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Best Dorm Nightstands

You might be wondering why student needs a nightstand along their beds at the dorm room. Let’s understand why it is required under essential things. First, a dorm nightstand is essential for holding your dorm lamp, which adds dim light to your space. It is also used for holding decor items in your dorm room. It additionally works as a substitute for a dorm bedside shelf. This dorm nightstand works for both lamp holders during late night hours and keeps your essentials such as phone, keys, and books you read near your reach. For instance, if you are reading a book after your dinner hours and feel sleepy after hours, you can place the book on your dorm nightstand. Finally, this dorm nightstand helps keep other essentials in its drawers if it carries few. Most of the dorm nightstand comes with drawers which add up to your ease of work.

Get some time out of your busy hours and have a look at this write-up. You will realize the importance of having a nightstand in your dorm room. You do not have to move out of your cozy bed and settle down your things. Your dorm nightstand will serve it for all. The article lists down some of the essential details that will help you find the products’ best features. You can be sure about purchasing the nightstand that suits your dorm room the best. Please give it a read and ease up your dorm life. 

1. mDesign Slim Dorm Nightstand

This mDesign dorm nightstand is excellent for a compact space because it is slim and fits almost every corner. The brand offers a great variety of designs that are perfect for storage units in any space. It is available in several sizes and patterns. The storage dorm nightstand can be used for longer times due to its high-quality material. This form is ideal for extra apparel accommodation. It provides valuable accommodation resolutions to adjust your space and give you an advantage in form and quality. The strong alloy structure with a laminate timber top is long-lasting and simple to wash. The fabric drawers have a connected front holder for accessible entrance. The stretchable non-skid feet present the classic fit and stop carpets from scratch. The product measures around 30 x 19 x 3 inches in size and weighs 8.31 pounds. 

2. Sorbus Nightstand with Three Drawers

This Sorbus dorm nightstand is also suitable for a compact space because of its size. The nightstand comes in white and gray shades, which are mild in texture and look. There are three storage layers in this dorm nightstand. You can choose to store your daily usage things in them so that you can find them easily. The top layer of the nightstand gives you the advantage of keeping a night lamp as well. It is spacious enough to hold a dorm light lamp. The style of the product is designed in a rustic look with a good quality metal material. It is lightweight, and therefore, it is easy for a dorm room student to keep it along. This stunning case highlights a tabletop cover and pullout drawers to tuck away dorm room disorder. The responsive layout is compressed for small maintenance spaces and serves reasonably well by the bed or couch. All detachable drawers incorporated a built-in carry arm and were composed of breathable, non-woven material for soft-closing stores. 

3. FURINNO Dorm Room Nightstand

The FURINNO dorm nightstand provides exemplary service to a compact space for keeping it organized. An exceptional design that utilizes long-lasting PVC channels and superintended means weight composite wood that resists heavyweight. The clear polish of the product presents the complete and comfortable texture and combinations with any room decoration. The MDF lamination is anti-scratch, including liquid protection. These multifunctional are suitable for any dorm room which needs proper management of small things scattered here and there. You can put off your essentials on this nightstand and make your room look fresh. The design is manageable and fundamental, which goes into a functional, fashionable lifestyle. There is no nasty scent, long-lasting, and the body is well-built. All the products are designed and constructed 100% in Malaysia. It contains 95% – 100% reused elements. While cleaning the structure, make sure you do not apply any chemicals.

4. Brightech Maxwell Dorm Nightstand

The Brightech Maxwell dorm nightstand is best in its look and shape. It is slim and tall enough, which gives a great touch to your dorm room. At the top of the nightstand, you can place any lamp you prefer for your dorm room. The nightstand comes in the white shade, which makes it more classic in appearance. It is designed with a modern touch and is best for compact space. There are also charging hubs connected with the nightstand, which will allow you to charge your devices without moving out of your cozy bed. The Brightech Maxwell Charger wood end desk with the fancy lamp is inspired by Japanese patterns and appears in three shades. The lamp incorporates a 9.5 Watt, 800-lumen power-saving bright LED tube. It covers 63 inches aerial, and the shelf are about 10.25 x 10.25 inches extended. The length within each rack is approximately 15 inches.

