames and passwords. To avail of this course, click on the link and start learning the skill of hacking.

Instructor: Bryan Seely Rating: 4.7 Price: $43

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10. Learn Ethical Hacking with Termux: Android Tutorial 2021 by Udemy

This is a 1-hour on-demand video course available on Udemy for learning hacking through the android phone using Termux. You’ll also be provided with study material to download in digital form as a pdf. You’ll learn about ethical hacking and penetration testing techniques and will be step by step guide on how to do hacking in Android using Termux. You’ll learn to create a perfect hacking environment all on your phone. Click on the provided link to gain access to this course.

Instructor: Sagar Raghuwan Rating: 4.7 Price: $17.58

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