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Best Courses in M.Tech for ECE

The million-dollar question- what to do after completing the ECE course is a question every graduate swirls through their mind. I have come here with great hand-outs for you. Below are the specialization courses that you probably wouldn’t have heard of before. These underrated specialization courses are highly in demand. A master’s in electrical engineering prepares students for specialized and supervisory positions in a variety of work environments. Graduates may perform research, develop new technologies, design electrical components, or work in telecommunications. Positions in the field all require advanced math and science skills.

Many fortune companies are recruiting Electrical engineering specialists for high pay and great benefits. Nowadays since everything has become online, it is advantageous to pick up a course, complete the specialization and opt for jobs to increase your credibility. So what are you waiting for? Let us pave the way for a specialized career path for us.

1. VLSI Design System by Stanford University

The future scope of VLSI engineers has become very high after the emergence of electronic devices. Literally, most of the people on this planet own a smartphone. All these electronic gadgets are chip integrated circuits. So the scope for VLSI specialization would be a great career choice.

Generally, the average salary of a VLSI engineer is 81000 dollars. Companies like Nvidia, Qualcomm, Intel, and Altera are in dire need of VLSI engineers. The pay is really good. This course is highly recommended for a great career in the ECE field. VLSI is one of the best options for electronics engineers who are looking for a core job. Introduction to VLSI Systems offered by Stanford Online is a great choice.

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2. Digital Signal Processing by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We live in a sea of signals. After the emergence of 5g, electrical signals are everywhere since they are used in communications, entertainment devices, measuring instruments, aging devices, and computers. Digital signals are the future of electric engineering. The program offered by MIT open Courseware is the best option to learn this stream.

For concepts like speech recognition, speech coding, and decoding, Digital Signal processing plays a huge role. Opting for a career as a DSP engineer is hectic yet has good pay. DSPs are designed to execute complex math in parallel, which is common in many signal processing applications. Basics of C/C plus or MATLAB are some of the basic skills required to master digital signal processing. In Silicon Valley, top companies are constantly seeking DSPs. To become one now!

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3. Communication Systems by UCLA Extension

Just a few decades ago, we could not fathom having thought about communicating with someone who is on the other side of the globe for free. This specialization has been in great demand since it is half a portion of electrical engineering. Photonic Network and Switching, Optical Fiber Communication and Detection and Estimation Theory are some of the famous communication-based systems prevailing in the industry. I would highly recommend the program offered by UCLA Extension that provides a comprehensive curriculum on digital communications systems design and analysis.

Communications is the driving force behind the growth and development of many industries. So the scope of the Communication system programs is not going to fade away anytime soon. Broadcasting, networking, and transmission have been growing rapidly as communication systems have become very feasible even in third-world countries. This path is highly endorsed for its demand in the growing industries.

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4. Embedded System by ARM

The emergence of artificial intelligence has increased the demand for Embedded System engineers. Embedded systems are nothing but the microcontroller or microprocessor-based system which is designed to perform a specific task in a better way. You can find these systems in watches, vending machines, smartphones, TVs and Alexa, etc.

To understand the concept in an easy way. Let us take an example of the set-up box for TV channels. The microchip is embedded in the set-up box to curtail the signals in the embedded systems. The engineers must have a wide knowledge of hexadecimal, binary, decimal, octal numbers with internal memory organization. From aeronautics to Robotics, embedded system engineers are in high demand everywhere. The Efficient Embedded Systems Design Course offered by the ARM platform is a great choice.

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5. Robotic Process Automation by Ui Path

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a highly recommended specialization as countries like the US, Europe, and other powerful countries have started investing heavily in Robotics. The revolutionary of AI in robotics will change the entire world. If you are ready to seize opportunities that have emerged in this automated era, this is the right career path for you. Learn the skills of the future with free RPA training offered by Uipath Academy is highly endorsed.

The topic of RPA is flashing and exciting. Moreover, the growth of robotics and automation in the IT industry is extraordinary. Sectors like banking, finance, and even the Govt want automation to increase efficiency in their business. Are you ready to be the one who is involved in building the algorithm for driverless cars?

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6. Wireless Communication System by Stanford University

In the communications field, Wireless system communication is emerging as a rapid-fire. The emergence of the internet world has increased a greater scope to this specialization. The program offered by the Stanford School of Engineering will help you get an overview of current and future wireless systems, wireless channel models including path loss

Careers in wireless communications range from customer service to product development. But usually, ECE graduates prefer product development which focuses on wireless technology, networks, security, troubleshooting, and systems. Getting your master’s in wireless communication will help you design, implement and develop 5G and beyond 5G systems, enabling hardware and applications.

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7. Electronics Design and Technology by EDX

This specialization is primarily for creative designers in electronic products and systems. This course will help you integrate functional design, industrial design, equipment packaging, and manufacturing. The circuits and electronics program offered by MIT is the best choice. The program has a long period of just 4 months.

Many industries are looking for electronic designers who know the nuances of the subject. With the knowledge of mathematics, basic science & electrical engineering fundamentals this specialization is a great choice for a good-paying career path. They can become an Electronics Design Engineer or Memory Circuit Design Engineer or a Power Electronics Design Engineer after this specialization.

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8. Instrumentation Engineering by Inst Tools

Starting from computers to control machinery, instrumentation engineers are indispensable nowadays after the recolonized tech industry. These engineers typically work for industries with automated processes, such as manufacturing or chemical plants. You can learn this through a comprehensive free course offered by Instrumentation

Instrumentation engineering is an underrated branch of engineering. There is a huge demand for IEs in the electronic sector. Starting from railway, finance, corporate to pharma and IT’S, everywhere there is a huge demand for Instrumentation engineers.

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9. Telecommunication Engineering by RIT

When it comes to electronic circuits, the telecommunication industry plays a vital role in the whole electronic field.  They are the backbone of satellite and cable systems, mobile phones, radio waves, the internet, and even e-mail. The job of telecommunication engineering has become a bit challenging as well as more in demand for the fortune companies. 

The advantage of telecommunication engineering is you have the opportunities to work in hardware as well as software-related industries. Companies like BEL, DMRC, Siemens, Intel, Texas Instruments, Nvidia, DRDO, ISRO, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, and HCL openly mention the need for telecommunication engineers in the growth of the electric and electronic industry.

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10. Biomedical Imaging, Bioengineering, and Acoustics by University of Illinois

I bet you this is one of the most underrated engineering courses one could ever opt for. The need for bioengineers is very desperate in the electronic field. This advancing technology is important in ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), optical imaging, optical coherence tomography, and speech and hearing applications.

Research says that optical coherence devices (biomedical engineering) help cure margins of cancer tumors during resection. Modern imaging techniques can detect many tissue abnormalities, showing high sensitivity. However, the growth of Biomedical engineering is in front of our eyes. So it is highly recommended to pick up this course to have a bashing career.

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