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Best Competitive Programming Courses

An integral part of Computer Science, Programming refers to the code languages that are used extensively by Software Engineers, Web Developers, web designers, System Developers, and many other professionals to build websites, web applications, software tools, and much more. A person who knows the art of programming that is, skills in coding, has technology within the grip of their hands. Since the technological world is wholly dependent on Computer Science, and coding is its backbone, gaining skills in programming can bring life-changing opportunities for anyone.

Leading companies around the world are known to organize Competitive Programming contests that are followed by great opportunities to work with them. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many more, organize these contents to provide many great opportunities to skilled students and professionals.

If it is your dream to take part in these Competitive Programming contests and want to develop programming skills, then here are the best online courses that will make you a master of programming and help you perform well in the contests.

1. Competitive Programmer’s Core Skills by Coursera

A course by Saint Petersburg State University in Coursera is all you need to get ready for the competitive world of Programming. An intermediate-level course that will help students gain useful skills in programming and make them ready for the professional world.

In this course, students will be learning to create powerful programs, develop algorithmic ideas, get familiar with programming codes, and much more. Since programming competitions have many pitfalls, the instructor will make you aware of them and prepare you for the best. You can use any of these programming languages including C++, C#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Python 2, Python 3, Ruby, Rust, and Scala, in the competitions, and create the best programs using them with the help of this course. Since this course is not for complete beginners, you need to have some prior knowledge of any of these programming languages.

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2. Competitive Programming in C++: the Keys to Success by Educative

The key to your success lies within the Competitive Programming C++ course, which can serve as a great source to develop excellent programming skills in C++. If you are hoping to participate in renowned programming contests organized by Google CodeJam, HackerCup, ACM, and ICPC, then this program will guide you in the best way.

This step-by-step will introduce you to theories, code samples, tips and tricks, and sample problems that will enhance your programming skills and make you confident. However, if you want this course to lead you towards success, then you must have knowledge of C++ as a programming language. This course will use your existing skills and turn them into the qualities of an advanced programmer who is ready to compete and perhaps win.

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3. Competitive Programming Course by Great Learning

Great Learning is a great choice to proceed with learning Competitive Programming and that too for free! A course especially for beginners, will develop programming skills among students and make them all set to compete.

The program will mainly focus on some of the common coding problems, help deal with critical coding, and implement algorithmic solutions to them. Students who have prior knowledge of Java programming will learn a lot of important things in this short duration of 2 hours. The major skills you will be acquiring from this course include approaching a problem and solving it, understanding Time and Space Complexities. Earn a valuable certificate from Great Learning after the successful completion of this course, and add it to your Resumed, CVs, or LinkedIn profiles to create a good reputation.

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4. The Bible of Coding Interviews & Competitive Programming by Udemy

A course by Udemy especially designed for students who are hoping to perform well in competitive Programming contests, this course can turn you into a Programming Wizard who is fluent in programming languages and confident. A course that is going to be your “Bible” that is, your one-stop for all coding problem solutions and prep up for challenging content.

This course will be covering the fundamentals of programming, algorithms, data structures, and other complex areas. By the end of this course, you will be able to solve programming problems and get ready to showcase your skills in the contests held by leading companies of the world including Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

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5. How to Win Coding Competitions: Secrets of Champions by EdX

Now if you are after knowing the secrets of winning these Competitive Programming contests, the ITMO University brings a free course on edX to help you out! This course will students take their programming skills to the next level by emphasizing algorithms, linear data structures, graph theory, and lastly problem-solving.

Led by three experienced Professors of ITMO University, this course is all you need to develop skills, confidence, and the necessary knowledge to compete in the contests. This course is ideal for beginners who have basic knowledge of any common programming language such as C++, Java, and Python.

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6. Learning to Program – Being a Better Programmer by Pluralsight

If you are an absolute beginner and want to advance your programming skills before taking part in Competitive Programming contests, then this course by Pluralsight is just for you. Full of strategies and expert advice, this course is designed to prepare you not only for the competitive nature of contests but also for the professional world.

Beginning with an introduction to programming, this course will cover skills, tips, and tricks, various tools, and techniques that can make you ready to become a programming expert in just a short duration of 1 hour and 35 mins. You can opt for the 10-days free trial to make the most out of programming courses offered by Pluralsight.

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7. Competitive Programming – Live by Geek for Geeks

Have you ever heard about live courses? If you haven’t, then here’s one for you! Geek for Geeks, a popular learning platform will prepare you in the best way for ICPC or Google Kickstart and other competitive programming contests through its live course.

If you are looking for a reliable source of learning for preparing and developing skills, to be able to compete, then this course is your ultimate guide. You will come across many tips and tricks, important concepts, problem-solving and coding skills, and learn how to implement algorithms. This course also includes weekly assessments, placement opportunities, and offers a valuable certificate on the competition. You will become a master of programming in just 4 weeks with the help of this course.

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8. Advance Your Skills in Python by LinkedIn Learning

For students and professionals who want to learn Python as a programming language to compete in Competitive Programming contests, LinkedIn Learning offers the best course, where you can advance your skills. If you are aware of what Python is and how it works, this basic knowledge will help you a lot in this course as you will be introduced to advanced-level programming with Python.

Be it for the competitive contest or your professional career, you can gain comprehensive knowledge in Python through the expert-led courses of LinkedIn Learning. Upon completing this course and earning the certificate, you will be adding a lot of value to your professional career and your life as a programmer. With the best guidance of LinkedIn Learning, you will be ready to succeed in your career and any competitive contests.

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9. JavaScript Essentials: From Nothing to Ninja by Skillshare

A course by Skillshare that you can begin for free, will transform the skills of learners from “nothing to Ninja”, and make them the master of Java Script. Comprising of a total of 49 lessons, with a total duration of 7 hours and 4 mins, this course will begin with a brief introduction to JavaScript, and then will let you explore its important areas.

The best part of the course is it will provide a hands-on experience to students since it includes mini-projects amidst the lessons that the students will be required to work on. You will be able to create your own JavaScript modal and tools. This course will not only make you ready for Competitive Programming contests but also will be able to work as a Front-end Developer.

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10. С/C++ for Competitive Programming by Coursera

The last course on our list by Coursera is presented by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and is especially for students who want to learn C and C++ as their programming language. C and C++ are undoubtedly one of the most common and widely used programming languages and are much easier to learn as compared to other programming languages. The course instructor will prepare you for the Competitive Programming contests by introducing the basic concepts, variables, data types, conditionals, loops, functions, and others of the C and C++ language and make you an expert in it.

This course can be a great start for beginners who are familiar with computer programming and want to adapt C and C++ as their programming language.

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These top-10 programming courses on our list will guide you in the best way and make you succeed in any Competitive Programming contest.

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