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Best Courses for Linear Algebra

Mathematics or more commonly known as Math is something that is so fundamental in every walk of life. However, the learning part of it is quite tricky for some people. I will be the first person to say that I do not like Math at all. But I think it is a subject that requires an immense level of passion and dedication. It is either you liking Math or you not liking it. There is no middle when it comes to it. But even though you may or may not like math, there is absolutely no one that can deny the importance of it. Algebra and Geometry and other concepts of math are used in some of the other facets of life. One of those subjects that you come across in math is Linear Algebra. Linear algebra can be defined as the representation of modern geometry where linear equations are represented in vector spaces. It is used in most of the walks of mathematics and their applications. The benefits of understanding and learning linear algebra are mentioned in a few of its applications. They are:

  • Traffic flow
  • Electric currents
  • Cryptography
  • Graph theory
  • Least square approximation

Barring that, linear algebra is used in all forms of engineering applications. It is an essential aspect when it comes to machine learning. Computer-intensive tasks require knowledge of linear algebra. And there are a lot of online courses on online platforms that help people understand the concept easily. These online courses are the stepping stones to understand and gain the knowledge that can be used in the future. Some of the best courses that are offered online when it comes to linear algebra are:

1. Mathematics for Machine learning: Linear Algebra (Coursera)

Vectors and Matrices are two of the most fundamental aspects when it comes to linear algebra. It is safe to say that if one does not have the concept of vectors and matrices cleared, they cannot understand the further process. This course does that exactly. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors are taught in order to help you in problem-solving. Different kinds of algorithms and how they work are also demonstrated as the codes are written on the python program. The concept of how linear algebra affects machine learning will be elaborated.

The course is provided by Imperial College London on Coursera. It is a beginner level course that will take approximately 19 hours to complete. The course stretches over 5 weeks and is presides by quality educators.

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2. Complete Linear Algebra: Theory and implementation in code (Udemy)

If you have some sense of high school algebra and you want to start learning more about linear algebra, then this is the right course for you. Artificial intelligence is said to be what takes the world to the next level. But even the next level things require math as well. The course will also teach you how linear algebra impacts the artificial intelligence department. Various programming languages like Python and MATLAB will be used to demonstrate the implementation of coding in linear algebra.

This is a 33-hour long course that has 15 downloadable resources as study material. The course will cost you $18 and a certificate of completion will be given once the program is done.

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3. Matrices: Learning the foundations of Linear Algebra (Udemy)

Basic principles are pillars on which the entire structure stands. Without the knowledge of these you cannot understand the rest of the concept. This course is beneficial for the high school students or ones who have a basic knowledge of Arithmetic and are wishing to start off their learning experience in linear algebra. This course helps you understand matrices and perform basic mathematical operations with them. This course will lay down a perfect foundation for you to pursue advanced linear algebra.

The course is provided by Udemy. This course includes one and half hour of video which one can complete in their own time. The course will cost you $120.

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4. The Math of Data Science: Linear Algebra (edX): –

Data science is one of the most growing fields of the technological industry. It is basically the analysis of structured and non-structured data. And yes, it is fundamental in all sorts of fields. And yet the one part that stays same for it is the applications of linear algebra. The applications of orthogonality will be studied in this course. Once the vector and matrices relationship are clear, then operations like multiplication and inverse will be learnt.

The course is provided by Rice University on the platform of edX. The course is 8 weeks long with 6-8 weeks of study each week. The course is free but with the certificate, it would cost you around $160.

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5. Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix algebra (edX)

I think the name of the provider of the course would be enough for the people to enrol in the course but it’s not just the name but the quality of content that they are providing. This course will help you understand data analysis for life sciences with the help of Algebra. R programming will be used to solve problems and implement the code. As this is an introductory course, a small introduction to QR decomposition will be given as well.

This course is provided by none other than Harvard University. The program is presided by Rafael Irizarry who is a professor of Biostatics at Harvard University. It is 4 weeks long free course but with a certificate, it will cost you around $150.

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6. Linear Algebra for Data science in R (Datacamp)

As we have previously figured out that linear algebra is an integral part of data science, various courses are designed to understand the concepts in a simple way. This is one such course where you can solve matrix-vector equations, use principal component analysis etc. But everything would be done on the programming language of R.

This is a 4-hour course with 15 videos in total. This course is offered by Datacamp where almost 8 million people have already pursued a course. This course is for free.

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7. Linear Algebra (Khan Academy)

Khan academy is one of the biggest online platforms in learning when it comes to the concepts of mathematics. This brings you to the course of linear algebra which provides you with a detailed description of every topic in linear algebra. There are 3 modules namely vectors and spaces, matrix transformations and alternate coding systems. Every module has videos based on it and some practice tests after the completion of a topic. It is a self-paced course that helps you understand linear algebra in depth.

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