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Best D2 Baseball Schools

One of the most popular games in the United States is undoubtedly baseball. Roughly about 60pervenfage of the American population is into baseball games. If you are an ardent baseball player from high school who wants to continue their baseball career, this article is godsent to you. Usually, I would highly recommend choosing division 2 baseball schools since it is affordable and has excellent infrastructure. Moreover, League and Patriot League programs do not offer any athletic scholarships. Neither do division 3 schools. So if you are deciding to continue your baseball career with a D2 school, you have already taken the giant step for a successful career.

I have enlisted the top 10 schools under division 2 for top-notch baseball programs in this article. All these schools are handpicked after a Proprietary analysis of NCSA rankings. In addition, U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges’ general academic rankings and the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard were also considered whilst listing down the schools. Without further adieu, let us get into it.

University of California – San Diego

The University of California, located in San Diego, is ranked the number one university for providing the best D2 Baseball coaching. The baseball coaching has exemplary management and infrastructure where Earl Edwards is the Headcoach of the baseball team.

Alumni like Sam Hasegawa and Nick Costello are from the University of California. They are one of the top-notch baseball players in the market. Moreover, the campus is a great place to study, with a 1200-acre campus in LaJolla. They maintain an excellent student-faculty ratio of 19:1.

Founded In: 1868
Tuition: $44,007 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 790
Acceptance Rate: 16%
GPA: 4.18
Rank: #1
Contact: (510) 642-6000
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Best D2 Baseball Schools

California State Polytechnic University – Pomona

When it comes to baseball coaching, California State Polytechnic University has an excellent coaching crew to tinker with the baseball players. Randy Betten, Stacy Parker, Jimmy Ramos, and Joe Villa are the Majestic crew of baseball coaches. They have a stellar reputation in the baseball market.

Pomona is a bustling environment, and they have around 1,49,473 population in their district alone. The campus life is excellent, with a decent balance on the diversity panel. The highlight of this Uni is that you can live off-campus for almost 91 percent of the time to have plenty of time to play baseball.

Founded In: 1901
Tuition: $28,927(before aid)
ACT Avg– 32
SAT Avg– 740 (Math)
Acceptance Rate: 28%
GPA: 4
Rank: #2
Contact: (805) 756-1111
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Truman State University

Truman State University was founded in the year 1867 and had excellent baseball infrastructure. So, if you are looking for the uni with so, without outstanding funding for sports, this is the uni for you. Dan Davis is the coach of their first-class baseball team.  Moreover, they conduct the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association (Division II) conference every year.

Sports like Men’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Swimming, Men’s Track, and Softball are popular sports in this Uni. The highlight of this Uni is they provide excellent financial aid for athletes. The number of Students Who Received Non-Need Based Athletic Grants and Scholarships in the previous year is 317, which is pretty high.

Founded In: 1867
Tuition:  $21,932 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 30
SAT Avg– 1220
Acceptance Rate: 63%
GPA:  3.9
Rank: #3
Contact: (660) 785-4000
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Rollins College

Located in Winter Park However, at the heart of Florida, Rollins College is a first-class university for academic and sports purposes. But if you are looking for a college that will help you focus more on sports and less pressure on academics, this is the best college for you.

The baseball conferences the Rollin colleges attend are Sunshine State Conference (Division II), the Deep South Conference (Division II), and the Blue mountain conference (division ii). They provide decent scholarships for athletes too. Last year, the average non-need-based athletic grant and scholarship amount spent for students was $ 24,935 dollars.

Founded In: 1885            
Tuition:  70,026$ (before aid)
ACT Avg– 30
SAT Avg– 1340
Acceptance Rate: 58%
GPA:  3.3
Rank: #4
Contact: (407) 646-2000
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Bentley College

Since 1917, Bentley College has been considered one of the top private urban colleges offering the best sports infrastructure. They have also been known for their rigorous funding towards sports. In addition, it is a tremendously diverse college with an outstanding balance in the ethnicity of the students.

Moreover, if you want to pivot from the sporting field, you can always have academics in hand. Ninety-eight percent of the students are placed with jobs right after they graduate. The school has a beautiful atmosphere. It has 163-acre, and it is a suburban campus in Waltham, 10 miles from Boston.

