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Best Elementary Schools in the World

There are some international schools that have made their mark throughout the world. Royal families want their kids to have the best education possible, and if you are falling on the radar where there is a nearby world-class school, I would highly recommend you make your kid study there. There are many benefits of studying in these international standard schools.

In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 elementary schools across the globe. These schools provide the best education and mind-blowing opportunities that will help the kids nurture a spectacular mind. If you want your kid to create more independence and confidence, develop new language skills, boost social networks and increase future professional opportunities, then this article is for you. So without further adieu, let us get down to business!

1. St. Stephen’s School Rome

Located in Italy, St. Stephen’s School Rome is one of the finest schools globally with a remarkable reputation for its classical heritage and how much its education system has thrived. The teachers in this school will have an advanced degree to nurture the kids.

The school will provide first-class education and extracurricular activities with more emphasis on mastering the specific art. If you like theatre, this school is a great choice for you. They only take 275 students and provide a close-knitted community to the kids.

Founded In: 1964
Tuition: 24,450 EUROS (before aid)
Rank: #1
Contact: +39 06 575 0605
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2. Pickering College

If you are in Canada, I would highly recommend  Pickering College to provide excellent coaching for elementary students. It is the age where students should feel valued; this school offers a 1:9 student-teacher ratio and outstanding academic, arts, athletics, global leadership development, and community service opportunities.

The school has an excellent reputation where most students from different nationalities will study here for its exceptional education. They also provide a Full recreational and competitive co-curricular program to keep the students very engaged and active.

Founded In: 1842
Tuition: 26,565 CAD (before aid)
Rank: #2
Contact: +1 905-895-1700
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3. St. Joseph’s Institution International

Since 2007, St. Joseph’s Institution International has been considered Singapore’s treasure as people from nearly 40 nationalities come and do their elementary education for its holistic approach towards education. They provide a very diverse atmosphere for students to feel like a community.

They provide first-class education, which is based on International Primary Curriculum for the elementary kids. Moreover, when it comes to sports and art, this school offers exceptional coaching. Whether it is tennis, soccer, golf, or rock climbing, there are great resources for them.

Founded In: 2007
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #3
Contact: +65 6353 9383
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4. OBS / Obersee Bilingual School

With just 350 students enrolled, OBS / Obersee Bilingual School is located in Switzerland and offers first-class education for kids. The reason why it’s popular is that they provide a close-knit community to the kids so that they can have a sense of belonging.

The school focuses on creating an environment where kids can have critical thinking of their own. It is the best bilingual private school that offers excellent education and makes sure your kid is happy when they come to school. This school is highly recommended for its jaw-dropping infrastructure.

Founded In: 2003
Tuition: 21000 CHF (before aid)
Rank: #4
Contact: +41 55 513 80 0
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5. Georgia School Ningbo (GSN)

The world’s most renowned scientists and other academicians are alumni of this top-rated  Georgia School Ningbo (GSN) located in China. It was considered the first international licensed school that also provides an American curriculum for the students.

This school is licensed by the Zhejiang Province Ministry of Education and has enormous credibility across the globe. From around 25 countries, some students study here and provide a first-class experience. Students can join Student Leadership Council, Wharton Young Business Leaders Academy, and National Honor Society to improve their skills.

Founded In: 2014
Tuition: 115,000 RMB (before aid)
Rank: #5
Contact: +86 574 8756 4023
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6. Concordia International School Shanghai

Concordia International School Shanghai is yet another internationally renowned school from China. This school offers excellent education where students can learn critical thinking and nurture their brains. It is located on a whopping 10-acre campus in the heart of Jinqiao.

The school has a beautiful atmosphere with a lot of cultural diversity. Their academic excellence is very reputed not only in China but also in America. All their sports, arts, service, and cultural learning programs are top-rated and have a lot of opportunities for kids to explore.

Founded In: 1998
Tuition: 1,71,000CNY (before aid)
Rank: #6
Contact: +86 21 5899 0380
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7. King’s College, The British School of Latvia

Located in Latvia, King’s College, The British School of Latvia is one of the finest schools that offer special extracurricular activities that every single student in this school is talented In something or the other. With just 580 students, it is a fantastic place to study.

The school focuses on having excellent academic curricula too. They provide a rigorous approach towards academics that will help students to find their niche. Headmaster Adele Stanford is very popular for her outstanding services for the school, and this is highly recommended.

Founded In: 2017
Tuition:  8217 EUR (before aid)
Rank: #7
Contact: +371 25 759 043
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8. Branksome Hall Asia

One of the most significant schools in South Korea, Branksome Hall Asia is the finest school with a great international perspective with more students from different nationalities.  Jeju-do, Seogwipo, Daejeong-eup is fantastic place with beautiful scenery.

The school has the best ambiance and infrastructure for an elementary school. Not only do they provide education but also teach about financial security, health, higher education, economic participation, political empowerment, and global innovation.

Founded In: 2012
Tuition: 30`800$
Rank: #8
Contact: +82 64-902-5000
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9. Merrick Preparatory School

Another masterpiece from Canada, this school is particularly for students who love arts. Merrick Preparatory School is a very small school with just 60 students enrolment but provides magnificent education that most of the schools in the world can offer. This is highly recommended.

Merrick is considered to be one of the striking places in the country. In fact, it was ranked as Canada’s Most Beautiful Village by Communities in Bloom. The school’s main aim is to stir the curiosity in students to learn new stuff. They create courageous, compassionate, global citizens.

Founded In: 2012
Tuition: 58,200 $
Rank: #9
Contact: +1 613-269-2064
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10. Akademeia High School

Located in Urszuli Ledóchowskiej in Poland, Akademeia High School is a fantastic place to study elementary education. the highlight of this school is the student-teacher ratio is just 1:4 where each student will get constant attention and will be nurtured very well according to their kids’ plans and talents.

The school is accredited by UCAS, Cambridge International, Edexcel (Pearson), AQA which makes this school more reputed. It is a  private day and boarding, academically-selective high school that offers an exceptional holistic approach towards learning. This school is highly recommended.

Founded In: 2016
Tuition:  97,000PLN (before aid)
Rank: #10
Contact: +48 22 299 87 87
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Best Elementary Schools in the World

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