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Best Cruises for College Students

College, the finest years of your life, some would say. Yet most people need to reward themselves after lugging around big textbooks, preparing for tests, composing countless essays, and pulling all-nighters to complete projects. A cruise is a perfect opportunity for a spring break getaway to shed tension and relax for college students with limited budgets and brain overload. Most cruises are all-inclusive, it’s stress-free and enjoyable to travel between ports, and you have the chance on one journey to visit multiple destinations. It is up to your budget, your preferences, and your preferred destination to pick the best cruise.

Cruises can be very soothing. It’s so different from our normal lives; it’s fun to keep on going! But what cruise are you supposed to go? This article has tips about which are good cruises. If you want the best value for your money as a student – read on for suggestions! In general, for students, a cruise line is a far smarter bet, since it would be the cheapest option. Stick to cruise lines while looking for a cruise. The kinds of cruises you encounter will have a lot of variety. Do not stress, you will always be able to find something that appeals to you!

Carnival Paradise

For a college student’s cruise, the Carnival cruise line is great. It’s such a long line that it can go almost everywhere, and leave from almost everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are, one of the ships will be at the point of departure. Such ships have a lot of operations on board as well. Even on the days when you do not leave the ship, you will always have things to do. Carnival Paradise is very huge, as a final point. As a consequence, cruises will be much cheaper than they would otherwise be. If you’re a student without a lot of money, this is indeed the best cruise for you.

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Norwegian Escape

Norwegian Escape has opened an onboard wine bar for the first time ever. If wine is something that you love, then you might be excited about these college cruises! Norwegian is perhaps more popular than other cruise ships for catering to solo travellers. On your journey, you will be able to enjoy a little peace! There are very large Norwegian cruises, so again, the price is a little cheaper than it would otherwise be. The price depends tremendously on where you are headed. Don’t expect to have a cheap cruise to New Zealand! For last-minute cruise sales, Norwegian Escape has a special feature on its site. If you are close to the port from which the cruise departs, you can enjoy a wonderful cruise at a fraction of the price.

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Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista is the type of ship you want to be on board. These ships are, and it shows, younger than most cruise ships. You’ll get to see most areas of the world since they are a part of your cruise if you go to Carnival Vista. You will also get some onboard entertainment absolutely up to date. Everyone has fun there, no matter what you want to do.

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Norwegian Pearl

Norwegian pearl may not be the right cruises for students in college. They’re more family-centred, but maybe that’s your thing! These cruises travel all over the world, but it just depends on what you want to see and your budget. For students who want the experience but not the expense, they even offer weekend cruises. Onboard the ship, the Norwegian Pearl has its own spa. You can opt for one of the many treatments they have available, while away for hours or days in ports. This way, you will make your cruise an amazingly soothing experience. Among other therapies, the spa gives hot stone massages, so there is something for everybody.

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Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 is the epitome of maritime sophistication and luxury. This could be one of the best cruises for college students, especially if it’s a reward for your hard work! This cruise ship is renowned for its journeys around the globe. It’s not easy, but when you do get to go on it, it makes it all the more exciting! With various sorts of restaurants, pubs, events, views, and more, The Queen Mary provides you with countless options! On your holiday, do you want to enjoy a bit of old-fashioned elegance? Start planning now for a cruise you’re never going to forget!

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Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas will give you the taste of a college spring break cruise that you will never forget! As of now, this is the biggest cruise ship on the sea, so cruises will be very affordable. Harmony of the Seas is quite up to date.  In terms of activities, it has everything you might want. It even has a bar showcasing robots! You’re probably going to want to spend more time here. Lots of cruise deals, including deals on staterooms and more, are available on their website. Via these offers, you will potentially save a lot of money.

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Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International (RCI), also formerly known as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL), is a Norwegian cruise company founded in 1968 and operated since 1997 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Royal Caribbean Group. It is the largest cruise line by sales and second-largest by passenger numbers, located in Miami, Florida, U.S. Royal Caribbean International, despite its name, provides journeys to more than 280 destinations across 71 countries on six continents. If you can sail to the Caribbean and Mexico for sure, you can also board a ship to Alaska, explore Europe’s rivers, or ride the waves below to Australia and New Zealand.

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Disney Dream

The Disney Dream’s maiden voyage was on January 26, 2011. With two extra decks and 1,250 staterooms, this ship is 40 per cent bigger than the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. Each stateroom inside has a “virtual” porthole displaying rolling waves and HD swimming characters from Disney. The first-ever water roller coaster at sea is one of the most famous attractions – the Aqua Duck is 250 yards of transparent tubing that takes visitors over the top decks and, at one point, over the ocean! College students who still have that soft-corner for Disney, or in general would like to experience the fun activities that are integral to only this cruise ship, Disney Dream would be the best pick.

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