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Best Desk Dividers for Students

Be it the pandemic or just sheer privacy, a desk divider is a must-have for students. Not only does it give you some more privacy and safety, but you can also focus on work without distraction from the outside world with ease.

The desk dividers on this list were comprised on the basis of the quality of the product, its durability, style, design and a couple of other components we’ve looked out for to get the best products on the market for you.

Hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.

1. Gardline’s Clear Acrylic Divider

This multi-purpose and clear, portable counter protects you employees in libraries, colleges and school. Reduce Exposures to people coughing, sneezing and spraying droplets from their nose or mouth. Keep the distance.

With the foldable design, it can be folded to save your room when not in use and easy to move from place to place. The thick 3MM Acrylic Plexiglas Acrylic resin shield is for transparency and is resistant to impacts that can cause shattering as well.

Easy to install and no tools required. Freestanding countertop design does not require permanent installation or additional hardware.

Gardline’s Clear Acrylic Divider

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2. Really Good Stuff’s Plastic Privacy Shield

Stylish and useful, this shield is a three-panel corrugated plastic privacy shield that is printed with a whimsical school supplies pattern for an elegant touch.

This divider is a must-have for students because it helps eliminate distractions in the classroom or at home. The sides are high enough to help students focus, but low enough for you to easily monitor the surroundings around you.

This privacy shield/divider is built to last. Made with sturdy corrugated plastic to withstand daily use on students’ desks and tabletops, it also folds up into thirds for easy storage and to carry it around. The plastic surface hinders defacement and can be quickly and easily wiped clean.

Really Good Stuff’s Plastic Privacy Shield


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3. Earthables Easy to Disinfect Divider

This classroom divider uses the same tried and tested design that has made the Earthables Privacy Shields so popular among schools. The guard is made from thick corrugated plastic with designated windows on the front and sides. The windows are made from PET material instead of the commonly found PVC on other products, which is much more environmentally friendly.

The corrugated plastic is made of is an extremely durable material and has been specially designed for use in classrooms. This material is not prone to cracks and there is no risk of sharp edges being exposed. The shield can be wiped down and sanitized after each use for added safety.

There have been certain improvements to the design by making the base of the shield thicker which helps it stand up better on desks and tables, the windows are made from an environmentally friendly material and the added handles are there for easy carry and storage.

Safety being the top priority, each sneezeguard sports rounded upper edges for student safety, folds up flat and is easy to carry thanks to built-in handles.


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4. Pacon’s Privacy Desk Divider

Pacon’s Desk Divider is made from sturdy polished wooden panels with a certain touch of elegance along with the comfort of privacy and no out distraction to bother you while you work.

This divider is perfect for a table, desk, and other areas to keep students focused and eliminate distractions while they study. It is an affordable solution to create private workstations in open-concept offices or as a sun shield for laptops or to work on in a library or class.

The board is made with sturdy corrugate material so they’re reusable and environmentally friendly. This divider provides excellent value with four shrink-wrapped boards, coloured black on each side.


Pacon’s Privacy Desk Divider

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5. BYLMD’s Portable Desk Dividers

BYLMD’s portable plastic shield is designed to protect students and is one of the best barrier protection during these difficult times. It can be used as a desk protector and will make sure the safety of the students.

This shield comes with 4 Velcro’s to stick between the desk and plastic shield for better support and stability. It will not fall from the desk despite being lightweight and it can be carried easily or fitted in a backpack from home to school or office. The installed handle design helps carrying it.

Made of high-quality plastic and durable 100% clarity material, it can be cleaned after using the equipment by applying a significant amount of alcohol and wipe.

BYLMD’s Portable Desk Dividers

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6. CHUANG’s Classroom Desk Dividers

These desk dividers are made from soft clear plastic with hard steel skeleton edges which makes them more durable than their counterparts. The surface stripe has a brushed design, so it has high impact resistance and yet is very safe to use anywhere.

Whether it is students attending classes or employees’ work, they can be well protected and can work in peace. It is completely transparent, so it does not affect visibility or interactivity.

Installation takes less than a minute with no tools needed. Anyone can easily install and move, while the non-marking glue will not leave traces on the desk either. Since this is clear plastic, any pen/pencil markings on them can be cleaned with a wet towel.

CHUANG’s Classroom Desk Dividers

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7. Practical Products Acoustic Partition Divider

This study station is an acoustic desktop divider with a partial enclosure, which sits on top of the desk or table providing privacy in school, work or office.

The study station’s acoustic 100% recycled polyester fibre (PET) felt absorbs sound in open spaces. Reducing noise has been proven to be effective in decreasing distraction and increasing productivity.

The divider slides together in seconds and breaks down to lay flat, no tools required. This divider can easily be removed from the workstation and relocated, causing no damage to furniture. The station can fit into any workspace and is wide enough to accommodate most laptops/tablets or a book/notebook.


Practical Products Acoustic Partition Divider

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8. Pacon’s Round Table Desk Divider

Pacon’s round table desk divider comes with enough dividers to create 4 or 6 stations which is ideal for a round table and when there are a bunch of friends trying to study together.

The divider is made of sturdy corrugate and is perfect for round tables in classrooms and computer areas as well for utmost privacy. The product is easy to assemble and store and helps keep students focused, less distracted and helps to prevent wandering eyes.

Pacon’s Round Table Desk Divider

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9. GuardMate Desk Divider

GuardMate’s professional-grade acrylic plexiglass barrier is a great way to protect yourself or incoming with third parties visitors as well.

The acrylic plexiglass shield is made of Grade-A thick acrylic which can withstand high impact and is shatter resistant. The acrylic panels are perfectly clear for visibility and are made for long-lasting durability.

Easy to assemble and made with rounded edges for safety, it comes in multiple sizes. This product requires no tools for assembly. Dual lock-in base on both sides for stability for desk shields.


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