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Best Computer Courses for Accounting Students

It is a believed fact that accountancy students need not have much knowledge of computers. But in this digital world, computer knowledge has become quintessential for accountants. To complete the transactions, ledger, income statement, and balance sheet, it has become a vital skill to acquire for accounting students. In this article, I have curated the top 10 articles which teach the necessary skills for accounting students.

Be it Computer Basics, Ms. Office, Programming, Accountancy, Desktop Publishing, or Web Designing, they are indispensable expertise to have. The qualification of a computer accountant varies as per the nature of the accounting job.  An accountant is in charge of keeping the record of a company’s profit and loss data in a comprehensive way. The financial records should be maintained so real-timeskillsetThe spreadsheet that spreadsheet helps the organization make improved decisions. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the computer courses we needed to become a kickass accountant!

1. Certificate in Computerized Accounting by Johnston Community College

The Accounting and Finance Computerized Accounting Certificate is one of the finest programs for accountants of this generation. Starting from accountant software applications to accounting spreadsheets, this course covers all the important topics for a student.

This program is offered by Johnston Community College which consists of more lab hours than the class hours for giving a hands-on approach. It comes with a basic introduction on general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, payroll, and correcting, adjusting, and closing entries. This course comes with a total of 16 credit hours and it is highly recommended.

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2. Accounting & Taxation Course & Workshop by Vobium

The Accounting & Taxation Course & Workshop is offered by Zala Accounting and Taxation. The course covers all the contemporary skills like Tally ERP 9, sales tax, Income Tax, and Bank Reconciliation.

Zala accounting and taxation is one of the finest institutions to get an idea on this taxation. Zala is a top-class tax consultant from the south of the Indian region. The topics also cover how to calculate agriculture income, service tax, and VAT / CST / PT e-Returns & Tax. This course is highly recommended.

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3. Advanced Certificate in Taxation by NYU

The Advanced Certificate in Taxation is offered by one of the finest universities, New York University School of Law.  This advanced certificate program is a 12 credit specialized study program that is primarily focused on corporate tax, estate planning, and most important international tax.

One of the difficult areas of taxation is partnership taxation and this curriculum covers all the nuances of this subject. But most importantly to take this course, there is a need for a JD or LLB degree from a law school. This is more of an advanced course yet it is necessary for accounting beginners.

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4.  Tally ERP 9 Expert Course by NIIT

Tally is one of the top courses for every accountant.  The total duration of these is 36hours. The advantage of taking this course is it also gives a great idea on learning MS office as well as a tally. The course is offered by an industry veteran faculty.

The course comes with modifying a worksheet, performing calculations, and printing workbook contents. There are nearly 12700 plus learners for this comprehensive course. Tally is considered to be one of the quintessential software for accountants. The course comes with real-time practice on data sets for better learning and increased retention

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5. Spreadsheet Software Skillset by Lorman

The spreadsheet is not only about collecting data, it is more than that. There are formulas to calculate the monthly payment on a loan if you know the principal, interest rate, and loan term. The spreadsheet is one of the main software used by accountants. Lotus 1, 2, 3, or Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet software.

The course is offered by Lorman Education Services. Starting from Financial Analysis, Data Management to Modelling everything is covered in this topic. This course is highly endorsed by financial experts.

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6. Word Processing by

Creating documents via Microsoft Word is pretty simple. But knowing the tricks and methods can boost your productivity to be a kickass accountant. The course on Word processing is offered by, a renowned educational platform. This course will not only stick to word processing on Microsoft Word but also google docs.

Most of the accountants prefer google docs for its compatibility. Through this course, you will also learn how to create business documents. Most accounting jobs also require the preparation of letters and memos to vendors, customers, managers, or co-workers. So this course covers it all.

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7. Accounting Software Applications Certificate by Wake Tech

Even though you have great qualifications to be an accountant, without knowing the nuances of the accounting software it is difficult to pour out your skills. Accounting software gets upgraded each year and it is necessary to be in check with all the software updates.

This Accounting Software Applications Certificate is a comprehensive course offered by WakeTech, a renowned educational platform exclusively offering this course online. This certificate program will assist in preparing accounting students to take the MOS Excel certification test to increase the marketability of accounting students upon entering the workforce

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8. Payroll Software by Udemy

This Payroll Accounting course is a comprehensive program offered by Udemy. The course not only sticks to payroll software, this 6 hours program will teach you all the necessary skills for an accountant.

The course covers Bookkeeping, Microsoft Excel, Excel, TALLY ERP9, Payroll Process, TallyPrime, Payroll Account, Salary, wages, and HR. After completing this course, you will know how to get The Pay Slip, Pay Sheet, And Payroll Statement On Tally ERP9 & Tally Prime. This is a wonderful course for learning about payroll and how that is to be maintained on Tally ERP.

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9. Computer Courses by QuickBooks Training

How can I miss out on QuickBooks when I talk about accounting software? QuickBooks will make your job pretty easy. But it is a bit complicated to learn all the nuances of the software. The advantage of picking a course on QuickBooks outweighs all the cons.

The following course is offered by Intuit, the founder of QuickBooks itself. You will get all the training resources and certification exams right from the proAdvisor tab of the QuickBooks Online Accountant program. They have an online web as well as the system software for their services. The classes are exclusively live training taught by Advanced Certified ProAdvisors.

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10. Freshbooks Accounting Software by Udemy

Freshbooks is one of the most recommended cloud software used by accountants of big companies. This course is offered on Udemy by Lisa Newton, a renowned accountant and a famous instructor on Udemy. The course content is divided into 11 sections with 20 lectures.

The course is a 1.5 hours on-demand course a  real-time skill set course. The spreadsheet program gives you a live assignment to get a full picture of using this software. From posting customer invoices and credit notes to entering expenses, petty cash, preparing estimates, using time tracking, doing a VAT return to run reports, this course covers every single subject matter of this software.

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