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Best Courses for Travelling

Everyone loves traveling. Just imagine a job where you can travel across the globe and earn a considerable chunk of money. Well, there are a lot of jobs that provide you with this opportunity. For many, traveling is like a life mission. Engaging with fresh faces and learning about both new cultures and ancient histories is fascinating to do. It is not only the travel companies that offer traveling jobs. There are many group member settings, with holiday accommodation companies, to worldwide tour operators that pay you to travel across many countries.

After detailed research, I have curated the top 10 jobs that would help you travel anywhere in the world; spoiler alert- you will get paid to travel. Millions of people travel for work every month. Corporate travel is a massive industry, with over a million Americans traveling for business every day in the United States. So what are we waiting for? Let us prepare to wanderlust!

1. Merchant Navy (Maritime Courses / Training) by The Fylde College

A job in the merchant navy is a dream come true for many youngsters. If you are into traveling and adventure, this is the right course for you. When you go to a new place, it will take nearly half a year to work. Lancaster University offers a tremendous maritime course. The Fleetwood nautical campus is considered one of the top UK companies affiliated with significant ship companies.

This program is designed in a phased model with academic college interspersed with time served at sea. This maritime course has a lot of opportunities in lucrative land too. For example, it could be fleet operation, shipbroking, marine insurance, finance, ship repair, and shipbuilding.

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2. Commercial Pilot Training by Gleim

In every generation, being a pilot is always glamorous. They are greatly respected in society, and they are paid greatly. It takes a lot of determination as well as the confidence to become a competent pilot. All you have to do is take a flying training license from a recognized flying school.

Gleim Aviation offers this unique online program for becoming a commercial pilot. The Ground School: Commercial Pilot uses sophisticated knowledge transfer systems for a systematic approach towards learning to pilot. It is not possible to get a license to become a pilot, but this course will give you great insight into this subject. The course duration is 12 months.

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3. Air Hostess / Flight Attendant Course by Inflight Institute

Even Though the air hostess job is more like an aviation course, The position of an air hostess/flight steward is to take care of the passengers and attend to their needs. Just like pilots, they get a lot of chances to travel across the globe. Inflight Institute offers a fantastic multiple cabin crew onboard course.

This CT301 certificate course is primarily based on international flights. The program features the Boeing 737-200 aircraft. After completing this course, you will receive the certificate from the Inflight Institute. This course applies to great airplanes like Lufthansa, Flair Airlines, and more.

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4. Photography Courses by Show Academy

Photography skills can take you anywhere. With the right professional course, you can bag a successful career in your pocket. Wildlife photographers, photojournalists, lifestyle photographers, and travel photographers go around the globe for the perfect snap.

Shaw Academy offers a remarkable photography program that will make you a professional photographer. The course is globally recognized with around 300000 students. The course duration is 16weeks and contains 32 lessons. The information is stunningly laid out, and it is highly recommended.

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5. Culinary Arts by Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

You might be thinking about how chefs could travel across the world. Generally, catering departments based on cruise lines get to travel a lot and these chefs get a great amount of remuneration and benefits. Escoffier School of Culinary Arts offers a great culinary arts course online.

This class is taken in live classroom discussions. Online culinary school students are taught through a structured learning model that begins with the basics and ends with a real-world, hands-on industry internship. This is the best culinary arts program you can ever find on the internet.

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6. Hospitality and Travel Management Courses by Husson University

Generally, the hospitality sector will have significant exposure towards traveling since hotels, cruise lines, and travel management companies require a lot of hospitality staff to make the work more eventful. They come under the category of tour guides who will arrange facilities for the guests.

Tour guides are someone who will be constantly traveling. The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program offered by Husson University stands out since it provides excellent academic training. This University offers this program with a lot of internships rather than classroom experience. The Uni is located in Bangor, Maine.

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7. Management Courses by EDX

Management courses like MBA, BBS, and BMS have a great scope in the business field. For example, you can excel in marketing where there are many opportunities to travel around the world. Whether it is event management or supply chain management, it is mostly a travel-based job.

You get to travel to many exotic locations or wildlife parks to organize social as well as adventure events. The University of Queensland offers this great course that helps you to grow in this dynamic and growing industry. The estimated time to complete this course is just 7 weeks and the price of the course is 7364 dollars.

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 8. Language Course by Rosetta Stone

Generally, people learn languages for fun or to show off with their friends. But it has a lot more perks than that. You can not only become a full-fledged teacher out of learning a language, you could also become a translator. Interpreters and Translators are very much in demand which would help you travel across many countries if you know their native language.

If you want to learn a new language I would highly recommend Rosetta Stone. Duolingo is pretty outdated and it is only good in papers. Rosetta Stone has long been known as the go-to service for new language learners, and for good reason. They offer 28 languages to learn, which will help you read, write, speak and understand that language. It is just 8 dollars per month to access their platform.

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9. Archaeology by University of Oxford

Archaeology will help you travel as well, as it is one of the most adventurous professions you can ever get. So if you have a passion for field surveys and are interested in excavation, observation, and analysis, this is the right profession. You get to travel to many places, research many activities, and it will be great fun.

The online course offered by the great Oxford University is the best choice to learn archaeology. They include live time, weekly classes, and flexible online schools. Moreover, the credits earned can be transferred too. Starting from neanderthals to Minoans and anthropology they have a great set of courses you could choose. Check out the link below to pick the course which fascinates you.

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 10. Journalism and Mass Communication by Texas State University

Journalists throughout the world get to travel across the globe if some fascinating events are occurring. They offer diverse job opportunities in this field. You get to choose any work starting from  Reporter, Photojournalist to journalist, and Anchor. The Texas State University provides excellent journalism programs related to travellThe Accrediting Council on Education accredits all their course station in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC). So the credibility of these courses is very high. you get a lot of internship opportunities in this field. You have to complete 120 semester hours in their program,, which involves courses like mass communication, journalism, public relations, and many more.

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