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Best Dog Training Books

At some point in life, we all want a dog in our life. As children, most of us must have wanted a cute little puppy to play with. As adults, we find emotional shelter in the arms of our very own four-legged companion. Dogs without any debate are called the best friends of their human part. They have so many qualities that we humans lack. They can reduce stress and make a crying person start laughing. This quality is used throughout the world and there are people who have started to train their dogs as “therapy” dogs. All their good qualities can get overshadowed by their few bad habits if left uncontrolled. Behind every undesirable habit of a dog, there is a long history of their ancestors which makes them possess those habits as natural instinct.

For example, the reason behind howling or barking is deep-rooted in their ancestry as wolves. There are experts who watch wolves find out about dog behavior. Training a dog should start as early as possible. The foremost training a puppy receives is Potty or Toilet training, which is very important. There are cases where people skip this step or fail to accomplish this step and get themselves to live in a poop and pee mess throughout their life. Next puppies should be given obedience training which includes “sit”, “stay”, “drop it” or “leave it” recall, and many more. Then there are tricks or special training that could be given based on your needs.

So, the question remains, how to do this! Trainers can cost a lot and short internet videos do not give you in-depth knowledge that you need to eliminate the bad habit and build a happy and healthy relationship with your companion. Do not worry we would not ask you to visit wolves to gain knowledge. There are multiple books available that are written by experienced experts to help everyone across the world. The best of these books has been listed for you.

1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love: Before even starting to write about the book, you need to know about the amazing author who wrote this book.  He is an American broadcaster and a popular dog trainer with millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution. He is one of the few dog trainers on the internet who provide a good understanding of every topic and do not try to make videos unnecessarily short. This book is packed with information that will help you an unbreakable strong bond with your dog, where there is good understanding between the two. The books include a wide range of topics from choosing the right puppy for your lifestyle to house training or basic training. The book also discusses important topics like handling biting, leash pulling, jumping up, barking, aggression, chewing, and other behavioral issues, health care essentials like finding a vet, and selecting the right food. The books also feature some cool tricks to teach your dog.

2. How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend

The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners: The book is written by Monks of New Skete who are known worldwide for their excellence in breeding German Shepherds and their outstanding quality in training dogs of all breeds. This book was published by Little, Brown, and company in September 2002. They believe that understanding is the key to every dog problem and is the one solution, to communication, communion, and compassion. The books not only talk in detail about what puppy to get to suit your lifestyle but also talks about where to get the puppy. There are so many wicked, money-minded backyard breeders to don’t breed properly, do not provide prenatal care to the mother or the puppies which results in your new puppy getting extremely sick in few days of taking. This is a unique feature of the book which is indeed very important. The books include all the important points including basic training, grooming, feeding, proper praising, discipline, and detection of canine behaviors. The book is a guide for you that will help you care for him or her at every stage of his or her life.

3. No Bad Dogs: The Woodhouse Way

The book is written by the classic personality, Barbara Woodhouse. She was a dog and horse trainer. She gained popularity through her 1980 television series Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way. She believed in the philosophy of “no Bad dogs”. Barbara Kathleen Vera Woodhouse believed that no dog is born bad and they develop bad behaviors due to inexperienced owners, which has been proved by so many people. Evil is indeed not born but created. Barbara writes her book “No Bad Dogs: The Woodhouse Way” with a positive approach. This kind of approach makes the book such a hit. Dog owners across the world find in books helpful where they learn to turn a nervous dog filled with bad habits into a confident, friendly “good” dog. The books provide a solution that helps build a wonderful bond with your pet companion.

4. Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems

The book is written by Mexican-American Caesar Millan. He is a dog trainer with experience of over twenty-five years. He is known for his television series from 2004 Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. His dog training technique of “Calm Assertive Energy” is well known. He believes that our approach to our dogs from the very first time should be as calm assertive pack leaders. Pack leader must not mean aggressive owner trying to be the “alpha”. In order to successfully train a dog, you need to be calm and your commands should be assertive. Caesar’s solution to dog owner’s problems is a very simple exercise, discipline, and affection. In this book, he discusses the suitable breed for you and your family, and at the very same time, he also discusses his belief that there are no problem breeds but only problematic owners. In this book, Cesar discusses every topic on a canine level. He discusses how dog’s behaviors are related to their natural pack instincts. All this understanding will help you truly understand your dog and build a wonderful bond.

5. Training the Best Dog Ever: A 5-Week Program Using the Power of Positive Reinforcement

This book is written by two of the most amazing people in the dog world. Larry Kay is an award-winning Dog author and dog filmmaker. Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz was an American dog trainer who had the owner of training Bo Obama, Barack Obama’s four-legged companion. The book as the name suggests is based on positive reinforcement rather than horrifying negative training ideas. The book is an illustrative guide that is perfect for both a puppy and a dog. The book features steps to accomplish which will take up about fifteen minutes every day throughout these five weeks of the program.

6. 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

The author of this amazing book is also an amazing personality from California who is a dog trainer, dog performer, and dog author. She earns titles in competitive dog programs in obedience, agility, and hunting. This book is an internationally recognized book that has been translated into fifteen languages. The book is filled with tricks that will help you bond with your beloved pet. The themes of this book include love, chores, dancing, and a lot of funny tricks like doggy pushups.

7. Decoding Your Dog: Explaining Common Dog Behaviors and How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones

This book is written by three great personalities. First is certified animal behavior specialist Steve Dale. He is known for his radio shows the pet word and the pet minute. Next are board-certified veterinary behaviorists, doctor John Ciribassi and doctor Debra Horwitz. These experts combined the latest studies in this book to provide us effectively, veterinary-approved positive training methods, expert advice on socialization, housetraining, diet, and exercise, and remedies for behavior problems such as OCD and aggression.

8. Puppy Training for Kids: Teaching Children the Responsibilities and Joys of Puppy Care

The author of the book is dog trainer Colleen Pelar. This book is providing a guide to teaching your children to take care of your pet and coexist together. This book discusses important topics for a healthy life of both the pet and child which include puppy supplies, housetraining and socializing, understanding your puppy’s behavior and body language, basics of puppy training, and fun and games to play with puppies.

9. Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out: Training the Crazy Dog from Over the Top to Under Control

The author of the book is an internationally recognized and well-known trainer Lara VanArendonk Baugh. In this book, the author provides a simple step-by-step guide to calm your over-excited and anxious dog. This book contains training information that can be accomplished in simple short steps and will help to maximize the effect on the natural brain chemistry of your dog. This book discusses the root causes of behavioral problems.

10. Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days

The book is written by American television personality and animal trainer Brandon McMillan. This is an illustrative book filled with real-life stories. The books provide information on a wide range of topics. The book provides a step-by-step guide to basic training and also discusses common dog owner problems with their canine friend.

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