Best Destiny Classes: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock

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Best Destiny Classes: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock

How to pick between a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock? Not sure which one to choose? Let’s take a look at the benefits – and drawbacks – of all three.

If you’re going to play by yourself, it doesn’t really matter what class you take. All three can handle any solo content that Destiny may throw at you. With Destiny, players are given the choice of three classes. Each class with two different subclasses or specializations that can we switched between on-the-fly.

Classes and subclasses in Destiny are mostly designed in a way in that each class somewhat mimics the abilities of the others, but it’s the subtle differences in how they play that make one class seem more overpowered than another.

Check out our list of the best Destiny Classes for completely different rankings. Here’s a short guide to help you choose the right class in Destiny.

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If you enjoy playing shooters as Spartans and space marines, Titan may be the class for you. The starting subclass for the Titan is Striker. The striker is the more offensive of the Titan’s two subclasses and gives you the ability to clear out enemies with ease. The Striker’s special move is the Fist of Havoc, which is a leaping ground smash that damages and dissolves nearby enemies. If this style doesn’t suit you, you can choose the Titan’s more defensive support subclass, the Defender, at level 15. The defender’s special is the Ward of Dawn which creates a large bubble that makes you and your teammates temporarily impervious to bullets, rockets, lasers and more.

Best For: Shooter fans
Subclasses: Striker and Defender (Destiny2 – Sunbreaker)

Best Destiny Classes: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock


If you’re used to playing the rogue, try your hand at the Hunter, the Guardian is known for its agility, craftiness, and stealth. That means they take more damage from attacks, and can take longer to recover. All classes feature some form of mobility, but the Hunters take it up a notch using exclusive dodge skills, with bonuses in weapon reloading or melee energy. It also upgrades its double jump with a triple jump, high jump, and strafe jump. If you like feeding off your situational awareness in large spaces, Hunter’s prowess in ranged combat and talents in getting out of dicey situations will suit your needs. Gunslinger, the first Hunter subclass, brandishes the burning revolver of justice. At level 15, hunters unlock their other subclass: Bladedancer.

Best For: Sneaky players
Subclasses: Gunslinger and Bladedancer (Destiny2 – Nightstalker)

Best Destiny Classes Hunter, Titan, and Warlock


As a perfect starter class, Warlocks fulfill a middle-of-the-road role. Rounding out Destiny’s trio of classes is the Warlock. As the name implies, this is the closest thing to a mage Destiny has to offer. The Warlock’s initial subclass is the Voidwalker, the darker, edgier option that focuses primarily on dealing damage, draining the very life from foes, and putting them in a deeply uncomfortable position. The Voidwalker’s super ability is the Nova Bomb, an explosive bolt of energy that damages all enemies within its area of effect. The Voidwalker’s starting grenade is like a weaker version of the Nova Bomb that creates a similar damaging vortex. These two abilities add an element of crowd control to the Warlock that strengthens the class’ support capabilities. After passing level 15, Destiny’s space wizard has the opportunity to opt into the Sunsinger subclass, a more support-and-ability-oriented alignment.

Best For RPG addicts
Subclasses: Voidwalker and Sunsinger (Destiny2 – Stormcaller)

Best Destiny Classes Hunter, Titan, and Warlock

Races: In addition to choosing a class, you must also select from one of Destiny’s three races. Unlike the choice of race in many MMOs, there are no stat bonuses or penalties associated with the game’s races. This is just a cosmetic choice designed to give players an additional way to express themselves and to make the world of Destiny feel more diverse. You can play as a human:

  • As one of the mechanical exo
  • Or as one of the ethereal

And don’t worry. No matter which combination of race and class you select, your character will be extremely skilled at one of the most popular activities in Bungie’s sci-fi universe: dancing.

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