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Best Courses for Logo Design

What is that one visual way with the help of which you can attract customers to your venture? It is the logo. A logo is the visual representation of the entire entity of the product or the organization. You see a horse and you instantly think of Ferrari or if you see a bull, you instantly think of a Lamborghini. That’s the magic of logos. It gives an identity to something. The better and unique the logo, the easier it gets spread amongst the people. Companies are identified from their logos more than anything else. There are even games on google play that help you test your knowledge about different kinds of logos all around the world.

Designing a logo is one of the important aspects when it comes to your businesses. After all, it is the logo that is the first impression for a business to its customer. Here are few key factors why a logo is so important:

  • Uniqueness with brand loyalty
  • Attracts customers
  • Creates an identity
  • Makes you different from others
  • Could be depicted on all social media platforms

Logo designing is growing day by day as more and more businesses are being established. Every company needs to hire a logo designer to make its logo unique. The more experience and knowledge of logo designing you have, the more the chances are of getting hired by a company. Even logo designers have a portfolio of all their previous ventures. A lot of people that are into this try to improve by the courses that are provided online. These online courses help someone to start from scratch or even brush up their logo designing skills. A few of the online courses provided are:

1. Fundamentals of professional logo designing (Udemy)

A lot of logo designers instead of working for an organization, decide to go for freelancing. In this way, they have their options open to land a logo designing job. And this course is for such people. This course helps one to understand the basic principles and key points of logo designing. An insight into the logo designing industry and how it is changing day by day is depicted. You can learn to design logos using Adobe illustrator.

This course is provided by Udemy. This is a one-hour course that is completely self-paced and you can get a certificate of completion once you finish. The course will cost you $18.

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2. Logo Design Masterclass: Learn logo design and Illustrator (Udemy)

Adobe Illustrator is the platform on which one can learn to design logos. And in order to design a logo you need to start from pen and paper and then eventually go on to the software. This course helps you to brainstorm logo designing ideas and then implement what you have on pen and paper into the software. Various illustrator techniques and methods are taught. At the end of the course, one can be fully equipped to design the best logos possible.

This course is provided by Udemy. It is created by Chad Neuman who holds a PhD and has been a graphic designer for a really long time. The total course is 7 and half hours and it is self-paced. The course will cost you $120 and a certificate is offered at the end.

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3. Learning Logo Design (Linkedin Learning)

The actual design process of creating a logo is vital to the venture. To have a good idea of what exact approach you need to have for logo designing, this course is the best one to go for. The course teaches you how to understand the requirements of the client. The requirements are the most important factor of anything. If you understand that, it’s easier to implement in the software. All the key points of making a logo worth remembering that help a business are covered.

The course is provided by Linkedin learning. The course is a 5-hour course and will be presided over by Von Glitschka who is an illustrator. You get a certificate of completion upon finishing.

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4. Logo Development: Identity Development (Linkedin Learning)

Why is it that when we hear about a well-known business or a well-known company, we first picture the logo it. That is because that logo is the first impression of the brand. It is what makes the venture unique. Such logos create an identity that will last for the rest of the life which is what makes the logos important. One mistake and it’s permanent. This course teaches one how the development of logos take place. It takes you through each step of a logo creation.

The course is provided by Linkedin learning. This course is presided by Bill Gardener who is the president of Gardner Design. The course is around an hour-long which will give you a certificate of completion.

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5. Logo Design Basics (Team Treehouse)

This course depicts the process of designing a logo from start to finish. This will be done by an app called as ODOT. This is a 30-minute course which is created by Mat Helme. This course is for the people who wish to start designing logos. The course is provided by Team treehouse.

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6. Branding Essentials: Design Conceptual and Meaningful Logos (Udemy)

You cannot make a logo just for the sake of making a logo. The logo needs to have some meaning behind it. Something that ties the ideology of the brand into the logo. And for that reason, this course is an essential one. What separates you from the other logo designers is the sense of designing a logo with the account to the brand. This course will teach you to create logos that have a meaning that literally tells you the hidden story behind the brand. And those are the logos that make a brand be remembered by the people.

This course is offered by Udemy. This is a 36-minute-long course that costs you $105. You will receive a certificate of completion once you finish the course.

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7. Logo Design: Graphic Synthesis and Minimalism (Domestika)

Many times, it happens that the logos get too complex and it all ends up in a mess. This course is designed to help logo designers understand the simplicity of logos. It teaches them to design minimal but effective logos. This course is designed by Ruben Ferlo, who is a graphic designer and art director in Spain. This is a self-paced course that includes 15 lessons with the total course time being around 2 hours. You will get a certificate of completion once the course is finished. This course costs $30.

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