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Best Elementary Schools in Virginia Beach

In 1984, Virginia Assembly stated that “Education is the Cornerstone upon which Virginia’s future rests.” Virginia Beach is a coastal city in southeastern Virginia, and the education system of Virginia is amongst the top ten states on the U.S. Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress. There are a total of 55 elementary schools in Virginia Beach, as we all know that from the age of around six, it’s compulsory to attend elementary school in the US. And the most important facet of this education is that this stage of schooling is provided free of charge, and it consists of grades K or 1 through 4, 5, or 6.

There is a beautiful quote by Plato, “Education is teaching our children to desire the right things.” The creativity and desire to fulfill the yearning mindsets the entire plan for the future, and if the young minds, which are like fresh clay, are molded into great thinkers and great learners, they can simply take the right path without having to struggle. A bright future can be achieved by offering the best possible to young children, and that is what America plans on doing today and tomorrow.

Each and every step in education ensures a beautiful tomorrow, and it starts with empowering the feeble and tiny hands which are yet to learn the art of words and the magic they can create. Elementary education in Virginia focuses on the same, and in fact, every state of America thrives on building a nation where every child has access to education, and a strong emphasis is laid upon little children.

In order to give a glimpse of brilliant Elementary Education in Virginia Beach, We have listed the ten Best elementary schools in this city. Have a look!

1. Courthouse Academy

The courthouse is a Preschool and Private Elementary School which offers high-quality childcare, preschool, and elementary programs for kids through fifth grades. The school aims at achieving a strong foundation of education and nurturing children in a healthy and kind space where they choose to be themselves. The school offers a Spanish Immersion program, which helps in preparing English-speaking students to expand their domain. The philosophy with which the school functions is that the children are to be valued and respected for what they are and make them strong enough that they are able to cope up with not just the lessons taught but also life in general. The school aims at providing a great atmosphere for students to grow and learn!

Founded in:1992
Rank: #1
Contact: 757-368-0368
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2. Holland Elementary School

The Holland Elementary School provides an atmosphere that enables the students to grow and learn while they enjoy the entire process. The school is committed to excellence and makes sure that it delivers the same at every step of schooling. The school values each and every student like a part of the family and gives a surrounding where children can express their imagination and go beyond the boundaries and learn something out of the box. Every child is unique, and Holland Elementary School always keep this fact into consideration no matter what. Education is wholesome only when students are able to learn to adapt to the changing environment, and Holland offers all of this in abundance.

Founded in: 1967
Rank: #2
Contact: 417-523-4100
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3. Arrowhead Elementary School

Arrowhead Elementary School is located in the Kempsville area. Arrowhead is a fully accredited school and works on the mission of reaching heights by providing the best education possible. The academic record of the school is great, and the students have been showing peak performances for many years now. The teachers, the entire staff work together to strengthen the atmosphere of learning and make students comfortable enough that they enjoy every step of learning and give their best shot while performing the tests. The school has proved to be a vital part of the community where the center is always the welfare of children!

Founded in: 1964
Rank: #3
Contact: 757-648-2040
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4. Tallwood Elementary School

Tallwood Elementary School is a public school in Virginia Beach. The approximate strength of the school is 621, and the school enrolls students from grades PK-5. The mission is to create lifelong learners who are capable of leading every step of their lives; Tallwood Elementary School thrives on making students highly motivated so that they can understand the complexities of life outside. The school has reported that the students above 97% have scored at or above the proficient level for math, and 93% scored at or above that level for reading.

Founded in: 1989
Rank: #4
Contact: 757-648-3840
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5. Salem Elementary School

The student population of Salem Elementary School is around 500, and the school serves PK-5.  The school has a record of maintaining the highest proficiency, and because of which it is amongst the top-rated elementary schools in Virginia Beach. The positive outlook of the teachers and an attitude of acceptance make it a very healthy place to learn and grow for children who are sensitive by age. The school has multiple playgrounds, great space to learn, and the teachers are supportive, which uplift the caliber of students to grasp new lessons quickly and shine through all!

Founded in: 1989
Rank: #6
Contact: 757-648-3680
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6. Kingston Elementary School

The Kingston Elementary School is a fully accredited school that is committed to offering the best teaching skills, making children lead the paths, making children learn moral values, and developing compassion and empathy towards mankind.  The students are nurtured and encouraged to build strong character and get inspired by true idols around them. The school functions on a mission of creating a future that is understanding and with a strong mindset ready to touch glory and beyond. At Kingston, the focus is on children, and they are the point of attention, and the efforts are made to paint a colorful future for them.

Founded in: 1965
Rank: #7
Contact: 757-648-2840
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7. North Landing Elementary School

The supportive and empowering atmosphere of the school is what gets the maximum attention. North Landing Elementary School is a high-rated public school with top-class teaching staff, and it has approximately 465 students in grades of PK, K-5 with a student ratio of 20 to 1. As per the state test scores, 98% of students are at least proficient in math and 96% in reading.  The school has a record of showing great academic progress, and the results are evidence of a brilliant teacher-student relationship. The campus and the outdoor space are full of light and freshness, which offers a suitable learning environment.

Founded in: 1963
Rank: #8
Contact: 757-648-3160
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8. Strawbridge Elementary School

Strawbridge Elementary School understands and value of freedom of learning and acquiring the learned lessons, and because of these attributes, this school is amongst the top-rated public elementary schools of Virginia Beach. The school believes in creating a community of leaders and passionate learners who are willing to learn and change their lives as well as the people around them. The school offers an enriching environment, and along with that, the school ensures that there exists a teacher-student bonding so that the young learners are able to trust and believe in these torchbearers and completely surrender to the art of learning!

Founded in: 1957
Rank: #9
Contact: 757-648-3800
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9. New Castle Elementary School

As the name says, New Castle has a tendency of lifting your child’s imagination and making them see beyond books. This not only helps them expand their knowledge but also makes them aware of the world around them. The teaching staff is excellent, the quality of education delivered is amazing, the school atmosphere is pleasant and motivating. Everything is brilliant, keeping in mind the growth and capability of students. The school aims at producing results and has always remained on the list of top elementary schools in Virginia Beach.  Here, kids are taught real-life lessons, and teachers encourage them to be outgoing and accept challenges and changes.

Founded in: 1999
Rank: #10
Contact: 757-648-3080
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10. Ocean Lakes Elementary School

The school has a clear mission to “Open the Doors of Learning to All”. The school has approximately 600 students enrolled and that too of diverse backgrounds. The school offers many programs and recreational activities for students so that they can go in-depth about the nature of understanding. The teaching staff is extremely talented. The school aims at offering a challenging and competitive atmosphere where children can always strive to become better each day and enhance their skills and sharpen them with time. The teaching staff is friendly and is very comforting, the homely vibe of the school makes children comfortable and happy!

Founded in:1989
Rank: #5
Contact: 757-648-3200
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