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Best Courses for Desktop Support Engineers

sComputers are the soul of any major company. From the storage and processing of confidential and important data to the effective communication between employees, computers ensure the smooth running of every major company in the world. So, naturally, the job of a desktop support engineer is very crucial. The desktop engineer installs, maintains and troubleshoots important software required for clients and the company. Companies look for individuals willing to keep learning and growing and honing their skills.

There are a number of courses you can do as a desktop support engineer that will boost the value of your resume. With the amount of competition around, you will always want to stay at the top of your game and keep yourself updated with all the latest tips and tricks. These 7 courses are perfect to increase your value among competitors and to replenish your skills.

1. CompTIA A+

The CompTIA A+ certification is the most well-known and valuable certification you can get as an IT professional. Many IT professionals work hard to complete this course as the training is both reputed and comprehensive. CompTIA is useful for beginner level IT employees to expand their skillset and boost their value. CompTIA has issued almost 1.2 million certificates to date. CompTIA A+ is widely recognized as one of the very first IT certifications that prospective IT professionals should obtain. A CompTIA certificate cement and validates your knowledge as an IT professional and also shows the employer that you’re willing to learn. Individuals with some hands-on experience  (9-12 months) are perfect for this course. The course covers topics like,

  • Demonstrate baseline skills for IT support professionals.
  • Administer client-based as well as cloud-based software.
  • Support basic IT infrastructure and networking.
  • Configure and support PC, mobile and loT device hardware.

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2. Applecare Mac Technician

Apple is one of the most reputed companies in the tech world. The extreme importance the company gives for privacy makes them the number one choice for a number of multi-national companies. The ACMT certification has many benefits even outside of the retail Apple repair environment. But of course, it needs to be supplemented by other key skills too. With the increasing popularity of Apple products in companies, schools and businesses around the world, IT technicians who have the ACMT certification are in high demand. The average pay of an ACMT certified technician in the US is 58000 USD per year. The course is a 7-day long process and certifies you to officially repair Apple computers. You can choose any of the numerous training centres In the US to start your training.

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3. ITIL Foundation Course

ITIL certification is one of the main exams you should clear to develop your career in the field of IT service management. ITIL is a globally recognised course and if you clear the exam, you can effectively manage the IT services in your organisation. The course contains 6 modules.

  • Key concepts of service management.
  • Four dimensions of service management.
  • The ITIL service value system.
  • The service value chain
  • ITIL management practises

The ITIL Foundation course is best suited for IT executives, IT architects, operations managers, IT audit managers etc.

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4. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

The IT Support Professional Certificate program was developed by Google and is part of their “Grow with Google” program based on Google’s history and the purpose of building products, platforms, and services that help individuals and businesses grow. This IT desk support program is a low-risk, low-cost way for people to get the skills they need to get a well-paying job at the entry-level of the IT support industry. What makes this IT technology certificate very supportive and effective is signing up to more than 30 employers, including Home Depot, Cognizant, GE Digital, H&R Block, Hulu, Intel, Sprint, JM Smucker, Infosys, KForce, MCPc, PNC Bank, RICOH USA, TEKSystems, UPMC, Veterans United Home Loans, Walmart and their companies and definitely Google and many more. The course has more than 64 hours of highly interactive content that is spread over 5 courses that teach students the fundamental techniques of IT support. The completion time for the course is around 6 months if the student spends 5-6 hours per week. The course is also free of cost.

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5. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

Python has emerged as the most sought-after programming language of the last decade. And the structure of IT changes quickly and automatically, making problem-solving skills with automated solutions very important for anyone in IT. To support more Python technology and IT automation, Google has designed the IT Automation with the Python Professional Certificate system and provides it through an online educational service platform. The course teaches you to automate tasks by writing python scripts and to manage IT resources at scale and many more. It is a beginner level course and does not require any previous experience. The six-course IT training program is crafted to fulfil the educational needs of beginner-level Python learners. Upon completion of this course, students are well prepared to go to the next level of training. The course is also free of cost.

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6. IT Help Desk Professional

This IT course help students build an IT career from a solid environment by teaching them the basic skills needed to lead a successful career in IT. The course is designed by Paul Hill and Omar Dabbas who bring together more than 20 years of practical information that demonstrates the impressive quality of exercise and fitness included in a course that helps improve computer skills and everything related to it. The course teaches you how to approach computers from a hardware and software perspective and to have good knowledge about networking. All you need is a test PC and some basic computer knowledge. The course contains 2 hours of on-demand video and 4 articles. For 117.60 USD, you get lifetime access to all the material. The course discusses some other important stuff like printers and networks. The syllabus is perfect for the average beginner IT professional. A certificate of completion will be awarded after successful completion of the course.

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7. Desktop Support Level 1 & 2 In Real Life – Troubleshooting

This IT support course is designed for those who want to learn IT solutions. It focuses on common issues that IT engineers face in real life and provides solutions to these problems. It is a very comprehensive 7-hour video lecture course covering the following topics:

  • Setting up a lab
  • Domain issues
  • Computer Issues
  • Server issues
  • Hardware Issues

The course does not have any requirements at all and starts from scratch. The content features 6 hours of on-demand videos and 10 downloadable resources. For 6.67 USD, you get lifetime access and a certificate of completion after the course.

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Best Course for Desktop Support Engineer 7

The IT industry is always updating itself. New technologies and methods are evolved every other day and to stay ahead of the curve, you should always keep learning. These 7 courses will help you stay on top of your game and keep up with the competition. So happy learning!


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