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Best Engineering Schools in the Midwest

Engineers are significant players in society as they contribute to every spec of life. They are involved in every aspect of society, beginning from making machinery to the high end of Artificial Intelligence. The activities and work help improve the lives of humans in assorted ways. Not only do they contribute to the improvement in the technological field, but also in the basic level of agriculture or availability of clean water.

There are various universities and institutes that support a variety of majors in engineering. Several of such engineering pioneering institutes in the Midwest area are enlisted here.

1. Case School of Engineering- Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve campus, placed at the core of University Circle, is one of Cleveland’s most lively and culturally hearty communities with an energetic town atmosphere. Case Western is the largest among the other cultural, medical, educational, religious, and social-service institutions part of the University Circle home. There are several undergraduates, graduate, and professional courses with academic and research opportunities and provide with an exemplary experience. The alumni have proved successful in various prospects of life like social, political, IT, and other domains with innumerable achievements. There are enough and more volunteering activities, student organizations, and cultural and social events for the students to get involved in. There are 3 professional sports teams, including 17 NCAA Division III varsity athletics teams actively participating in a number of athletic activities. The programs of majoring include arts and sciences, engineering, health sciences, law, management, and social work. Engineering courses have gained more significance as they run the Case School of Engineering.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is an association between the Case School of Engineering and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. The engineering school of the university has many branches, out of which Biomedical Engineering has proved its worth in the contribution to the advancing of human health via education and research at the juncture of medicine and engineering. Scientific discoveries of innovative technologies are built, evolved, and marketed, creating devices and therapies contributing to the improvement of the lives of humans around the world.

Founded In: 1880
Tuition: Instate $6,381, Out of state $28,659
Average ACT: 28-33
Average SAT: 1275
Acceptance rate: 36.6%
Average GPA: 4.42
Rank: 1
Contact: +1352-392-3261
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2. College of Engineering-Iowa State University

Learning from world-class scholars would surely be an extraordinary experience that is obtained from Iowa University, which is a public university with student organizations, undergraduate research, internships, and the prospect of studying abroad. Well-known teachers who are nationally acknowledged in civil, construction, and environmental engineering research, education, and service are known to educate the students. Especially the engineering department of CCEE enriches the students’ growth and improvement via assorted curricular and extracurricular activities. Several important general matters related to gender equality and sexual diversity are being practiced to promote the values among students.

Founded In: 1858
Tuition: $9,316
Average ACT: 21-28
Average SAT: 1100-1340
Acceptance Rate: 88.4%
Average GPA: 3.68
Rank: 2
Contact: 515-294-2140
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3. Armour College of Engineering -Illinois Institute of Technology

World-class engineers have been crafted by the Armour College of Engineering through principles that impart hands-on learning, teamwork, and leadership through a variety of themes like water, health, energy, and security which emphasizes the imperative present and tomorrow. The ability to work in a principled atmosphere is practiced by the institution and helps to face complex issues faced by the current society around the world.

The Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering Department extend the students to design and synthesize machines, aircraft, and vehicles beyond the earth’s atmosphere and the structure and properties of engineering materials. The undergraduate degrees in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and materials science and engineering are recognized by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. These ABET acknowledged programs would help to outshine in a broad variety of industries that need optimization, processing, and selection.

The material engineers being structured from the university will be capable of building innovative and improved materials that will be able to modernize the way of life. It can be in many different ways; developing energy materials for fuel cells or producing smart materials behind advanced sensors.

The place mainly concentrating on technology helps to uplift people from all backgrounds and supports teachers, students, and other staff with equality and unbiased mindset.  In addition to engineering, majors are concentrated on science, architecture, business, design, human sciences, applied technology, and law.

The faculty members are committed to the core in extending the education that focuses on the lives of students so that they get into proper track after graduation leading to careers that help humanity to face and solve the problems in life.

Founded In: 1890
Tuition: $50,490
Average ACT: 26-32
Average SAT: 1340
Acceptance rate: 60.7%
Average GPA: 3.98
Rank: 3
Contact: 312.567.3000
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4. College of Engineering and Computing – Miami University

One of the most outstanding institutes in the nation is famous for its undergraduate courses. Miami University is situated in Oxford; Ohio contains more than 19,000 students. The powerful academic courses led by an experienced faculty team with intense personal attention and focused teaching make it one among the best list. A degree in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, or engineering management helps any learner to shape the self in facing hurdles in the career and life. Specialized fields of current significance are updated during the communication process in the department with the mentors and fellow students. The main areas of concentration during the engineering discipline comprise biochemistry and bioprocessing, environmental, biomedical, pulp and paper science, and bioinformatics.

Miami University makes its aspiring students develop into extremely active and profoundly curious with an innovative and enthusiastic individual walking towards success. The students also get to facilitate real-life projects dealing with actual clients. 

Founded In: 1809
Tuition: $16,223
Average ACT: 28-32
Average SAT: 1320
Acceptance Rate: 92%
Average GPA: 3.6
Rank: 4
Contact: 513-529-0760
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5. College of Engineering at Michigan State University

The land-grant university at Michigan has taken up the endeavor of educating people with the essential skills to advance in various domains, which is characteristically significant. Education is extended in the levels of secondary, undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learning together with life values instillation.

The College of Engineering believes in the breakthrough of innovative knowledge through research to promote entrepreneurship and economic development to do well for the global social order. The engineering here is taught to follow ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

The Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE) at Michigan State University has interesting majors in engineering modeling and data science, taking the occupational sector to a successful stage. Along with education, research activities are also imparted in the segment of application-driven computational modeling. The quality of education in engineering is of the most superior quality, such that the research and the new technology benefit the local and global community.

