Best Colleges for Sound Design 2018-19

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Best Colleges for Sound Design 2018-19

Searching the best college for the career in sound design? Sound design isn’t just for special effects in the movies instead of that, it’s perfect for giving the music a unique twist which can even turn one’s mood. If you wondering the best college of your choice in your interested field, then check out the list of the “Best Colleges for Sound Design 2018-19”.

Here, the list having various institutes which provide excellent studies in the field of sound design, and a brief explanation of the colleges which can help you to find the best option according to your need. Good Luck!!

University of California Irvine

The University of California, Irvine is a public research university located in Irvine, California. There is a belief that true progress is made when different perspectives come together to advance our understanding of the world around us. The program centers on finding the critical balance of theatrical process, audio engineering, music, and professional practice that is unique to each student. The University of California Irvine sound graduate student will design four to six fully-supported productions during their tenure and may also engage in a number of smaller workshops, experimental productions, and designs for other areas. In this university, every sound design a Drama Department production is critiqued by the faculty and students.

Founded In: 1965
Ranking: 1st
Tuition Approximately: $13,010 in-state, $28,112 out-of-state
Contact Information: 949-824-6614
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Michigan Tech

The Michigan Technological University is a public research university that is in Houghton, Michigan, United States. Which has its main campus sits on 925 acres on a bluff overlooking Portage Lake. At Michigan Technological University, The sound and theatre departments do a lot to help students grow and form connections in the professional world. It prepares students to enter the world of sound as content creators in any context. The production facilities of the university include several surround-sound mixing rooms for cinema, theater, and gaming production. Compose and conduct original music, including a full scoring session for cinema with a live orchestra.

Founded In: 1885
Ranking: 2nd
Tuition Approximately:  $14,286 in-state, $30,250 out-of-state
Contact Information: 906-487-2067
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Best Colleges for Sound Design 2018-19

Savannah College of Art and Design

The Savannah College of Art and Design is a private, nonprofit, accredited university. The students of Savannah College of Art and Design will enjoy opportunities to vie for the highest honors in the industry at the most exclusive events.  The minor prepares students for the dynamic music production environment, from songwriting through the final mix. The faculties of the university are award-winning artists and sought-after designers at the peak of their field, but their greatest achievement is the success of the universities students, both within the classroom and beyond.

Founded In: 1978
Ranking: 3rd
Tuition Approximately: $34,970(Undergraduate), $35,825(Graduate)
Contact Information: 800.869.7223
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City College of San Francisco

The City College of San Francisco is a public two-year community college that is in San Francisco, California. Students of City College are prepared for entry­-level positions at recording studios, sound reinforcement companies, mobile on­site music recording companies, radio production facilities, and audio post­-production facilities including sound for video games. The certificate of sound design provides students with a foundation in the application of live sound in various acoustic spaces.

Founded In: 1935
Ranking: 4th
Tuition Approximately: $1,598 in-state, $7,554 out-of-state
Contact Information:  (415) 239-3525
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Scottsdale Community College

The Scottsdale Community College is situated on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Scottsdale, a rural area of Phoenix, Arizona. At Scottsdale Community college, the Sound Design Technology program provides a way for students to build their knowledge base, develop their technical skills, and gain real-world experience. The Department of Music in Scottsdale Community College offers comprehensive educational and support classes that enable students to achieve their academic and personal potential.

Founded In: 1969
Tuition Approximately:  $2,046 in-state, $7,830 out-of-state
Contact Information: (480) 423-6333
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Yale School of Drama

The Yale School of Drama is a graduate professional school of Yale University located in New Haven, Connecticut.  At the Yale School, the Sound design applicants should have a love of the spoken word, an appreciation of all music and sound, and be on their way to developing advanced critical listening skills.  A sound designer must have a natural sensitivity to the entire aural environment. Here, the campus visit affords students the opportunity to get to know the school and learn more about the programs of study and life at Yale School of Drama.

Founded In: 1924
Ranking: 6th
Tuition Approximately:  $38,700
Contact Information: 203.432.1507
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Best Colleges for Sound Design 2018-19

University of North Carolina School of the Arts

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is a public coeducational arts conservatory in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that grants high school, undergraduate and graduate degrees. Here, The Sound Design program focuses heavily on practical-based and production-oriented instruction, while at the same time building your knowledge of basic theatrical elements. The study of sound and construction is offered in the four-year undergraduate Sound Design program at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Founded In: 1963
Ranking: 7th
Tuition Approximately: $8,983 in-state, $24,403 out-of-state (Undergraduate), $10,559 in-state, $23,666 out-of-state(Graduate).
Contact Information: (336) 770-3255
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Boston University

The Boston University is a private, non-profit, research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Sound Design program at Boston University aims to develop a complete theatre artist by fostering a passion for theatre, storytelling, design, and collaborative process. Through the required coursework and production assignments, Technical Production students will be able at least to demonstrate an advanced understanding of Technical Production and how it relates to the theatre-making process also Collaborate and participate effectively by working in teams, in both leading and supporting roles.

Founded In: 1839
Ranking: 8th
Tuition Approximately: $48,436
Contact Information: NA
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Best Colleges for Sound Design 2018-19

University of California San Diego

The University of California, San Diego is a public research university based in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego, California, in the United States. Here, the preferred candidate should have expertise in any of the areas like music composition, audio engineering, cultural origins of sound, interactive performance technologies for sound design, contemporary practices in dance sonification which is a required qualification for the sound design at San Diego.

Founded In: 1960
Ranking: 9th
Tuition Approximately: $13,021 in-state, $28,123 out-of-state
Contact Information: (858) 534-3791
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Berklee College of Music

The Berklee College of Music is the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world also known for the study of jazz and modern American music. Berklee music production and engineering students develop an expert ear for quality and learn how to help musicians achieve their full potential. This college also offers an online Bachelor of Professional Studies in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design along with a variety of specialist, professional and master certification courses. The mission of the sound Production Department at Berklee College of Music is to educate and train students in the art and craft of music production and engineering.

Founded In: 1945
Ranking: 10th
Tuition Approximately: $20,958.
Contact Information: 617-266-1400
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