Founded In: 1917
Tuition:  $71,320 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 31
SAT Avg- 1331
Acceptance Rate: 47%
GPA: 3.7
Rank: #5
Contact: (781) 891-2000
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Best D2 Baseball Schools

California State University- Chico

The California State University located in Chico is a public university with an excellent baseball infrastructure. The Uni also holds the California Collegiate Athletic Conference (Division II). The coaching staff is also massively talented and experienced in this field. They are Jose Garcia, the Assistant Coach, and Dave Taylor, the Head Coach.

Famous baseball players like Julian Eskridge, William Conn, Cody Vaeth are some of the best national team players who did their colleagues in this great university. They also have excellent baseball, Men’s Basketball, men’s Golf, and Men’s Lacrosse. This university is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1887
Tuition:  $25,994 (before aid)
ACT Avg- 31
SAT Avg– 1190
Acceptance Rate: 72%
GPA:  3.1
Rank: #6
Contact: (530) 898-4636
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Best D2 Baseball Schools

Point Loma Nazarene University

Point Loma Nazarene University is a first-class university ranked number seven in the best division 2 baseball schools. The college has been offering excellent programs for a century. They have decent academic as well as baseball infrastructures too. They also hold the Pacific West Conference (PacWest).

The Uni has a decent student-faculty ratio of 14:1, which is comparatively balanced. It is also fascinating to know how 40.6 million dollars has been spent on grants and scholarships. It is a faith-based liberal arts university. So get ready to partake in an academic environment shaped by excellence.

Founded In: 1902
Tuition:  $53,290 (before aid)
ACT Avg- 31
SAT Avg– 1230
Acceptance Rate: 74%
GPA:  3.86
Rank: #7
Contact: (619) 849-2200
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Best D2 Baseball Schools

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines is hands down the best college that is located in Golden, CO. it is pertinent to note that Ivy League and Patriot League programs do not offer any athletic scholarships so it is better to take degrees from tier 2 colleges to make complete use of the resources to get into the baseball main teams.

The reason why some students prefer Colorado School of Mines is Some athletes who play Division 2 baseball have the ability to play for a Division 1 program, but ultimately choose to play Division 2 because they can play earlier in their career. However, it is a school with a  great environment and diversity but lacks gender distribution balance in their Uni.

Founded In: 1874
Tuition:  $36,652 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 33
SAT Avg– 1460
Acceptance Rate: 53%
GPA:  3.4
Rank: #8
Contact: (303) 273-3000
Financial Aid: Click here for more details.

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Grand Valley State University

If you are looking for a University which offers great baseball facilities and at the same time has a budget-friendly tuition fee, Grand Valley State University is the right choice for you. They also provide good scholarship and financial aid solutions for students. In fact, the number of students who received non-need-based athletic grants and scholarships in this university is 198 students which are good enough for a small university.

Some athletes move down a division level because they qualify for more athletic scholarship money. So this university is the best choice since they have won many cups beating even the division 1 schools. Grand Valley State University also holds the conference; Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (Division II).

Founded In: 1960
Tuition:  $25,040 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 26
SAT Avg– 1250
Acceptance Rate: 83%
GPA:  3.0
Rank: #9
Contact: (616) 331-5000
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St. Mary’s University – Texas

Last but not least, St. Mary’s University – Texas is an excellent choice for baseball coaching. It is the 10th best NCAA Division 2 best baseball school in the United States. The average tuition fee of this Uni is around 30,650 dollars before aid. It is a bit expensive university, but they have excellent infrastructure for sports as well as academics.

St. Mary’s University is an old university founded in the year 1852. It is a private catholic Uni that is located in a really good environment. In fact, they have a great baseball team coaching crew. It includes great retired baseball players; Ryan Femath; the Assistant Coach, Roy Flores; the volunteer Assistant Coach, and  Charlie Migl;  Head Coach. This uni is highly recommended if you are looking for an only-sports-focused University.

Founded In: 1852
Tuition:  $47,300 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 18
SAT Avg- 870
Acceptance Rate: 79%
GPA:  2.0
Rank: #10
Contact: (210) 436-3011
Financial Aid: Click here for more details.

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