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Best County in Maryland for Schools

Maryland is one of the finest places to send your kid for schooling if you plan to move here. It is a land of significant historic sites, excellent schools, job opportunities, and most importantly, affordable housing and lower crime rates. You might be wondering whether Maryland would be a suitable place for education; it is pertinent to note that In 2020 and 20201, Maryland was ranked the fourth-best public school system in America by Education Week. So it is a great choice to move here to Maryland.

But you might be wondering; how to find out the top county which provides the best education out of all the 23 counties in Maryland. Well, don’t worry, that’s where my job comes into play. In this article, I have added the top 10 counties in Maryland that have excelled in education. So what are we waiting for? Let us find the best county in this baseball power state.

1. Howard County Public Schools

With nearly three lakh people, Howard County is the number one county that provides first-class educational infrastructure for its students. One of the prime reasons this country is top rated is because the local government spends massive funding on educational activities.

It is also a very safe place to stay as the crime rates are entirely in control; in fact, The police are highly active and alert all the time. Moreover, the community is very diverse, making it the right place for your kid to learn about different cultures, races, and traditions.

Founded In: 1723
Rank: #1 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: 410-313-6682
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2. Montgomery County Public Schools

Montgomery County is very popular for its historical sites, and more importantly, it is the birthplace of our national anthem. They have the best schooling infrastructure. Whether you are looking for public or charter, or private schools, they have the best schools in the State.

Moreover, not only education, but the county is beautiful scenery, friendly people, very diverse and excellent teaching, recreation, and job opportunities. The government constantly works on regulating school affairs by keeping everything in check.

Founded In: 1776
Rank: #2 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: 240-777-0311
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3. Worcester County Public Schools

If you are looking for a county with exceptional public schools, I would highly recommend Worcester County. It is moreover a significantly less populated area with around fifty thousand people. It ranks number one as the Best County for Retirees.

The county is home to Ocean City, Stephen Decatur, Showell, Buckingham, and many more top-rated public schools that provide outstanding educational facilities for students. The school focuses on sports, especially baseball, which is considered a favorite sport in this country.

Founded In: 1731
Rank: #3 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: (410) 632-1194
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4. Calvert County Public Schools

If you are looking for a country with significantly lower crime rates, I would highly recommend Calvert County. It is one of the safest counties in Maryland. The county Is home to excellent public schools that have excelled and sent many students to top-rated ivy league schools in the nation.

It is a home for public schools, which are the best in the state. Huntington High School and Northern High Schools rank top in the nation ranking and offer excellent educational infrastructure. The only disadvantage is real estate, and housing can be a bit expensive than the other counties.

Founded In: 1654
Rank: #4 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: 410-535-1600
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5. Carroll County Public Schools

Nicknamed Farmers County, Carroll County is a first-class place to have tremendous schooling opportunities. The county is known for its first-class STEM coaching and AP courses provided to get into top-rated colleges. The only problem with this county is its diversity issues.

The town is filled with local businesses, and if you are looking for a county with great neighborhoods and beautiful people, then Carroll County is a fantastic option. The schools focus on upbringing students with formal qualities and focus on building character.

Founded In: 1837
Rank: #5 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: 800-735-2258
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6. Frederick County Public Schools

Out of all the mentioned Counties, no places have exceptional teachers who have advanced experience in teaching except for Frederick County. It is a phenomenal place with excellent education opportunities for students. It is also considered to be a more relaxed place than Howard and other Counties.

Moreover, the County is a perfect mix of hip, urban, trendiness with relaxed country living. The place has a significantly low crime rate and the only concern is the cost of living and the median house values. Nevertheless, it is a home for fantastic job opportunities.

Founded In: 1889
Rank: #6 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: 301-644-5169
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7. Harford County Public Schools

If you are looking for a county where your kid will grow up in a close-knit community where people are so kind, then Harford County is the right choice for you. The people and the neighborhood are ultimately lovely and the cost of living is comparatively low.

The public schools in this district get outstanding funding from the local government. Moreover, this county is home to top-rated public schools like C Milton, Patterson, and Bel Air High School. Considering Harford County can be a fantastic choice.

Founded In:  1773
Rank: #7 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: 410-836-4700
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8. Washington County School District

With around one and a half lakh residents in Washington County, it is a moderately populated County with excellent public schools. The only disadvantage is the housing. It is significantly higher compared to other schools. Moreover, the residents tend to be conservative, which is excellent if you are too.

It is also pertinent to know that crime in Hagerstown isn’t as bad as in neighboring cities such as Baltimore or DC. So this can be an apt choice if you are looking for a drug-free, less violent, and excellent school. The school is a home for North Hagerstown High School, which has a fantastic reputation.

Founded In: 1781
Rank: #8 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: 503-846-8611
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9. Baltimore County Public Schools

Baltimore County is one of the most popular counties in Maryland, with more than nine lakh people. The county is a home for not only first-class schools but also top-rated universities. The county ranks number one in the chart Best Counties for Outdoor Activities in Maryland.

The county has a really good varsity ratio which will help your kid grow in a very traditional and a land values based county. It is a home for Eastern Technical High School which has a fantastic reputation for sending kids to first-class ivy leagues in the Country.

Founded In: 1847
Rank: #9 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: (443)809-4554
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10. Queen Anne’s County Public Schools

If you are looking for a less populated country where you can build relationships with families like a close-knit community, I would highly recommend Queen Anne’s County. The only disadvantage is the lack of diversity in this county, but most public schools have a good balance.

Moreover, it is a beautiful place to move in. Queen Anne’s County is a very scenic county that is close to the Chesapeake Bay. Moreover, it is a very safe country with very little violence. The only crime that takes place is mainly domestic violence, drunk driving, and underage drinking.

Founded In:  1966
Rank: #10 of Best Counties in Maryland for Schooling
Contact: 410.758. 2403.
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