Best Colleges for Forestry Programs 2018-19

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Best Colleges for Forestry Programs 2018-19

Forestry is the science that deals with managing natural resources of lumber, paying special attention to flora, fauna, and soil. It is part of the Natural Resources & Conservation field of study. A forestry degree will enable you to understand more about the theoretical study and practical application of farming.

If you’re thinking of Forestry major to study in the U.S., then we can help you to find the top college for your education. There are several colleges in the nation offer degree programs in forestry science. In our list, we have mentioned the Best Colleges for Forestry 2018-19 that fits your needs.

Start your journey now with this given guide. Read on to learn about these top-ranked schools, including their program offerings and national rankings. Good Luck!!!

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Yale F&ES strives to create new knowledge that will sustain and restore the health of the biosphere and emphasizes the possibility of creating a regenerative coexistence between humans and non-human life and the rest of the natural world. Still offering forestry instruction, the school has the oldest graduate forestry program in the United States. The School of Forestry & Environmental Studies offers fourteen masters and joint master’s degrees, a doctoral and two combined doctoral degrees, and an environmental studies program for undergraduates.

Founded In: 1900
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (203) 432-5100
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Best Colleges for Forestry Programs 2018-19

University of Florida

The School of Forest Resources & Conservation is a unit within the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). It is home to three distinct, yet integrated, program areas: Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Forest Resources and Conservation, and Geometrics. Our faculty, staff, and students conduct research, teaching, and extension that cuts across a wide range of environments and disciplines. The School’s program in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences leads to the Master of Science, Master of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (non-thesis), and Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a program in fisheries and aquatic sciences.

Founded In: 1937
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (352) 846.0850
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University of California-Berkeley

The Master of Forestry (MF) degree is the advanced professional forestry degree granted by the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. The student who has completed an undergraduate curriculum in forestry is usually broadly trained in the principles of forestry but has not yet developed proficiency in the application of these principles to diverse problems involved in professional practice. The Master of Forestry program is designed to advance the student’s understanding of the essentials of professional forest management at the graduate level within the context of resource and environmental planning of sustainable systems.

Founded In: 1868
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (510) 642-7171
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California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

The B.S. degree program in Forestry & Natural Resources prepares students for careers in the protection and management of our forest and natural resources. Graduates qualify for such positions as a forester, environmental interpreter, natural resource manager, urban forester, park administrator, park ranger, resource planner, watershed manager, hydrologist, fire and fuels manager, and many other related environmental career areas. Cal Poly graduates are employed throughout the world: establishing, managing and sustaining forests and urban-wildland areas; providing opportunities for a full range of uses; teaching; extension; research; and protecting and managing the environment.

Founded In: 1901
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 805-756-1111
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University of Washington-Seattle Campus

The School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS) has been a leader in forest and natural resource management, conservation, and education since 1907. Their faculty and student research advance understanding on some of the most complex challenges in the environmental and forest sciences. The School offers two undergraduate majors leading to the Bachelor of Science degree, Environmental Science and Resource Management and Bioresource Science and Engineering. Scholarship support is widely available in both majors; nearly one-quarter of the School’s students receive scholarships each year. Both majors provide opportunities for internships, international study, and undergraduate research. An honors program is available in both majors.

Founded In: 1861
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 206-543-3077
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Michigan State University

MSU Forestry students discover their role in sustaining forests and the ecosystem services they provide, including conservation of biodiversity, wood, clean water, and global climate stabilization. Students learn to be leaders through multi-disciplinary coursework, field studies, cutting-edge technology and mentorship from respected faculty in one of the longest-standing Forestry programs in the United States. The Bachelor of Science in Forestry educates forestry science professionals and is accredited by the Society of American Foresters. The mission of MSU Forestry is to create and transfer fundamental and applied knowledge of forested and associated systems from an integrated ecological, social and economic perspective.

Founded In: 1855
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 517-355-0090
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North Carolina State University

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources opens a world of career opportunities for undergrads and graduates as they work side-by-side with expert faculty solving today’s natural resource challenges.  Students in the Forestry and Environmental Resources Department are passionate about the environment they live in and the sustainable use of resources, whether that’s land, water, wildlife or trees. Graduate programs in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources emphasize hands-on original research with world-renowned faculty on groundbreaking projects. Their department offers both masters and doctoral degree tracks in specific areas of Forestry, Natural Resources, Environmental Assessment, and Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology through NC State’s Graduate School.

Founded In: 1887
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 919.515.2883
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University of Wisconsin-Madison

The mission of the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology is to provide science-based research, instruction, and extension that supports forest and wildlife conservation and management in an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable fashion. The Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison is a national leader in forest science and wildlife ecology research, teaching, and training. The Department offers undergraduate, MS and Ph.D. degrees in Forest Science and Wildlife Ecology.  At the undergraduate level, we offer two majors, one in Forest Science and one in Wildlife Ecology.  Both majors are offered through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences’ Bachelors of Science degree. It also offers two distinct graduate programs, MS and Ph.D. degrees in Forestry and MS and Ph.D. degrees in Wildlife Ecology.

Founded In: 1848
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 608-262-9975
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University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

The Department of Forest Resources is committed to fostering an environment that respects the diversity of its faculty, staff, and students. The Forest and Natural Resource Management (FNRM) major is perfect for anyone interested in forest management, conservation, parks, urban green space, and the environment. Field sessions, top faculty, small class sizes, and a big reputation make this a great major for those who love the outdoors and want a career in natural resources.

Founded In: 1851
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 612-624-7683
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Texas A & M University-College Station

The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management provides one of the most advanced educational opportunities available for developing leaders in the management, conservation, and restoration of the world’s diverse forests. The primary objective of the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management is to educate students in the scientific management of forest resources. Students select a course of study best suited to their educational and career goals. Students also receive help from faculty advisors in their areas of interest. The total number of credit hours required for a degree is 120.

Founded In: 1871
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 979-845-1060
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