Best Colleges for Cognitive Science 2018-19

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Best Colleges for Cognitive Science 2018-19

If you want to get a degree in Cognitive Science, you’ll find there is a large range of degrees that can be earned in this field. The very first step towards this is to choose the best college and university for holding the degree in this field. For your help, here we have compiled a list of the “Best Colleges for Cognitive Science 2018-19”.

Cognitive Science is the study of thought, learning, and mental organization, which draws on aspects of psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and computer modeling. Keep scrolling to explore the top colleges for Cognitive Science through which you can achieve your aim to study in your interested field. All the Best!!

University of California-Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is a top-ranked public research university in the United States. The main objective of the Cognitive Science department in the university is to provide a framework for bringing all the disciplines that study the mind together into a cohesive whole. The Cognitive Science Program at the University of California, Berkeley offers undergraduates the opportunity to explore the mind from an interdisciplinary perspective but there is presently no separate graduate program specifically for cognitive science.

Founded In: 1868
Ranking: 1st
Tuition Approximately: $11,220
Contact Information: 510-642-5292
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University of California-San Diego

The University of California, San Diego is a public research university located in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego, California, in the United States. The Department of Cognitive Science at San Diego is committed to transcending theoretical boundaries rooted in traditional disciplines in pursuit of a scientific account of cognition. The Department of Cognitive Science offers both a B.A. and a B.S. degree. The B.S. requires completion of a slightly more rigorous coursework. The B.S. degree may be taken optionally with a specified area of specialization. The Department of Cognitive Science offers a Ph.D. in cognitive science in which students are admitted to the university directly into the department and fulfill degree requirements of the department.

Founded In: 1903
Ranking: 2nd
Tuition Approximately: $58,921
Contact Information: (858) 534-2230
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University of California-Santa Cruz

The University of California, Santa Cruz, is a public research university and one of 10 campuses in the University of California system. The cognitive science degree at the Santa Cruz provides a strong grounding in the principles of cognition through courses in cognitive psychology. Graduates from this university will be well prepared for advanced training in research fields of cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience, technology industries such as human-computer interaction, and health fields, such as the treatment of brain disorders.

Founded In: 1965
Ranking: 3rd
Tuition Approximately: $13,397.00
Contact Information: (831) 459-2002
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Stanford University

The Stanford University is a private research university based in Stanford, California which is known for its academic strength, wealth, proximity to Silicon Valley, and ranking as one of the world’s top universities. In Stanford University, faculties in the Cognitive area investigate a wide range of topics including language, meaning and mental representation, perception, learning, memory, decision making, and reasoning. Insights and methods from Cognitive science are widely applied in fields such as law, medicine, business, politics, and education.

Founded In: 1885
Ranking: 4th
Tuition Approximately: $47,331
Contact Information: 94305-2130
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University of California-Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles, is a public research university in the Westwood district of Los Angeles, United States. The Cognitive Science Minor at University of California, Los Angeles, open to all students other than Cognitive Science Majors, is designed to introduce students to cognitive science topics as addressed in a number of different disciplines—such as biology, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, and psychology—while also allowing students to pursue a more in-depth study within specific areas of cognitive science.

Founded In: 1919
Ranking: 5th
Tuition Approximately: $11,220
Contact Information: 310-825-2961
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University of California-Merced

The University of California, Merced, is the tenth and newest of the University of California campuses.  The Cognitive Science at the University of California, Merced majors, B.A. and B.S., provide a broad knowledge of cognitive science, including language and communication, reasoning, memory. At this university, the degree in Cognitive Science provides in-depth training in research methods, modeling, and lab-based research, which provides excellent training for jobs in high-tech companies. Students can work with cognitive science faculty members to tailor their own programs of study to emphasize one or two specific areas within cognitive science.

Founded In: 2005
Ranking: 6th
Tuition Approximately: $11,220
Contact Information: (209) 228-4400
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University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a private Ivy League research university located in the University City section of West Philadelphia. The College of Arts and Sciences at the university offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Cognitive Science, as well as a minor in Cognitive Science. The Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science through the School of Engineering and Applied Science combines the application of theoretical insights from Computer Science, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Psychology to the formal study of intelligence, perception, reasoning, and other properties of mind, and their application in the service of Information Technology for the students.

Founded In: 1740
Ranking: 7th
Tuition Approximately:  $45,556
Contact Information: (215) 898-5000
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Washington University in St Louis

The Washington University in St. Louis is a private research university based in the St. Louis metropolitan area and elsewhere in Missouri. The Cognition program at Washington University in St. Louis trains students to conduct basic research in fundamental aspects of behavior in preparation for a career in research. At the university, the faculty members also the students actively engaged in research on learning, memory, perception, attention, language, decision making, and other aspects of cognition and performance in human and other animals, with an emphasis on human cognition.

Founded In:  1853
Ranking: 8th
Tuition Approximately: $52,400
Contact Information: 63130-4899
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Best Colleges for Cognitive Science 2018-19

University of Delaware

The Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens football team represents the University of Delaware in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Championship Subdivision college football.  Cognitive Science in this university is the study of the mind as an information processor. A central goal of cognitive science is to determine structures and processes that underwrite cognitive tasks such as perception, memory, attention, language and motor control.

Founded In: 1889
Ranking: 9th
Tuition Approximately: $27,198
Contact Information: 302-831-6806
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Rice University

The Rice Owls football team represents Rice University in NCAA Division I college football. Researchers in the field of cognitive science seeks to understand such mental phenomena as perception, thought, memory, the acquisition and use of language, learning, concept formation, and consciousness. At the Rice University, Researchers in the Cognitive Sciences seek to understand such mental phenomena as perception, thought, memory, the acquisition and use of language, learning, concept formation, and consciousness.

Founded In: 1912
Ranking: 10th
Tuition Approximately:  $43,220
Contact Information: 713-348-0000
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