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Best Courses After 12th in Arts Stream

Choosing the right stream and subject after completing your 12th grade can be a challenging and confusing task. Since Arts has a plethora of opportunities in various disciplines, it can be a tough decision to choose which course will be the best for you and your future career.

So keeping in mind the confusion and worries that students often face, we have arranged a list of the best Bachelor of Arts programs offered by the renowned universities of the U.S. These programs will not only be interesting to pursue but also can bring a wide array of opportunities for the future.

1. Bachelor of Arts in English by UCLA

Bachelor of Arts in English or American Literature and Culture Studies (both focusing on Literature) from the most prestigious University of California Los Angeles can be the best option to pursue after completing your 12th grade. The B.A in English focuses on American, British, and Anglophone literary history, and the understanding of literature to give life a new perception and foster critical thinking along with intellectual curiosity. Literature can not only enhance the writing and reading skills of students but also help them to have a critical mind that can write great poetry and stories and other forms of creative work. There cannot be anything better than a course that can change your perception of life and expand your knowledge at the same time.

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2. B.A in Philosophy by University of Arizona

The Bachelor’s program in Philosophy offered by the University of Arizona is ideal for students who are fascinated with exploring concepts that have changed the perception of the world. These concepts cover everything about life from happiness, justice, ethics, and morality to consciousness, and would be very interesting to explore. Be it Greek, American, or Philosopher’s of the world, you will learn about their amazing concepts, their argument against the existing truth, and their solutions to it. With philosophy, you will become a critical thinker, learn to question pre-existing truths, and build your own intuition. B. A Philosophy course can make you a successful Lawyer, Teacher, Politician, or Business Administrator. This multidisciplinary program will make you better inside out.

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3. B.A in Art History by Penn State University by World Campus

If you are a lover of art, architecture, and history, then the bachelor’s in Art History program at Penn State University is just the right one for you. Follow your passion for art and discover works of ancient to contemporary artists, learn to appreciate and understand their piece of work. However, the course is not just limited to the world of art, rather is a conglomeration of history, architecture, culture, museums, travel, and languages. Choose your area of specialization from the various options available in the course and fulfill your dreams.

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4. B.A in Media and Communication Studies by New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy is the best institution in the country to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Studies. If you want to be a part of the entertainment industry be it films, news, and other entertainment channels, then this three years program is going to turn students into skilled professionals. Get a chance to work with media producers, and learn from them directly. From handling various tools to technically processing them, this course will develop various skills required to work in the field of media and communication. This program features lectures, seminars, workshops, and also hands-on training experience for students.

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5. B.A in Earth Science by University of Houston

Earth Science is a rapidly growing discipline that is a conglomeration of many disciplines coming together to form one subject. Earth Science includes Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics as its subjects, and the program is offered by the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. For students who want to dive deeper into the elements of earth and want to bring positive changes in the environment through their future research, Earth Science is an ideal discipline for them. The interdisciplinary nature of the course will help students to become Environmental scientists, geologists, geophysicists, Geotechnical engineers, and much more prestigious job roles.

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6. B. A in Sociology by Harvard University

For students interested in the scientific study of human relationships, groups, institutions, and civilization as a whole, Harvard University offers a Bachelor of Arts program in Sociology. The work of a Sociologist is not easy however, it is very interesting. Sociologists conduct various analyses be it on ethnography or historical contexts, the field of Sociology is interdisciplinary and relates to anthropology, psychology, history, economics, political science, and many other relevant fields. Sociology helps students gain insights into the interdependent world and takes them close to humankind.

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7. B.A in Classical Studies by University of Washington

The B.A program in Classical Studies by the University of Washington is for students who love mythologies, classical literature, philosophy, archaeology, history, and art. The Classical Studies program gives an option to its students to focus on either Greek or Latin along with other additional side subjects.

In this program, you will explore classical texts, ancient art and history, the history of ancient philosophy, and the history of ancient science.

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8. Bachelor in Fine Arts by California College of the Arts

For lovers of art, and students who want to become successful artists, California College of the Arts has the best Bachelor of Fine Art program for them. Students can choose from the various area of specialization available under the course such as Ceramics, Community Arts, Glass, Sculpture, Jewellery, and Metal Arts, Textile, Printmedia, and many others.

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9. Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies by Northwest University

A program that allows students to explore various areas of interest, the B. A in Interdisciplinary Studies provide by Northwest University is a unique program to pursue. The main areas of Interdisciplinary Studies include Bible and Theology, Humanities, Written and Verbal Communications, Social Science, Mathematics, and Science. An interdisciplinary course will help students gain knowledge of various fields at a time and open doors to a wide array of opportunities from various sectors of work.

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10. Bachelor of Arts in Music by Berklee College of Music

The last course on our list is provided by the best music college in America, Berklee College of Music. For students who dream to become musicians, the B. A Music program offered at Berklee will be a dream come true experience for them. This program will help students learn from the world-famous professionals who were once students of the college, and now are helping students to fulfill their dreams. Berklee has produced the best musicians in the world and some of them are even Grammy award winners.

Students can choose their area of interest from Composition, Contemporary Writing and Production, Electronic Production and Design, Film Scoring, Jazz Composition, Music Therapy, and much more, and pursue their specialization. Studying at Berklee College of Music can be a life-changing experience.

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We hope this list of 10 best courses will help students choose their desired disciplines after completing their 12th grade, and take away all their worries and confusion.

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