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Best Colleges for Ecology 2018-19

Students who are interested in Ecology can find relevant programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. To determine the best ecology college, here we have compiled a list of the Best Colleges for Ecology 2018-2019 that can help you start or advance a career in this renowned field.

Ecology is the scientific study of the distribution and abundance of organisms, the interaction among organisms, and the interactions between organisms and their abiotic environment. If you would like to learn more about an Ecology program in the US, then take a look through the list below.

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Princeton University

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at Princeton University is unique in its broad and interdisciplinary perspective. As a department, they take a multi-dimensional approach to the study of ecology and evolutionary biology. EEB is an intrinsically integrative department. Their faculty is passionate about research questions which fall into five areas: Ecology & the Environment, Evolution & Genomics, Behavior & Sensory Biology, Conservation & Biodiversity, and Infectious Disease. Student research is advised by faculty in any of these areas and often connects with faculty members between two or more areas.

Founded In: 1746
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 43,450 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 609-258-5810
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Columbia University in the City of New York

The Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B) at Columbia University was established in 2001. E3B’s mission is to educate a new generation of scientists and practitioners in the theory and methods of ecology, evolution, and environmental biology. The university recognized that the fields of ecology, evolutionary biology, and environmental biology constitute a distinct subdivision of the biological sciences with its own set of intellectual foci, theoretical foundations, scales of analysis, and methodologies. The E3B community offers academic excellence in a range of natural and social science disciplines that are directly related to biodiversity conservation including evolution, systematics, genetics, behavioral ecology, public health, business, economic, political science, anthropology, and public and international policy.

Founded In: 2001
Ranking: 2nd
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 53,000 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 212-854-9987
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Duke University

The ecology faculty at Duke University spans the complete range of ecological inquiry, from individual organisms to populations and communities of interacting species to ecosystems to the entire biosphere. The undergraduate concentration in ecology has been designed to give students the entry-level qualifications for further study in basic and applied aspects of ecology. Research areas and course offerings include tropical, temperate, and boreal forests, deserts and grasslands, and arctic biomes.

Founded In: 1838
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 49,241 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (919) 660.7372
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University of Chicago

The Department of Ecology & Evolution hosts diverse faculty and student interests in the ecological and evolutionary processes that underlie patterns of life on earth. The Department of Ecology and Evolution offers exceptional training for students pursuing a Ph.D. Graduate student are a vital component of the Department of Ecology & Evolution. Their program in Quantitative Ecology is currently recognized by the Department of Education with a training grant.

Founded In: 1890
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 51,351 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 773-702-1234
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Cornell University

A concentration in the field of Ecology and Evolutionary biology within Cornell’s Biological Sciences and Environmental and Sustainability. The framework of EEB’s class roster for undergraduates is built around our two core courses, Ecology and the Environment (BioEE1610) and Evolutionary Biology and Diversity (BioEE1780).  The Graduate Field of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology encompass the study of organic diversity, including its origins, dynamics, maintenance, and consequences. Its faculty and graduate students pursue topics across a broad span of interconnected fields, including ecosystem biology, community and population biology, organism biology, molecular ecology, population genetics, genomics, speciation, and macroevolution. The Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology provides its students with rich opportunities to study organic diversity, including its origins, maintenance, and consequences.

Founded In: 1865
Ranking: 5th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 49,116 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 607-254-4201
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Northwestern University

Northwestern is known for its Kellogg School of Management, Pritzker School of Law, Feinberg School of Medicine, Bienen School of Music, and Medill School of Journalism. The Graduate Program in Plant Biology and Conservation (M.S. and Ph.D.), a collaboration between Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden, provides a foundation in plant ecology, evolution, and biology and in applied plant conservation theory and methods.

Founded In: 1851
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 49,047 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: (847) 491-3741
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Washington University in St Louis

The Graduate Program in Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology studies the origins and maintenance of biodiversity on both evolutionary and ecological timescales. The Program combines field studies with the technical advances of molecular genetics, statistics, large-scale genomics, quantitative genetics, and mathematical theory to gain an understanding of evolutionary history and environmental biology. Ecology involves the study of the distribution and abundance of living organisms and how those factors are affected by interactions between the organisms and their environments.

Founded In: 1853
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 48,093 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 314-935-5000
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University of California-Los Angeles

The graduate program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology offers a creative and highly interactive, intellectual environment that prepares students to excel in positions in academia, industry, and governmental/non-governmental organizations. The major in ecology, behavior, and evolution (EBE) studies the relationships among living beings, their patterns of behavior and the forces that influence their evolution.

Founded In: 1919
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 12,763 USD, Out-of-state 37,471 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 310-825-4321
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New York University

NYU Biology has been building expertise in research and education in the areas of Evolution, Ecology and Environmental Biology. Ecology and Environmental Biology at NYU cover interactions among organisms, environments, and Earth. Current areas of focus include Climate Change, Biogeochemistry, Mass Extinctions, Disease Ecology, Biodiversity, and Landscape Ecology.

Founded In: 1830
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 47,750 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 212-998-8200
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Johns Hopkins University

Microbial ecology and engineering microbiology address microbial populations, changes in populations and ecosystems in space and time, the effects of microorganisms in naturally-occurring and engineered systems, and behavior and consequences of pathogenic organisms. While ecology seeks to explore populations and phenomena in the present, as influenced by human activities, and to develop an understanding of ecosystem change over time.

Founded In: 1876
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 48,710 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: 410-516-7092
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