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Best Courses After BTech CSE

If you have completed your computer science, undergraduate, there are ample opportunities to go into it. The rise of Facebook, Google, and Apple show how the future is very bright for computer science students. The world is turning into a digital world and it has never been exciting like this. There are a variety of good courses after BTech CSE present in the status quo.

Completing Btech CSE should have helped you gain in-depth knowledge in the overall technical world, and it is high time we have to start looking for a specialization course to master it. Do not opt for something fancy out of interest if you are not good at it. In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 courses to go ahead after completing Btech CSE. All these courses mentioned have a great scope in the future in terms of job security and payroll. With great zeal and hard work, you can achieve heights in any job you take up.  So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into it!

1. MS Mtech by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is not yet another mediocre highers to do after completing Btech CSE. The scope of Mtech and MS will never go out of style. It has all the reasons to be topping this list. Usually, M.Tech is a 2-year long course, M.S. is a 3-year long course.

The best idea to do MS Mtech is to opt for it through a top college. Mtech’s core has succumbed to android programming, Data Science, and Web analytics. The future is very bright after this higher studies. I would highly recommend the Mtech MS course from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which lasts 2 years. The cost to complete this program will take around 109,864 dollars. To get into this Uni, it is necessary to have a decent cut-off from IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE. There is a list of opportunities for specialization at MIT. Click the link below to know more.

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2. Big Data Engineer by ie School of Human Science & Tecnology

The core for a Data engineer is to create a  building, testing, and maintaining scalable Big Data ecosystems which is scalable for data scientists to run their algorithms for business purposes. They are required to upgrade, troubleshoot, and optimize Big Data systems and software to improve the efficiency of the databases.

This specialization is top-notch in IE School of Human sciences and technology. The duration of this course is 10 months and it is highly recommended. In this program, you will explore the key areas of business analytics to become a biz-tech change-maker through data science and big data technologies.

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3. Machine learning Engineer by Duke University

The job of machine learning requires an ample level of high-level expertise in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. Their job is to work on creating human-like AI systems. The Data Analytics & Machine Learning Master’s Programs from Duke university is recommended since Duke university is faculty ranked #10 in the U.S. for research productivity.

It is the best University to go ahead with machine learning and AI-related subjects. You can become a full-fledged machine learning software engineer, Data scientist in Apple, Google, Weibo Corporation, or Zenefits.

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4. Data Scientist by Berkeley School of Information

Data Scientists gather data not only from the company repository but also from multiple external sources like social media, websites, and blogs. The real-world business issues are solved by data scientists through the ramifications of big data.

They have extensive knowledge of Data Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics. The E-campus of  Berkeley University is a great choice for masters in Data Science. The program is a self-paced pre-recorded program that can be very flexible. The MIDS faculty has given their rigorous relevant curriculum for this top-rated course.

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5. Data Analyst by Boston University

You might be wondering why I have mentioned nearly 5 courses related to Data. The future is Data without any doubt. There is a thin line between being a data scientist and a data analyst. The Data Analyst needed a lot of business-related skills since they’d need technical expertise to perform data munging, processing, and visualization tasks.

MS in Applied Data Analytics program is a great program offered by Boston University. This extensive program will give you a great understanding of data analysis using Python and R, and the concepts and techniques for machine learning, data mining, and statistical analysis methods and tools used to generate relevant visual presentations of data.

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6. Blockchain Developer/ Engineer by Northeastern University College of Engineering

Due to the great popularity of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, the blockchain industry is considered to be the future of digital currency. There is a huge demand for blockchain specialists and this is my recommendation to opt for.

Apart from setting up the necessary infrastructure for Blockchain applications and solutions, Blockchain Developer/Engineers also set up essential security measures to protect the systems from cyber attacks. There is a need for great knowledge of smart contract developments. The program offered by Northeastern University College Of Engineering is the best uni to go ahead with blockchain specialization. You will learn how to build distributed ledger applications that automate the operations of streamlined, mutually beneficial, densely networked business relationships through this course.

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7. Software Developer by Boston University Metropolitan College

If you are into coding and programming, hands down, Software development is the best course to pursue. C, C++, C#Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, and Scala are some of the great programming languages needed to master software development.

After taking this course you will possess the technical creativity and analytical thinking skills needed to solve various software-related issues. Boston University Metropolitan College is the best choice to do your master’s in software development. Also, fun fact software developer-ranked the #1 Best Technology Job in 2020 by U.S. News & World Report. There is a great scholarship offered by this university too.

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8. Computer Network Architect by Maryville University

A Computer Architect is someone who designs, develops, implements, and maintains networking and data communication systems. All these specializations more or less get connected to data. They are the main face in updating software as well as hardware.

They need a great understanding of operating systems and cloud-based computing systems since cloud computing is the future of data storage. The program offered by Maryville University is a great choice to bag a job as a computer architect right after the completion of the degree. you will likely receive hands-on training in project management, from budgeting to recognizing network requirements to securing information systems through this extensive program.

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9. Information Security Analyst by EC-Council University

As more and more wide scope has enlarged for data science enthusiasts, it has become quintessential to create a more safe environment to not be a victim of cyberattacks. Information Security Analysts focus on three core areas – risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, and defense planning.

ECCU’s Master of Science in Cyber Security (MSCS) program prepares the best cybersecurity professionals. There are a total of 12 courses that have around 36 credit hours. The duration of the course is 2years and it is offered 100 percent online.

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10. Full-Stack Developer by UCI

The UCI Division of Continuing Education offers the best full-stack development program. At just 5495 dollars this 12 months course is the best course to be a coder. The growth of web development and designing has increased the scope for full-stack developers in most countries.

This course is primarily designed for tech-savvy hobbyists and marketing professionals who want to increase their expertise in the areas of web development and online product development. The course will help you build web applications and also give you a wider perspective on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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