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Best Clubs in High School

School years turn out to be some of the best years of a child’s life. They make new friends with other students their age, learn something new every day, and can get indulged in their school life. Even though they aren’t aware of it, these are some of the most crucial years of their life that will make or break their future.

And that is why finding your child’s calling soon helps sharpen their skills and talent to be excellent in their field. And one of those ways is to participate in extracurricular activities and join clubs that either helps them in getting better or get to learn something new. And that is why today, we will be listing down the best clubs to join in high school.

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1. Future Business Leaders of America

For students who are looking to be budding entrepreneurs, then this organization is for you. FBLA is tagged as the most significant business organization globally, so students develop some skills that students can apply once they graduate. This is a good headstart for their career and will get them ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

2. Robotics Club

If you are tech-savvy and always wondered how artificial intelligence works then, sign up for this club. You’ll learn more about computers and machines by being a robotics organization member by experimenting with new things constantly. Students also get to experience how to make simple robots and bigger intimidating ones in this club.

3. Book Club

Book Clubs allow students to discuss their favorite books with others and analyze certain aspects of them using literary criticism techniques. If you’re an avid reader who always has a book with you, then I am sure you will enjoy this club. Students can geek out with other members and recommend books to read and finish their reading goal for the month.

4. Mathletes

If you love crunching numbers, then this club is where you belong. Joining Mathletes will help you get better at mathematics, but you can also get ahead of your batchmates because you will learn advanced math concepts and some useful mental math tricks. By consistent training and practice, The School may choose you to represent your school in some math competitions.

5. History Club

Many students find history quite fascinating, and if that is the case, do not hesitate to apply to this club. You will explore different places of different times, including museums and historical sites, to better understand the subject. You will get to see old relics and also read ancient manuscripts from various civilizations.

6. Dance Groups

If your school does not have a dance club, joining a dance group is the way to go. Dance programs at a majority of the schools have different levels of groups, from beginners to advanced, so that you won’t feel inadequate. You do not need to be an excellent dancer to join the club, or if you are already a dancer, why stop yourself from this?

7. Photography Club

A lot of students are interested in photography classes. So why not join a club where you learn new things and get to click amazing pictures, which you can then upload on Instagram or Facebook. Photography clubs become one of the top options for students when choosing an extracurricular activity. If you love snapping pictures and want to learn more about photography, then this club is for you.

8. Drama/Theater

Are you confident, a fan of Broadway musicals, and are always fascinated by them? Then enroll in a theater class at your school.

The theater is much like choir, band, and orchestra, in that it is both a class and a club! You will learn the fundamentals of acting in the classroom, and you will be allowed to audition for your school’s theater productions as well.

9. Choir, Band, or Orchestra

Are you interested in choir, band, or orchestra earlier? So if you haven’t joined one of these three high school clubs yet, you should.

The fantastic thing about these classes is that they’re not just fine arts electives; they’re also clubs. Most high school choirs, bands, and orchestras have live performances, retreats, and even go on trips to Disneyland and other such places. Doesn’t that sound like a fun, enriching experience?

10. Language Clubs

If you are interested in learning Spanish, French, German, or any other foreign language your school has to offer, then make sure you join this club.

Language clubs put on several different charities and cultural events throughout the year. You could be planning a bash, helping others in need, and forming new bonds all at the same time while working with your peers.

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