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Best Colleges for Genetic Engineering

“Genetic Engineering is that field which is related to genes & DNA.”  Today, it is one of the top career choices made by students in engineering courses. Also, refer as genetic modification, the genetic engineering program offers the set of technologies that directly manipulate on an organism’s genes.

If you want to start your career as a Genetic Engineer and have a dream to get a degree in genetic engineering, then see our list of the Best Colleges for Genetic Engineering that will help you to catch your goal.

Explore these given top-ranked colleges and universities in the U.S. and get the best Genetic Engineering college and program that’s right for you. Best of Luck!!!

University of California – Los Angeles Department of Bioengineering

The University of California, Los Angeles is a public research university in the Westwood district of Los Angeles, United States. The university is made up of five undergraduate colleges, seven professional schools, and five professional health sciences schools. Department of Bioengineering offers outstanding and comprehensive graduate and undergraduate programs. Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and Law” offers immersion into the very real world of designing organisms by manipulating genes. The mission of this department is to perform cutting-edge research that benefits society and to train future leaders in the wide range of possible bioengineering careers.

Founded In: 1919
Ranking: 1st
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 12,763 USD, Out-of-state 37,471 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 310-825-4321

Purdue University Biological Engineering

Purdue University is a world-renowned, public research university that advances discoveries in science, technology, engineering, and math. The main campus of Purdue University offers more than 200 majors for undergraduates, over 69 masters and doctoral programs, and professional degrees in pharmacy and veterinary medicine. In addition to the undergraduate program in biomedical engineering, students can pursue a master’s or doctorate degree in biomedical engineering, as well as a joint integrated M.D./Ph.D. program. Laboratory techniques explore genetic engineering from the “inside.” Genetics is crucial to all of biology, hence a genetics major has great flexibility.

Founded In: 1869
Ranking: 2nd
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 10,002 USD, Out-of-state 28,804 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 765-494-4600

Best Colleges for Genetic Engineering

Arizona State University Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology)

Arizona State University is a public metropolitan research university. It provides the BS degree program in biological sciences with a concentration in genetics, cell and developmental biology integrate the study of three exciting, closely related areas of life science research.  Genetics examines the blueprints of life, such as DNA sequence and gene expression, while cell biology studies the machinery of life enclosed within the boundaries of cells. Developmental biology uses both genetics and cell biology to understand how genes and the environment interact to produce a whole new individual.

Founded In: 1885
Ranking: 3rd
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state: $10,792 Out-of-state: $27,372
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (855) 278-5080

Ohio State University Department of Molecular Genetics

The Ohio State University is a large, primarily residential public university. It has a department of Molecular Genetics that offers a degree in Molecular Genetics is an excellent preparation for many careers in the life sciences and beyond. Our courses and research opportunities cover a broad range of topics from molecules to populations. The common focus is on the role of genes and the use of molecular and genetic techniques in each of these areas.

Founded In: 1870
Ranking: 4th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 10,037 USD, Out-of-state 27,365 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 614-292-6446

Best Colleges for Genetic Engineering

Pennsylvania State University Department of Biology

The Pennsylvania State University is a state-related, land-grant, doctoral university with campuses and facilities throughout Pennsylvania. Department of Biology provides various courses or programs in genetic engineering. Their molecular basis of self-incompatibility in plants, genetic engineering of plant development, software for sequence analysis, sensory transduction and transcriptional regulation in bacteria, biochemistry of transcription initiation, etc. The mission of Penn State’s Center for Gene Regulation is to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary research into the fundamental processes of gene regulation and their impact on cellular and developmental biology.

Founded In: 1855
Ranking: 5th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 17,514 USD, Out-of-state 31,346 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 814-865-4700

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign is a public research university in the U.S. state of Illinois. It offers a wide variety of courses or some new methods of genetic engineering. A new method of genetic engineering for basic and applied biological research and medicine. Their work, reported in ACS Synthetic Biology, has the potential to open new doors in genomic research by improving the precision and adherence of sliced DNA. Though useful in genetic engineering, no AREs generate defined “sticky ends” an uneven break in the DNA ladder-structure that leaves complementary overhangs.

Founded In: 1867
Ranking:  6th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 15,054 USD, Out-of-state 30,214 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 217-333-1000

The University of Michigan Cell and Tissue Engineering

The University of Michigan is the state’s oldest university. It offers comprehensive graduate and undergraduate program offers doctoral degrees in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields as well as professional degrees in medicine, law, pharmacy, etc. The genetic engineering to direct cell and protein activity, and the development of multi-tissue interfaces. The development of recombinant DNA technology, sometimes referred to as genetic engineering, has radically altered the biomedical sciences. The Program in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology provides students with a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare them for a career in this exciting and expanding area of biology. By using genetically modified mouse models, three-dimensional (3-D) tissue culture, they work to define the molecular mechanism by which 3-D ECM remodeling regulates transcription, differentiation

Founded In: 1817
Ranking: 7th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 13,856 USD, Out-of-state 43,476 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 734-764-1817

University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences 

The University of Minnesota is one of America’s Public Ivy universities. College of Biological Sciences offers a major obstacle to applying genetic engineering for the undergraduate students. The benefit of humans and the environment is the risk that organisms whose genes have been altered might produce offspring with their natural counterparts, releasing the novel genes into the wild.

Founded In: 1851
Ranking: 8th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 13,790 USD, Out-of-state 22,210 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact:  +1 612-625-5000

University of Texas Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

The University of Texas at Austin is a public research university and the flagship institution of the University of Texas System. Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics offers the Mouse Genetic Engineering Facility (MGEF) services to generate, maintain, and archive transgenic mice. The undergraduate curriculum in genetics allows the study of several different aspects of genetics, including population genetics, human genetics, and genetic engineering.

Founded In: 1883
Ranking: 9th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state: $10,136 Out-of-state: $35,766
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 512-471-3434

University of Washington Department of Electrical Engineering

The University of Washington is a public research university. It has the Department of Electrical Engineering is a highly collaborative endeavor. It provides Biotechnology, macromolecular engineering tools, advanced materials, genetic engineering, computer-aided design, laboratory automation, DNA/RNA sequence assembly, information theory and machine learning for genomics applications.

Founded In: 1861
Ranking: 10th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 11,839 USD, Out-of-state 34,143 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 206-543-2100

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