5. TINSAWOOD Nightstand

The TInsawood dorm nightstand is best for a compact space. It is simple in look and provides good service for storing and placing things. The furniture comes in white shade and drawers for organizing things. It is rectangle in shape. This nightstand measures 22″ H x 16.4″ W x 14.5″ D when you are done assembling it as a whole. It comes with installation instructions with the package. Therefore you have to follow the instructions prescribed. It is crafted from fabricated timber. This dorm nightstand end board highlights a smooth exterior and manageable representation. The element wood panels are compact and firm. The nickel-toned tool provides this dorm nightstand with skillful style, manageable form, and neutral polish. The nightstand highlights one pullout drawer on wave slides, perfect for tucking on any open room disorders.

6. EKNITEY Dorm Room Nightstand

This dorm nightstand comes in a rustic black shade which gives an attractive touch to any space. You can buy this product for its features and size. The product measures around 11.8 x 17.7 x 30 inches in size and weighs 13.22 pounds. The thickened element cells and metal racks increase weight retention. You get an option of putting a firm stand at the bottom of the nightstand or add wheels for better circulation. The nightstand wheels make it easy for individuals to move the dorm nightstand from one corner to the other. There are three separate layers in this dorm nightstand. Each layer comes with spacious drawers for keeping your things organized. 

7. GRELO Nightstand with Rolling Wheels

This GRELO nightstand gives a modern touch to any dorm space. The product comes in a white shade, adding up a bright touch to your room. The dorm nightstand blends simple structure and clean-lined manageable form to combines a feeling of beauty to your place. It is furnished with a high feature and an excellent cover. The outside of this sideboard is shining and even won’t be formed or skin off. The collection of high-grade MDF elements allows this bedside desk to present substantial assistance for your things. The product comes with wheels for easy placement of the nightstand. You can remove the wheels at your convenience. 

8. Riipoo Dorm Room Nightstand

The Riipoo nightstand is great for dorm space for its compact size and storage space. You can place all your essentials on this nightstand and have the ease of living in a dorm room. The dorm nightstand comes in a modern design with a white shade. In addition, there are two storage spaces in this dorm nightstand which allows you to keep your books and other things properly. This moderately attractive and simplistic white sideboard is composed of PVC, very soft to the perception, and indeed clear to wash. With the intriguing form, all the parts snap collectively; there is no problem in managing. The product measures around 15 x 9.5 x 23.6 inches in size and weighs 5.89 pounds.

9. HOOBRO Nightstand with Two-tier end Table

This two-layered HOOBRO nightstand comes with a rustic wooden shade and gives a complete touch to your dorm room. This product is sufficient for a dorm student to keep a lamp at the top and keep other things at the bottom. This dorm nightstand is compact and also gives a simple outlook. The dorm room nightstand comes with a two-tier end table. It is made of high-quality timber, which gives it a long-lasting feature. The frame of the product is made of metal material that supports a good amount of load. It measures around 15.7″L x 15.7″W x 22″H in size. The black iron structure and rustic roof complement each other and produce the lustrous shine of the excellent appearance and modern layout. It is a perfect-height nightstand near to the bed within your arm’s range. Four adjustable element feet with flexible pads hold the nightstand leveled on rough area, increase security, and stop damaging the ground. 

10. Walker Edison Dorm Room Nightstand

The modern touch dorm nightstand comes in white shade and compact size. It measures around 20 x 15 x 26 inches in size and weighs 31 pounds. Even though it is lightweight, it can hold a good amount of load for placing a lamp. The nightstand comes with drawers which give good accommodation service to your disordered things. This specific section is designed with a stiff tone for integrity and is space-friendly. It is rectangle in shape and is best for compact spaces. You can also easily clean it off with a dry cloth. The nightstand comes with gold textured handles for opening the drawers. This golden touch makes it look more classy and modern. 

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