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Best College Cheer Teams

Cheerleading is one of the more gruelling activities there are. Though not considered a sport, cheerleading does require a lot of strength, flexibility, and agility. Even though it is not a sport, competitions are held every year to determine the best of the best squads in the country.

And Today, we will be listing down the best cheerleading teams the country has to offer in 2021. The list will be comprised based on the team’s past scores, their number of titles, their successful formations, coaching staff, and more.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.

1. University of Kentucky Cheer Team

The Kentucky Wildcats have a second to none record. The University has won 23 national cheerleading titles. It is primarily known for its performances at basketball games, as the University of Kentucky has the most winning basketball program among major NCAA colleges.

It is the best cheerleading squad in the country. The team has dominated and continues to dominate the Universal Cheerleaders Association National Championships. The University even has a unique scholarship program for its cheerleaders.

The University of Kentucky cheerleading squad began in 1905, and the first cheerleaders were all males. The team formed the University’s first coed squad in 1938 with four males and four females. Lynn Williamson was the head coach from 1978 until his retirement in 2020. Williamson oversaw the program and brought in coaches to help build and advance the cheerleading program.

2. University of Southern California Cheer Team

USC’s Trojan cheerleaders are well known even at the visiting team’s stadiums. Sports Illustrated named the squad the best in the country. The details go back to 1967; the squad’s members are called Song Leaders. Their gold pompons make them easy to spot along the sidelines at football games.

The men’s teams are referred to as the Trojans, while the women’s athletic teams are referred to as the Women of Troy. The team participates in the Pac-12 Conference and has won 131 team national championships, 108 of which are NCAA championships. The Trojans have a cross-town rivalry with UCLA. The USC Trojans are even considered one of the most successful college athletic programs of all time.

3. University of Alabama Cheer Team

The University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide is a force to be reckoned with on the national scene. The school has finished in the top five often during the last decade. The squad at the university is ranked among the nation’s full cheerleading squad year in and year out. Their cheerleading team cheers for basketball games and home football games. The teams compete each year at UCA College Nationals. The coaches make sure to work their practice around their academics to not lose out on anything significant in the class.

Varsity Spirit Division Winners

4. California State University Cheer Team

The cheerleading squad has won in both cheering and dance divisions at the UCA/UDA National Championships. The California Golden Bears represent the University of California, Berkeley. The University has 30 varsity athletic programs and various club teams in the NCAA’s Division I as a member of the Pac-12 Conference.  The USC cheerleading squad stays in competitive mode. The goal at USC is to represent the University at competitions across the country. The team has a strong work ethic and the traditions of their University. The coaches and the supporting staff do an excellent job keeping their cheerleaders at the top of their game.

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5. University of Central Florida Cheer Team

The University of Central Florida’s cheerleading squad has 16 men and 16 women. The cheerleading squad represents the University at home and away football games, men’s and women’s basketball games, and volleyball matches. The University even offers scholarships to its cheerleaders. They have scholarships ranging from $1000-$2000 for squad members. Nike sponsors the UCF cheerleading squad with practice attire, game uniforms, shoes, warm-ups, bags, etc.

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6. Washington State University Cheer Team

The Washington State University’s cheerleading squad is known as the Cougars, and even after being around for a century, the Cougars are still considered one of the better squads in the cheer world. The team finished 12th, and in USA Today, the UCA CEO said, “Washington State is a team on the rise.” Never doubt an underdog or maybe a cat in this case.

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7. University of Minnesota Cheer Team

Golden Gophers, the cheerleading squad at the University of Minnesota, push themselves to victory, changing how cheerleading was performed forever. And they are still changing the game. The University has three teams of football cheerleaders, basketball cheerleaders, and hockey cheerleaders. With three cheerleading teams, the University of Minnesota doesn’t lack when it comes to spirit. Their women’s team ranking 7th in the National Cheerleading Association nationals, the Golden Gophers must be doing something right.

The coaching staff guides their student-athletes to academic and athletic excellence through their diverse qualities and characteristics. Their goal is to build authentic and selfless ambassadors of Minnesota.

8. Indiana Tech University Cheer Team

One of the biggest and central aspects of cheerleading is stunting, but Indiana’s cheerleading squad does impressive and original stunting without male cheerleaders. The Indiana Hoosiers scream girl power as they have won three consecutive all-girl national awards, and their significant stunting and dancing are still regarded as one of the best.

The Indiana Tech cheerleaders also receive an athletic scholarship, although the amounts vary. The head coach is the one who typically decides who will receive an athletic scholarship and its specific amount.

9. Louisiana State University Cheer Team

Louisiana State University has two cheerleading squads, the Gold Squad, with eight coed couples who cover football, basketball, gymnastics events, and special events. Second, the Purple Squad with eight coed couples that cheer for the volleyball and sand volleyball teams. Plus, the LSU Tigers even have a sneaker named after them. Every game, they enter the stadium at the top of Mike the Tiger’s cage. This team takes it one step further; in addition to cheering for the teams and competing in national championships, they also perform with the marching band.

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10. University of Mississippi Cheer Team

The cheerleading squad at the University of Mississippi came fourth at UCA Nationals, the last time they competed. All 28 cheerleaders of the team receive $2,000 per year to cover tuition and have all cheerleading fees covered. To top it off, members of the dance team receive one credit for each year they participate, improving their GPA.

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