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Best Colleges for French Major 2018-2019

Interested in earning a French language degree? France is the second truly global language after English. A sound knowledge of the French language and of French culture is therefore of great advantage to students who intend to major in many areas.

If you’re looking for a college offering French major programs in the USA but don’t have an idea which one the right for you, don’t lose hope. Here we have created a list of the Best Colleges for French Major to get the most out of your experience at one.

Students who major in French find careers in many fields, including law, medicine, teaching, and international business and finance. Find the best university and college for French programs in the USA here!

Yale University

Yale’s Department of French offers the Ph.D. in French literature, criticism, theory, and culture from the early Middle Ages to the present as well as in the French-language literature of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Maghreb. The major in French is liberal arts major, designed for those who wish to study one of the world’s greatest and richest literature in depth. The department offers courses devoted to authors, works, and literary and cultural movements that span ten centuries and four continents. Yale French Studies is the oldest English-language journal in the United States devoted to French and Francophone literature and culture. Majors are encouraged to explore all periods and genres of literature in French, as well as a wide variety of critical approaches.

Founded In: 1701
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 203-432-4900

Princeton University

The department of French and Italian (FIT) offers undergraduate students exceptional opportunities to study and experience some of the rich literature and culture of the French and Italian-speaking worlds. The aim of the Ph.D. program in French is to train scholars and university teachers of the French language, literature, and culture in a thriving and diverse intellectual environment. The academic structure of the program enables students to acquire a broad understanding of the whole field of French and Francophone studies as well as a secure grasp of their own field of concentration and prepares them to develop independently as scholars and teachers. Doctoral students will gain a solid knowledge of the foundations and evolutions of French and Francophone literature through diverse theoretical approaches and interdisciplinary areas.

Founded In: 1746
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 609-258-4500

Stanford University

The French section provides students with the opportunity to pursue coursework at all levels in French language, literature, cultural and intellectual history, theory, film, and Francophone studies. Courses offered by the Department of French and Italian are listed on the Stanford Bulletin’s ExploreCourses web site under the subject codes FRENCH (French General and Literature) and ITALIAN (Italian General and Literature).  For courses in French or Italian language instruction with the subject code FRENLANG or ITALLANG, see the “Language Center” section of this bulletin. Three-degree programs are available in French: a B.A., a terminal M.A., and a Ph.D. A Ph.D. in French and Italian is also available.

Founded In: 1885
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (650) 723-4183

Columbia University in the City of New York

Located in New York City, the Department has been a thriving point of contact for scholars from around the world since its founding in 1890. The Department is a leader in the interdisciplinary study of France and the French-speaking world. Its programs offer rigorous training in the literature, culture, and history of the French-speaking world. The undergraduate major and concentration in French Language and Literature are intended to give students an in-depth familiarity with the language, culture, and literature of France and the French-speaking world. MA in French free-standing program, administered in New York City, terminates at the Master’s degree.

Founded In: 1890
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 212.854.2500

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth is nationally recognized as an outstanding college at which to study language and literature. The Department of French and Italian has traditionally taken a lead in efforts to initiate students to other cultures. They are one of the largest foreign literature departments relative to the undergraduate population in the United States. The French and Italian Department offers excellent opportunities for study abroad. Currently, eight term-long programs take place annually. Foreign Study Program (FSP) is their most advanced program and offers students the opportunity to further enhance their language skills and cultural understanding while living with host families and taking courses in language, literature and French civilization.

Founded In: 1769
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (603) 646-1110

Vanderbilt University

Founded in 1873, Vanderbilt University as a private research university has a Department of French & Italian.  Vanderbilt enrolls approximately 12,600 students from all 50 U.S. states and over 100 foreign countries in four undergraduate and six graduate and professional schools. They offer a lively program of study that reflects the University’s commitment to excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching at all levels. Its diverse faculty includes scholars whose work explores the intersections of race, gender, law, and religion. More than 300 students study French and Italian at Vanderbilt every semester.

Founded In: 1764
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 615-322-7311

Brown University

The Department of French Studies is the center for faculty and students interested in the intellectual, linguistic and cultural contributions of French-speaking regions of the world. At the graduate level, our curriculum covers fields in French and Francophone literature from the Ancien Régime to the present and from a variety of theoretical perspectives. The Department regularly sponsors lectures, mini-seminars, and conferences, including Equinoxes, the annual Graduate Student Conference. It also organizes the annual Providence French Film Festival.  Through all its endeavors, the Department of French Studies provides a venue for exploring the place of linguistic and cultural differences in our increasingly interconnected world.

Founded In: 1873
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 401-863-2567

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate Program in French Studies offers a five-year Ph.D. program. The French language and French civilization have long been one of the dominant influences on world culture and France has played a major role in world history. Students may complement their studies with up to four courses outside the French section by earning a certificate in addition to the Ph.D. Graduate students in French also participate in The Penn Humanities Forum which also provides a venue for doctoral students to interact with colleagues from across the disciplines. The French Italian Graduate Society is a student-run organization that represents graduate students in French and Italian. The French Studies Seminars provide a format in which students and faculty can meet to discuss their academic work and the latest scholarship in the field of French studies.

Founded In: 1740
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (215) 898-7429

Washington University in St Louis

Washington University is made up of seven graduate and undergraduate schools that encompass a broad range of academic fields. They offer highly qualified students the opportunity to earn Doctoral degrees in all areas of French and Francophone literary and cultural studies. Its faculty covers all eras and areas of French and Francophone language, literature, and culture, from the Middle Ages to the present, specializing in literature’s interconnections with philosophy, historiography, politics, the sciences, and the arts.

Founded In: 1853
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (314) 935-5175

Pomona College

The French Section at Pomona College offers a wide array of courses taught by experienced and distinguished faculty. Students majoring in French become familiar with a range of contemporary approaches to language, literature, and culture including political theory and philosophy, feminism, psychoanalysis and cultural and film studies. Students can further improve their command of French and knowledge of French culture by participating in the programs at the Oldenburg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations, which include daily language tables, study breaks, lectures, a French film series, and other cultural events. Most students spend at least a semester at one of their Study Abroad French-speaking programs in France.

Founded In: 1887
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (909) 621-8616

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