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Best Cookbooks for College Students

Everyone loves food and some indulge in it so much that they enjoy cooking for themselves and for others too. But you can’t figure out which cookbook is the best out there?

Well, worry no more because we have just the list for you. And even if your friend is not so much into cooking but is just bad at it, gifting them a cookbook then would not be a bad idea either. The books on this list were comprised on the basis of the recipes the book offers, its authors, popularity, and overall level of satisfaction from the product.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.

1. Katie Lee’s Simple Recipes for Everyday

Katie Lee, author, influencer, and food network star offers 100 of her favorite recipes that are easy, yet exciting—and always delicious.

Written for the veteran chef and kitchen novice alike, Lee’s recipes have few ingredients and simple steps that are meant to ease up your life. Perfect for weeknights, but special enough for having people over, this book offers almost everything.

After years of throwing lavish dinner parties and hosting numerous food shows across the globe, Katie Lee has decided to offer her culinary expertise by mentioning recipes like a simple Sunday pasta, thick-cut rib eyes, ideas for cooking vegetables, a perfect brownie, and more. In short, her new principle behind this book is: Things don’t need to be complicated to be good.

Katie Lee's Simple Recipes for Everyday

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2. Jeff Mauro’s 111 Fantastic Recipes for the Family

The book overflows with Jeff’s big personality, celebration-ready food for friends and family, and gorgeous food and lifestyle along with color photographs.

The host of the Emmy-nominated The Kitchen on Food Network, Jeff invites everyone to share in the fun, providing delicious recipes for all occasions, from game day to birthdays to brunch, along with fun stories from his life. Whatever the get-together, Jeff has the perfect food to make it memorable—and make everyone feel like family—with recipes such as:

  • Sausage, Egg, and Cheese “MoMuffins”
  • Fried Pork Chops
  • BLT Sliders with Candied Bacon
  • Pancetta and Parm Popcorn
  • Crispy Plantain Chips
  • Takeout-Style Chinese Spare Ribs
  • Smoked Cheez-Its
  • Smoked Honey-Glazed Cedar Plank Salmon
  • Sarah’s Famous Sea Salt Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

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3. The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe

The debut cookbook from the New York Times website features 100 vividly photographed no-recipe recipes to make weeknight cooking more inspired and delicious with a convenient Flexi-bound format.

The founding editor of New York Times Cooking makes improvisational cooking easier than you think. This handy book of ideas delivers more than one hundred no-recipe recipes—each gloriously photographed—to make with the ingredients you have. You’ll also see how to make these meals as big or as small as you like and what substituting ingredients can be used as you go.

Some of the few recipes this book offers are-:

  • Fried Egg Quesadillas
  • Pizza without a Crust
  • Weeknight Fried Rice
  • Pasta with Garbanzos
  • Roasted Shrimp Tacos
  • Chicken with Caramelized Onions and Croutons
  • Oven S’Mores.

The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe

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4. America’s Test Kitchen: The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook

The easiest way to be healthier is to eat more vegetables and grains, but that can be intimidating with recipes that are often too complicated for everyday meals.

The test kitchen has devoted its considerable resources to creating a vegetarian cookbook. The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook features a wide-ranging collection of boldly flavorful vegetarian recipes covering hearty vegetable mains, rice and grains, beans and soy as well as soups, appetizers, snacks, and salads.

With more than 300 recipes are quite quick to make, 500 are gluten-free and 250 are vegan, and are all highlighted with icons on the pages.

The book contains stunning color photography throughout that shows the appeal of these veggie-packed dishes. In addition, almost 500 color photos illustrate vegetable prep and tricky techniques as well as key steps within recipes.

Some things that this book features compared to the others are-:

  • All Vegetarian Recipes
  • 300 Quick Dishes
  • 500 Gluten-Free Dishes
  • 250 Vegan Options
  • 500 Illustrated Visual Aids

America's Test Kitchen The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook

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5. Gina Homolka’s SkinnyTaste Meal Prep

The New York Times bestselling author Gina Homolka’s simple, smart solutions for healthy freezer meals, ready-to-serve dishes, grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches, ingenious “planned-overs,” and more are all included in the SkinnyTaste Meal Prep Cookbook.

Whether to lose weight or just eat a healthier, meal prepping and cooking in advance helps you stay on track, saves time, and is great for the budget.

Skinnytaste Meal Prep gives more than 120 healthy recipes that turn simple food into flavor-packed meals and snacks.

Gina utilizes numerous time-saving strategies, including recipes to prep ahead so they can go straight from the freezer to the cooker. With these techniques, you’ll have meals on-hand months in advance, ready whenever the need arises, with no further shopping or cooking required.

Some of the famous recipes Gina has included in this book are-:

  • Lemon Blueberry Sheet Pan Pancakes
  • DIY Chicken Taco Kit
  • Healthy bites like Pumpkin Hummus and “Everything” Nuts
  • Roasted Vegetable Lasagna
  • Moussaka Makeover
  • Greek Chicken Pilaf Bowls

Gina Homolka's SkinnyTaste Meal Prep

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6. Gordon Ramsay’s Quick & Delicious

Create chef-quality food in the kitchen with Gordon Ramsay’s Quick and Delicious Cookbook. The book offers recipes and straightforward tips you would need to make good food fast.

Gordon has learned every trick in the trade to create dishes that taste fantastic. And armed with that knowledge, he has written an inspired collection of recipes for those who don’t want to compromise on taste.

The result is 100 tried and tested recipes that take 30 minutes or less and use readily available ingredients that are transformed into something special with Gordon’s no-nonsense approach to delicious food.

And when compared to the other books on this list, no other cookbook offers such delicious taste in under 30 minutes that Gordon Ramsay’s Quick and Delicious Cookbook offer.

Gordon Ramsay's Quick & Delicious

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7. Joanna Gaines Magnolia Table

The once New York Times Bestseller, Magnolia Table is infused with Joanna Gaines’ warmth and passion and served straight from the heart of her kitchen. With recipes inspired by dozens of Gaines family favorites, this book is filled with personal stories and beautiful photos to share with others.

Magnolia Table includes 125 classic recipes—from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to small plates, snacks, and desserts—presenting a modern selection of American classics and personal family favorites. These dishes also have homegrown, seasonal items at the peak of their flavor.

Inside Magnolia Table, you’ll find recipes such as:

  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Asparagus and Fontina Quiche
  • Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Bacon, Toasted Pecans, and Balsamic Reduction
  • Peach Caprese
  • Overnight French Toast
  • White Cheddar Bisque
  • Fried Chicken with Sticky Poppy Seed Jam
  • Lemon Pie

Joanna Gaines Magnolia Table

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8. America’s Test Kitchen – Cooking for Two

Another New York Times Bestseller with more than 400,000 copies sold worldwide, the perfect for-two cookbook is ideal for newlyweds, college graduates, and empty nesters.

Learn the ins and outs of successful small-scale cooking from the experts at America’s Test Kitchen. This groundbreaking resource is re-engineered recipes to serve just two, putting down 650 of the best recipes including the trickiest dishes, from soups and stews to stir-fries and meatloaf, even cakes and pies.

The extensive introduction includes clever shopping strategies to reduce waste, smart storage tricks that help extend the freshness of key ingredients, and our picks for the most useful kitchen equipment for any two-person household.

America's Test Kitchen – Cooking for Two

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