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Best Civil Engineering Schools in California

When it comes to civil engineering schools in California, there are a plethora of options for you. From the highly ranked ones to the ones with admirable and welcoming campuses and affordable fee structures, these schools have some of the best scholarship plans for you to help pursue your dream and accomplish your desired degree without having to worry much. California is an ideal place to find some of the most renowned educational institutions for studying civil engineering.

The civil engineering schools in California receive numerous applications throughout their sessions for their increasing popularity as well as their affordable fee structures that not only attracts the vast population of the state but also students from across the globe, which means getting into one of these schools is no doubt competitive, but it’s all worth after all, the facilities you might get here is top class. The institutions of California are known to be very welcoming to foreign students and also have a friendly aura encompassing their campuses creating a unique cultural diversity, an opportunity to meet diverse people from around the world and learn new things.

Now studying in California has its own perks, be it the top-class degrees in the most well-reputed schools with top-notch campuses and their surroundings, or the breath-taking beaches and other idyllic destinations nearby, California is just the ideal place to build your future on the right path. Here are the lists of the top-rated Civil Engineering Schools in California that would guide you in your academic journey and help you choose wisely.

University of California- Berkeley

One of the most reputed ones in California that have been ranked as number 1 in state and have been highly recommended for pursuing Civil Engineering. This public university offers 6 Civil Engineering degrees that ensure its students choose the right field for themselves. It also offers 2 higher degrees in Civil Engineering being the Master and the Doctorate degree.

Founded In: 1868
Tuition: $ 10,086.75 (for residential) $ 17,637.75 (for non residents)
ACT/SAT: ACT 29-35/SAT 1330-1530
Acceptance Rate: 18.3%
GPA: 4.27-4.62
Ranking: 1st
Contact: 5106423175
Financial Aid: There are scholarship programs that you can look for here

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Stanford University

Another reputed private university representing the academic excellence of the state has been ranked as number 2 in Best Engineering Schools. For its academic success, the university receives a huge proportion of applications for under and post-graduate degrees. Stanford University offers 5 civil engineering degrees and also higher degrees such as Masters and Doctorate.

Founded In: 1891|
Tuition: $57,861 per year
Acceptance Rate: 3.67%
GPA: 4.0 or above
Ranking: 2nd
Contact: (866) 432-7472
Financial Aid: To get detailed information about the scholarship programs of Stanford University, click here.

University of Southern California

A great choice for pursuing a career in engineering, the University of Southern California is a reputed institution offering 17 different Civil Engineering courses. It is a private not-for-profit university with large academic strength offering Under, Post Graduate degrees also including higher degrees such as Master and Doctorate. The location of the school is ideal and apt for students who enjoy the amenities of city life.

Founded In: 1880
Tuition: $30,453
Acceptance Rate: 12%
GPA: 3.79
Ranking: 3rd
Contact: 213-740-2311
Financial Aid: Here are some of the scholarship programs that this college has to offer:

  • USC Merit Scholarships
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University of California – Davis

Situated in the small suburb of Davis, the University of California is also a great choice for pursuing Civil Engineering. The acceptance rate at the university is 43% hence, it is tough to get through, but it is worth trying because the school has its own goodwill around the state and the country. For students who want to stay away from the cacophony of the busy city life, UC Davis has just the right and peaceful atmosphere for you.

Founded In: 1905
Tuition: $14,729 (in state) $65,689 (out of state)
Acceptance Rate: 39%
GPA: 3.96 to 4.25
Ranking: 4th
Contact: 5307521011
Financial Aid: To get more information about the scholarship programs of this institution, click here.

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University of California- Los Angeles

Situated in the glamorous city of Los Angeles, UCLA is another best option if you are interested in pursuing a Civil Engineering degree. It is a public university that is highly popular for its academic success, hence, has a large population of students coming from all of the countries and even across the globe. UCLA has attractive course plans and an affordable fee structure including scholarships which also adds to its popularity among international students.

Founded In: 1919
Tuition: $14,171 (in state) $65,547 (out of state)
Acceptance Rate: 28%
GPA: 3.0 and above
Ranking: 5th
Contact: 310-825-4321
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California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is another fairly large public university for you to look into, located in the small, peaceful suburb of San Luis Obispo, this university also has a reputation for providing successful degree to its aspiring students. It is also renowned for its 6 Civil Engineering degree programs and also paves an opportunity for its students to further pursue a higher degree such as a master’s degree in the same field.

Founded In: 1901
Tuition: $20,592 (in state) $42,817 (out if state)
Acceptance Rate: 30%
GPA: 4.0
Ranking: 6th
Contact: 805-756-1111
Financial Aid: Get all the details about financial aid here.

California State Polytechnic University- Pomona

Situated in the large suburb of Pomona, Cal Poly Pomona is a public university with a fairly large student population and a successful academic history.  Civil Engineering is one of the majors in the engineering program offered at California State Polytechnic University Pomona and can be a great opportunity for civil engineering aspirants to enrol themselves in Bachelor’s and Master’s program.

Founded In: 1938
Tuition: $12,842 (in state) $40,422 (out if state)
Acceptance Rate: 55%
GPA: 3.43
Ranking: 7th
Contact: 909 869-7659 and 909-869- 2292
Financial Aid: Visit the University website for recent details.

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University of California San Diego

One of the world’s leading public research university situated in the beautiful location of San Diego, UCSD  offers various degrees in the fields of Science and Technology as is ideal for opting for a Civil Engineering degree. The main campus is situated near the Pacific Ocean on approximately 1,200 acres of coastal woodland in the mesmerizing La Jolla, California. San Diego is one of the most beautiful parts of California and is greatly known for its nightlife culture hence, this place can be a dream to stay and study in.

Founded In: 1960
Tuition: $13,318 (in state)
Acceptance Rate: 30.2%
GPA: 4.08 on a 4.0 scale
Ranking: 8th
Contact: (800) 207-1710
Financial Aid: Check out their scholarship programs here.

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University of California- Irvine

Located in Orange County Irvine, the University of California is nestled in one of the most beautiful corners of the state, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 1,475 acres. It is a very popular public research university, and Its world-renowned reputation attracts a huge number of students from across the country in every session. UC Irvine is undoubtedly a good choice for opting for a civil engineering degree.

Founded In: 1965
Tuition: $ 13,932 (in-state) $ 43, 686 (out of state)
Acceptance Rate: 27%
GPA: 3.75-4.00 unweighted
Ranking: 9th
Contact: 949-824-6703
Financial Aid: Find all the details here.

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San Jose State University

The oldest public university situated on the West Coast of California, San Jose State University is located on the heart of Silicon Valley, the high-tech capital of the state, hence pursuing an engineering degree from here has its own perks. This highly ranked university offers under and postgraduate degrees at a 40% less cost as compared to any other popular ones which are why the University receives a huge amount of applications throughout the sessions.

Founded In: 1857
Tuition: $7,852 to $9,286
GPA: 3.52
Ranking: 10th
Contact: 408-924-1000
Financial Aid: Available as Scholarships, Grants and Loans check their most popular scholarship here Middle-Class Scholarship.

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