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Best Courses for Cruise Ship

The cruise ship is undoubtedly the best place to work if you are fond of traveling and meeting new people. You will get to meet many people from different countries with various cultures, languages, and traditions. Moreover, the pay is significant, and there is job security. Moreover, if you want to work on a cruise ship, you need not necessarily study all the technical courses to become a captain. All you have to do is just find the best program that captivates you and get into this industry.

Whether it is becoming a cruise hostess, cruise waiter, sailor, cruise cook, mechanic, administrative, or you name it; you can find any job in the cruise ships. In this article, I have enlisted the top courses that will help you get into this industry. So without further adieu, let us get into it!

1. Cruise Ship Courses by Cabin Crew Academy

One of the most straightforward and most skillful jobs is getting into the hospitality sector in cruise, where they will have to learn the necessary skills like security awareness, first aid, crowd management, and speaking skills. The present program offered by Aviation and Tourism Training is highly recommended.

It is just an eight-week program that will help you land jobs in the cruise sector and airports, luxury bus, and train hostess jobs. The program will provide you with hands-on experience on passing the exam to get the license as well as will help you with the necessary skills for a cruise hostess.

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Best Courses for Cruise Ship

2. Cruise Industry Course by Feliciano School of Business

One of the finest jobs to get into cruise is the business administration and management sector. The Montclair State University offers a first-class three-credit program to help you get great insight into the fastest growing business based on world tourism and leisure.

Moreover, The class topics include food and beverage management, shore excursions and tourism marketing, entertainment, casino operations, and several others. This program is taught by instructors who have advanced experience in the cruise ship sector field.

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3. Diploma in Marine Engineering by LLOYD’S Maritime Academy

One of the most critical jobs in cruise ships is Marine engineering. The 12-month program offered by the most reputed Lloyd’s Maritime Academy is highly recommended as they provide first-class insights and help you with job assistance.

After completing the program, you will briefly understand the power generation and thermodynamics of Auxiliary and ancillary machinery systems and layouts of a cruise ship. This program is highly flexible, and you can study this program at your own pace.

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4. Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Electrical Engineering by Arizona State University

Electrical Engineering is one of the highest in-demand jobs in the cruise industry to help you land very safe job security. The engineer’s main job is to be responsible for the proper maintenance and repairs of the electrical systems onboard the cruise ship as directed by the Chief Electrical Engineer.

Whether it is the ship’s public address and public clock systems, laundry equipment, swimming pool, or even jacuzzi systems, everything is managed through electricity. So this job can be very challenging as well as pays an outstanding amount for salaries. I would highly recommend the ASU online program on Electrical engineering.

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5. Computer Science 101 in Cruise bu EdX

An IT job doesn’t need to be something which is only for 9-5 job people. In cruise ships, The Computer Officer is the onboard officer in charge of shipboard computer hardware and software equipment that falls under the Shipboard Systems (PCLA/SBS) environment.

It is a job with high demand since it requires excellent knowledge and expertise in software and hardware attributes. Moreover, this is a first-class job and requires a top-class certification. The program offered by Stanford Online is highly recommended as it has a primary focus on basics and teaches you the essential coding languages.

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6. Culinary Arts in Cruise by Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

One of the most delicate jobs in cruise is the culinary section. There are a total of two compartments in cruise culinary; The hot galley positions include all types of cooking vegetables, fish, soup, and grill. The cold galley positions include baking, pastry, and buffets. It is a first-class job to get on a cruise.

After getting into the job, after gaining experience, you can become the executive chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Parties, and lastly, the culinary administrative assistant. It is a delicate job if you have a passion for cooking. The program offered by Escoffier is the best culinary program, hands down.

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7. Online Music Courses for Cruise by Berklee Online

If you are interested in singing or if you play some instrument, then I would highly recommend looking for a job in the cruise industry. The old saying ‘Have Talent, Will Travel’ is an apt example for this job as all kinds of cruise ships hire musicians and other entertainers on an ongoing basis.

On the ocean cruise ships that hold thousands of people, there may be the need for many musicians and entertainers, so choose the right program that will help you not only through salaries but also through great tips. All you have to do is choose the right program that fits your talent.

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8. Sport & Fitness on Cruise Ships by American Council on Exercise

If you are interested in fitness or any kind of sports and have a passion for traveling across the globe, then I would highly recommend getting into Sport & Fitness Jobs on Cruise Ships. The main job is to oversee gyms and fitness areas across the vessels and in conjunction with Spa Coordinator streamlining.

Whether you know yoga, fitness, calisthenics, strength training, or you name it, the job in cruise is great, and the pay is pretty decent. The ACE fitness certification program is a great choice as it has a lot of credibilities that will help you with your professional life.

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9. Cruise Consultant by Cruise Lines International Association 

Last but not the least, being a Cruise Consultant is an excellent job if you have a good business degree. The main job is to sell tickets for future cruises to passengers while they are on a cruise. It requires skills like strong persuasive, public speaking skills to sell their tickets.

Moreover, this is like a first-class job if you have enough experience. The pay is great as it is a high-level job. It is necessary to be fluent in English and other languages preferably. Moreover, sales are one of the most important skills one cruise consultant must-have. The Cruise Lines International Association offers the best training program on consultancy.

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