Founded In: 1855
Tuition: $14,460
Average ACT: 23-29
Average SAT: 1120
Acceptance rate: 76.3%
Average GPA: 3.75
Rank: 5
Contact: (517) 355-1855
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6. College of Engineering – University of Missouri

The students and researchers at Biomedical, Biological & Chemical Engineering (BBCE) from the University of Missouri are brought together to understand, ascertain and modernize in the domains of medicine, biotechnology, and sustainable energy, food, and water. The research at the place gives the opportunity to carry out interdisciplinary research across campus. The number of students is purposely lessened to enhance proper interaction among the educators and peers.

The Bioengineering & Chemical Engineering departments are associated together with the Biomedical, Biological & Chemical Engineering Department consenting to better benefits to students on revolutionary research at MU. The undergraduate and graduate research helps benefit through high-class projects.  The BBCE Department helps to bring together the students and researchers from assorted backgrounds.

The sectors of energy, biofuels, biotechnology, biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technology, plant science, veterinary medicine, and innumerable others depend on engineers and scientists.

Founded In: 1839
Tuition: $10,723
Average ACT: 23-29
Average SAT: 1160
Acceptance rate: 81.8%
Average GPA: 3.52
Rank: 6
Contact: +1 573-882-2121
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7. Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

The Engineering Design majoring at the Rose Hulman’s Institute of Technology extends a hands-on education experience obtained through experienced professors in disciplines of engineering along with social science and humanities. The technical tools and professional skills for improving the world are included in the mastering of designing course. The techniques of product design, testing, and analysis of authentic projects for real-time clients are done during the course. Designing studio experiences of around 6 numbers along with a multidisciplinary capstone project enriches the learning experience, which helps to create a world of betterment through designing. 

Founded In: 1874
Tuition: $52,914
Average ACT: 27-33
Average SAT: 135
Acceptance rate: 76.6%
Average GPA: 4.0
Rank: 7
Contact: 812-877-1511
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8. Parks College of Engineering – Saint Louis University

The university has various labels being first in the list of many categories. Assorted achievements have been added to the name in fields of law, medicine, business, and even heart transplant in the state. The department of Aviation and Technology has been involved in the development of a unique electrical engineering program inclusive of analysis, design, and development of electrical systems. A strong foundation in coursework and hands-on learning experience will be guaranteed. The attractive technology behind modern days’ smartphones, tablets, internet-ready televisions, satellites, and much more are taught. These physical properties of electricity and mathematics to design systems that collect, analyze, and utilize information, and it is dispensing and utilizing of the electrical energy, and designing the electrical systems are focused. The innovative, complicated, and creative skills regarding the topic make ready the graduates to enter into a profession that would be productive and effective.

Electrical engineering is also associated with the bioelectronics concentration joining science and engineering, integrating courses in biology, chemistry, math, biomedical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering. The complete volume of the course is rendered and caters the students to use the knowledge of mathematics, sciences, and electrical engineering to find elucidations to realistic troubles. The students also get the designing experience which is joined with the coursework throughout the study.  A noteworthy engineering design experience sets up the students for professional practice.

Founded In: 1818
Tuition: $47,124
Average ACT: 25-31
Average SAT: 1274
Acceptance rate: 55.5%
Average GPA: 3.9
Rank: 8
Contact: 1-800-758-3678
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9. College of Engineering-Lawrence Technological University

The mechanical engineering department at LTU is slightly different from similar courses, as it dives deep into designing, developing, researching, and testing all types of machines and mechanical systems. Their service is to make available in buildings where people live, work, industries which machinery and other products and structuring of various products. There is an assorted range of subjects like acoustics and energy transmission to stress analysis, thermo fluids, and hydraulics. The experience the students gain by working with the scholars who are leading them is a world-class one. The degree would make ready the aspirants to confidently face the wide gamut of industries, namely; automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, healthcare, and defense.

The campus is completely protected and provides a secured area which is encouraging learning that develops community corporations that promote teamwork and shared reverence. The career help desk that is situated inside the campus helps to lead the way accurately towards success and along the dream line. Career plans are made with the help of mentors to reach the expected goals after graduation.

Founded In: 1932
Tuition: $36,630
Average ACT: 21-27
Average SAT: 1020-1270
Acceptance rate: 79%
Average GPA: 3.44
Rank: 9
Contact: +1 248-204-4000
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Best Engineering Schools in the Midwest

10. Oklahoma State University

OSU is an enormous university with a five-campus system with students more than 35,000. It has a history of graduating more than Lakhs of students who are serving in the state as well as outside. Students from around the world have found the place an excellent choice for completing their education as it embraces a bright and broad cultural mindset. The students are also provided with adequate support for getting ready for the future. The campus is considered the healthiest and safest one in America. There are other activities and programs like that of the wellness program, Student Disabilities Services and activities to promote science-based education to manage and address the issues in the state wisely.

Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) is an engineering discipline focusing on designing, operating, managing, and constantly improving manufacturing and service systems, making them effective and efficient. The Industrial Engineering discipline is concerned with people inside the engineering community. The program is ranked high in the world and is the third oldest program in industrial engineering. Students from industrial engineering get a break to chase a hastened one-year Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management or a Master’s degree in Engineering.

Founded In: 1890
Tuition: $9,019
Average ACT: 21-28
Average SAT: 1060
Acceptance rate: 67.1%
Average GPA: 3.57
Rank: 10
Contact: (405) 744-5000
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Best Engineering Schools in the Midwest

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