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Best Crypto Day Trading Courses

Cryptocurrency and Day Trading can be confusing topics for you, but as soon as you get to know about them you will discover the secret, that it is a brilliant source of income within a short period of time. You get to earn a lot of money by just sitting in the comfort of your room, but for that, you need to know the right strategies. Crypto day trading refers to short-term trading, which means you hold an asset for just a few seconds to a couple of hours and sell it within the span of a day. By the end of the day you end up selling your asset and earn a decent amount of profit that might be a small amount sometimes, but it is the quickest way to earn profit.

The sudden rise in the value of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and its subsequent decline has brought the world’s attention on cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and also a good way of earning profit within a short or long span. That has also given rise to numerous online platforms helping people understand and master the field of online trading by learning the values of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, and the strategies involved in gaining a profit.

Here is the list of the top 10 online platforms that have everything you need to learn and begin your career with crypto day trading:

1. Coursera- Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Introduction to Digital Currencies

Coursera is an American open online course provider, that has been highly ranked for its plethora of courses available to educate people. It is the best platform to know about crypto day trading and has many courses to help you with understanding the concepts, strategies involved, and how online day trading actually works. Learn about all the strategies involved in cryptocurrency and day trading by purchasing the courses at an affordable price. Coursera has a tie-up with numerous prestigious universities and other organizations and offers online courses, certifications, and degrees in various disciplines.

In this course, you will be introduced to digital currencies and every detail related to them. You would get to know their values and how to use them in the right way. This introductory course is provided by the renowned Wharton University of Pennsylvania and is free of cost. By the end of the course, you will have a complete understanding of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, and will also earn a certificate.

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Best Crypto Day Trading Courses

2. Udemy- The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Course (2021)

One of the fastest-growing, popular educational websites that have gained recognition worldwide and have more than 50,000 instructors along with 35 million students. Udemy covers courses about every discipline and serves as an excellent platform to learn about Cryptocurrency and day trading. Choose among its various courses where dozens of them are free and others are available at affordable rates, that cover topics related to cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Blockchains, and online day trading. The coursework is available in the form of series of modules and lessons that can include videos, text notes, and assessment tests, the tutorials help students of more than 180 countries and are available in over 65 languages to even help students not proficient in English.

This course would help you to completely understand everything about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins and online trading. The duration of the course is 9.5 hours and is available at an attractive (offer) cost of $ 5.29. By the end of the course you would receive a certificate of completion, and understand have a complete knowledge on Trading Cryptocurrency. 

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Best Crypto Day Trading Courses

3. LinkedIn- Learning Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

LinkedIn has been popular worldwide for providing the best jobs, it has been a constant place that assures authentic jobs, where job seekers meet employers and help each other.  However, LinkedIn also focuses on educating job seekers and providers in every way, hence there are a plethora of courses available for job seekers that enhance their skills and knowledge about their fields of expertise. LinkedIn has many popular courses on Crypto day trading at the most affordable costs.

This course in LinkedIn focuses on introducing you with the concepts of Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies, mostly how to begin with them, how they originated, and what they stand for, it is going to cover every minute details. You can get this course for free if you are a new member, andby the end of this course you will be provided with a certificate that would add value to your future endeavours.

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4. EdX- Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Course

Another popular online platform includes EdX that has been created as a tie-up between Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.This website covers courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, and aims at providing best quality courses from 140 world-famous universities at free or affordable charges. With more than 3,000 courses available, EdX has programs for learners of all stages in all disciplines, and also serves as a wonderful platform to get a sound knowledge in Cryptocurrency and day trading from the world famous universities.

This course by EdX is providedby Berkeley University of California. The courses focuses on fundamentals of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencyspace by making you familiar with their concepts. This course is ideal for crypto enthusiasts, online traders and blockchain developers. The duration of the course is 6 weeks, and is free of cost however, you would have to pay an amount of $ 99.04 to get a certificate.

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5. The Crypto Lark- Cryptocurrency Trading Explained

The Crypto Lark is run by the most popular crypto and bitcoin personality Lark Davis, and has everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency and online trading. This website covers important news, beginner’s guides and most helpful courses to make you familiar with the field of online trading. The Crypto Lark  offers a podcast in New Zealand about cryptocurrency and  provides a beginner-friendly course covering everything you need to know to begin with online trading.

This course is ideal for those who have very little to no knowledge about Cryptocurrency. The course compiles 27 videos that would take 4 hours to complete,  related to everything you need to know about online trading of cryptocurrency. The course is available at an affordable price of $ 249.00 and is all worth because it is presented by the expert himself.

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6. Trader Cobb- The only cryptocurrency trading course you will ever need

Trader Cobb can be referred to as the encyclopaediaof online trading as it covers everything related to it. This website features courses to instill confidence of dealing with cryptocurrencyand online trading among people worldwide. Trader Cobb is run by its co-founder Craig Cobb who helps young generations and trading enthusiasts build their career in online trading by providing the right set of information required to succeed in the field.

The most interesting fact about the website is that it features free trading courses making it accessible to everyone around the world, and arising an opportunity for everyone to take part in it. This course would provide you on-point information about cryptocurrency, along with different aspects of trading. The course complies 13 lessons that are packed with the right amount of information, and does not require any prior trading experience to take part in it.

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7. Binance Academy –A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Cryptocurrency

An extremely popular website for learning strategies of online trading, Binance Academy has freecrypto trading courses. The mission of the website is to educate the masses on the transformative potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and how it can change lives within the span of a day. The courses here range from beginner’s, intermediate and advance level, covering topics on cryptocurrency, bitcoins, blockchain, and other online trading topics.Binance academy is a perfect stop for free crypto trading education and courses.

In order to gain access to this course, you need to download the Binance Academy application that is available in Google Play Store to get access to all their courses, or watch their videos regarding the same topic for free in You Tube.

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8. Kraken- Understanding Cryptocurrency

Kraken has everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency. It serves as the best place to buy, sell, trade and learn about crypto currency and day trading. It is the best place to know about digital currencies with the help of easiest guides. The site alsofeatures a collection of informative articles and videos that help in explaining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the easiest way that anyone can understand. Kraken is an expert of converting complex concepts into easiest, understandable ones.

Kraken has free tutorials available in You Tube, that are very informative and cover all the topics related to cryptocurrency, online trading, bitcoins and blockchain technology.

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9. Trade Smarter with eToro

Another good website to get access to free trading courses, eToro is an Israeli website thatoffers various videos and contents on numerous topics that can help you in enhancing your knowledge about digital currencies and online trading. It is also one of the leading online tradingplatform in the worldwhere you can invest in stocks, cryptocurrency and also learn about their values. The sole purpose of the website is to give access to trading for anyone, anywhere around the world, and help them build a future in online trading.

While eToro may not have educational courses that offer certificates, but it has videos to solve all your doubts regarding online trading. With eToro, you learn to trade in a smarter way.

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10. Coinbase- What is cryptocurrency?

An American company that operates a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and helps beginners to grow. A secure platform to trade, buy, sell, store and learn about digital currencies, Coin base has answers to all your queries and a solution to all your problems. Coin base offers a learn and earn environment which means you can earn money while you are reading and learning more about crypto currencies. The website has beginner guides, practical tips, market updates for first-timers, tips for investors and everything else you need to grow and flourish in the online trading field.

Coin base may not provide tutorials or courses, buy it has top notch contents to solve all your queries. Here, in this website you only earn when you learn the strategies of online trading.

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