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Best Elementary Schools in Columbus Ohio

Education is like a ray of hope for the dark world. And the right amount of education can actually transform not only one life but many lives at the same time. Children are the future of a nation, and in order to make the foundation strong, we have to give them an ample amount of guidance and knowledge. As the quote above by Malala says, it is quite clear that the role of a teacher is supreme, and if education is imparted with a positive outlook, it has the potential of bringing fruitful results. Education brings along freedom!

The freedom to be yourself, the freedom to think and deal with situations, the freedom to grow in whichever direction you feel to, the freedom to be at your higher self, the freedom to see the world beyond the fence and make it possible for everyone else around you to see that too. And imagine everything that a child wishes to do is granted to him with the right amount of education.

So, being aware of the quality of education, we have prepared a list of ten schools in Columbus, Ohio, which are top-rated and offer the best that you can ask for your children and loved ones. Go, have a look!

1. Hamilton Elementary School

Keeping academic excellence its prime objective, Hamilton Elementary School has served students with passionate and qualitative learning. The school offers overall knowledge through which students get motivated and stay active in academics as well as other activities. The school has a brilliant faculty and a beautiful space for children to learn and understand. The Hamilton Elementary School conducts many events throughout the year which help students in yielding good results and participation; all of these activities play a very significant role in boosting their confidence. The school has an enriched atmosphere which ensures quality over quantity.

Founded in: 1842
Rank: #1
Contact: 614-491-8044
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2. Alpine Elementary School

Alpine is amongst the top-rated Elementary schools of Columbus, Ohio; the school has been working to uplift the sphere of knowledge by bringing forward the skills and talents of young children. The school has approximately 350 students, and it serves K-3. At the school, out of the entire population, 82% of the students scored above the proficient level for math, and 67% scored at or above that level of reading. The aim of the school is to offer endless resources to its children so that they can use everything in their hands and bring out a good outcome. The purpose is to promote the best education possible and encourage students to show up even if they are having doubts!

Founded in: 1845
Rank: #2
Contact: 614-365-5359
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3. Clinton Elementary School

Clinton Elementary School is a public school which is located in Columbus, Ohio. The school has a student population of approximately 500. The school serves students of K-5. The population of the school is made up of 48% female students and 52% male students. The staff of the school is very friendly and helps the students at every step of education. The mission of the school is to help and nurture students in a manner that they become responsible for their life and the lives around them. The parents are also very much involved and consulted in the matters of their children so as to create a surrounding for the students where they can feel free and learn at their best.

Founded in: 1845
Rank: #3
Contact: 614-365-6532
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4. Columbus Preparatory Academy

With the mission of outstanding performance in each and every domain, the CPA has always given its best towards providing a perfect set of guidelines and teaching to its students. The school has gained recognition through many years, and it is un-parallel to any school in the city. The teachers are great; the campus is brilliant; everything is aligned to bring out the best results and motivate students to do better in their respective fields and beyond. The aim of the education at this academy is to transform the lives of its students and innovation at every learning stage so that students are able to think outside the box. The school offers an environment where students come out as lifelong learners.

Founded in: 1911
Rank: #4
Contact: 614-275-3600
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5. Edison Intermediate

It is a highly rated public school and has 166 students in grades 4-5 with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. The school has a long back history of best results, and the purpose of the education system here is to build strong leaders who are capable of matching the scenarios of the outside world. Education is complete only when the children are taught moral values, and Edison Intermediate believes in achieving that by promoting quality and expert guidelines for its students. The school has a very cultured and positive atmosphere; it offers a space where each and every child is valued and appreciated for their efforts.

Founded in: 1983
Rank: #5
Contact: 614-481-3630
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6. United Preparatory Academy

United Preparatory Academy prepares its students to establish a rigorous, positive, and joyful environment while they learn and grow. The school promotes hard work and dedication throughout with the mission of accomplishing not only the results but also a great strength of wisdom and conduct. The school has reportedly shown amazing result through the years and have been in this direction with the purpose of achieving the same by imparting the best that they possibly can. The teachers are friendly and very supportive; they are understanding and consider every facet of a child’s development. The school believes in an uplifting culture of integrity and unity.

Founded in: 1976
Rank: #6
Contact: 614-381-7188
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7. Worthington Hills Elementary School

As the mission says, Worthington Hills Elementary School believes in empowering a community of learners who will change the world.  The school is committed to providing students with strong foundations, self-confidence, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and global intelligence through unique opportunities which encourage the students to embrace a love of learning. The school is serving approximately 550 students from kindergarten through grade five. The school underlines the values like responsibility, respectful behavior, cooperative behavior and all the ideal aspects of a personality. The school ensures that its children have a competitive as well as safe atmosphere to grow and learn.

Founded in: 1971
Rank: #7
Contact: 614-450-4700
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8. Granby Elementary School

Granby Elementary School is a part of Worthington School District. It serves approximately 450 students in K-6. The school has a great surrounding an amazing physical environment; the teachers are very kind and dedicated. The overall environment of the school is very encouraging and safe for the child to learn and spread his/her wings. The school has set a work culture where bookish knowledge is regarded not so heavy over the practical knowledge, and because of this very reason, the students are motivated to grow extra and step further towards their imagination. We all look for a healthy atmosphere for our children, don’t we?

Founded in: 1948
Rank: #8
Contact: 614-450-4500
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9. Sedalia Elementary

The school has around 660 students in grades PK, K-5. As per the state test scores, 74% of students are proficient in math and 73% in reading. An optimistic atmosphere along with quality education is what matters to Sedalia Elementary. The kids are open to all types of activities, and they are free to seek the help of their teachers in every sphere. The idea is not just to teach and get done with it rather;, the idea is to make children understand society and the importance of certain values because a strong nation can be built. Because the truth is, these kids are going to determine the future of tomorrow!

Founded in: 1965
Rank: #9
Contact: 614-833-2014
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10. Franklin Woods Intermediate School

The student population of the school is approximately 700. The priority is given to its students, and they are the central core around which the entire staff of the school functions. The aim of the school is to offer them enough space to bloom and grow so that they become whatever they want to be. The system of education is expressive and brings into consideration the learning capacity of each and every student. The aim of the school is to have a comforting as well as challenging space for the children to learn and test their abilities.

Founded in: 2001
Rank: #10
Contact: 614-801-8600
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