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Best Christian Schools

The reason why parents opt for a Christian school for their kids could be any reason. Do you want your kid to be in a school where they focus on character development? Do you want your kid to study the bible? Do your children lack moral values? Well, there is just one answer for all these questions- it’s Christian schools. Along with your child’s physical and mental development, Christian schools also seek to foster a secure spiritual and emotional environment. In fact, a survey by Herzog Foundation revealed that Christian schools outperform public schools during  2021, in line with parent satisfaction.

But how do you know which Christian schools provide the best education? Well, don’t worry, I have done half of the job for you. In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 Christian schools from different states that provide Christian-based education, which aims to develop well-rounded individuals through the integration of faith and academics. So without further adieu, let us dive into it!

1. Alabama Christian Academy

Located in Montgomery of Alabama, Alabama Christian Academy is a first-class K12 school founded back in 1942. The school’s primary goal is spiritual maturation as they start each day from the chapel. Students will have compulsory bible classes too.

Frequently after chapel, students break into smaller groups for Bible study and discussion led by a faculty member or with select juniors and seniors members of SALT. They also provide camp training during a weekend retreat. This school also focuses more on college preparatory classes.

Founded In: 1942
Tuition: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 94%
Ranking: #1 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: (334) 277-1985
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2. Archbishop Carroll High School

Founded in 1951, ACHS combines faith and duty in a college preparation program that prepares students for life as a Christian professional. The school is famous for its first-class mix of all diversities in the college. As a result, they have the best academic professionals who are highly qualified to take care of the kids.

ACHS does not make community service mandatory for graduation. But anyway, there are compulsory service hours to be completed to get the graduation. In addition, they have fantastic clubs and sports infrastructure for the kids who want to pursue sports.

Founded In: 1951
Tuition: 12,640$
Acceptance Rate: 100%
Ranking: #2 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: (202) 529-0900
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3. Barrington Christian Academy

Located in RI, Barrington Christian Academy is an excellent school with excellent college prep services. In addition, the aiming school will enlighten with great spirituality programs for the students. The school is located in a  small town which will only have around 16000 students population.

The school’s electives include various concentrations of religion and Bible, college preparation/independent study, choir, robotics, accounting, business law, nutrition and wellness, and psychology. In addition, they provide great extracurricular activities for students, and it is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1979
Tuition: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 74%
Ranking: #3 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: ( 401) 246-0113
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4. The Cambridge School of Dallas

The Cambridge School of Dallas is one of the finest schools in Texas. The school is prevalent for its Trivium Award. Each year seniors study a particular topic in-depth, prepare an academic paper on the subject, and present and defend it to several professors. The winner will get the award.

They have many clubs and organizations which will stir the spirituality of the kids. It includes Chess Club, Acoustic Guitar Club, Christian Music Appreciation Club, and many others. The sports infrastructure is also first class, and there is significant anyone that parent-run participation of both the genders.

Founded In: 2001
Tuition: $4,000
Acceptance Rate: 75%
Ranking: #4 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: (214) 357-2995
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5. Charlotte Christian School

If you are looking for a school that comes with a flourishing fine arts department, then Charlotte Christian School is the right choice for you. Located in North Carolina, this school has a fantastic comprehensive athletic program and a rigorous academic curriculum to push the students to their best.

When it comes to spiritual lessons, the school is always tops. There are four different chapel times, and the time for service depends on the student’s grade level. Bible lessons are given to all students daily as part of the curriculum. The school has great offerings for sports such as swimming, cheerleading, golf, lacrosse, and tennis.

Founded In: 1950
Tuition: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 100%
Ranking: #5 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: (704) 366-5657
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6. Evangelical Christian School

Evangelical Christian School is one of the finest schools in Tennessee. The school provides a systematic learning experience that will enrich them with abundant knowledge. The School’s student-led Bible studies allow discipleship and leadership between older and younger students.

Organizations such as Service and SKI Club, Key Club, and the Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) are very popular, which will help the students get a decent learning experience at this place. For fine arts, you will have enormous resources for visual arts, theater, choral music, instrumental music, and the digital arts.

Founded In: 1965
Tuition: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 92%
Ranking: #6 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: (901) 754-7217
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7. Holland Christian High School

Miami’s first-class high school is Holland Christian High School. The school has a lot of affiliations with various missions to give the students the best Christian guidance towards succeeding in life. The school has greatly qualified academicians to teach the students.

The school provides an innovative style of learning the subjects. Every student is assigned a laptop so that technology is seamlessly integrated into classes. Students gifted with musical instruments can take classes in band and orchestra. The theatre classes are also top-rated.

Founded In: 1902
Tuition: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 95%
Ranking: #7 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: (616) 820-2905
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8. Jim Elliot Christian School

The highlight of studying at Jim Elliot Christian School is they provide an excellent student-teacher ratio, and Every student at Jim Elliot Christian School chooses a faculty member to be their mentor. So when It comes to career guidance, nothing can beat this school.

The highlight of the school is they form a tight-knit community between the students as well as the teachers. Families and community are important to JECS, so the school year begins with a picnic for families and staff for relaxation and fellowship.

Founded In: 1998
Tuition: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 85%
Ranking: #8 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: (209) 368-2800
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9. Little Rock Christian Academy

Little Rock Christian Academy offers first-class education for students who want to join a very good college. It is located in Arkansas. Apart from the school’s excellent education, electives such as musical theater, jazz band, orchestra, computer web design, ceramics, and digital video are top rated.

The school also provides education in five languages which include mandarin. I would highly recommend this school as in a short span of five years; the school has bagged 31 National Merit Scholars and three National Achievement Awards into its portfolio.

Founded In: 1977
Tuition: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 85%
Ranking: #9 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: (501) 868-9822
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10. Lynden Christian High School

Last but not least, Lynden Christian High School is a unique school where it is managed by a Board of Directors elected by parents and supporters of the school. It is a parent-run school that will help the students to get a wholesome education experience according to their needs.

In 2006, Lynden Christian merged with Evergreen Christian School. The consolidated school is not affiliated with any one church but has students from 80 different churches. Advanced placement classes are offered, and the STEM programs are considered one of the top classes.

Founded In: 1910
Tuition: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 100%
Ranking: #10 in Best Christian Schools in America
Contact: (360) 318-9525
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