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Best Christian Books

Christianity is the largest religion in the world, with 2.4 billion followers. It is an Abrahamic religion, where the believers have only one God, and it follows the life and philosophical ideas of Jesus of Nazareth. The followers are termed Christians. The religion remains miscellaneous culturally in the Western and Eastern regions. 

Books are the most powerful tool to create new thinking perspectives in humans, be it in any era. Even though technology has advanced and we get every tiny bit of anything at our fingertip, books remain to be powerful and strong as ever. Reading helps to have a better understanding of the world as a whole. And especially reading theological books keeps us closer to God and become better human beings.

The books related to Christianity help the believers to get an idea about the importance of God, his visions and his preaching, and how to attain realization. 

The Bible is the only holy book of Christians. Reading Bible helps to bring about change in the readers, organize their thoughts, and have clear thinking, enabling them to reach and understand others in need, and have a brighter outlook.

Books related to the religion draw the believers closer to the church and improve their love towards Christ. These are very closely linked with the past and development of Western Society. 

The Christian literature often deals with the subjects related to Christianity and fits in with the viewpoint and way of life, thereby deepening the reader’s faith.

The books often convey messages and solutions that all need to practice for better and more peaceful living. A few of such kinds of books are listed below:

1. What is God Like?

Authored by Rachel Held Evans, it includes the response to children’s foremost inquiry concerning God. There are usual circumstances that elders have to deal with when children start to have queries with regard to God. The most common among them is; ‘What is God like?’, which arises when they hear the elderly speaking about God. Rachel has acquired the way of presenting using images and expressions from in the prehistoric text.

Rachel Held has effectively explained about God, as a shepherd, or a star, or a gardener, or a wind, and whatnot. She expresses it as the presence that can be felt everywhere and is the soother and supporter.  

After reading the book, the youthful minds also get an idea that God is something that keeps us out of harm’s way; feel treasured and get a sense of courage, being the best expression for God.

2. For Such a Time as This: My Faith Journey Through the White House and Beyond

Kayleigh McEnany depicts the pathway to the podium at the White House, considered the most central edifice in the world, as an enlightening journey that was helped by the faith and belief she had in Jesus Christ. She believes that her accomplishment to reach the White House podium was one of the great things planned and executed the God. 

She describes the various changes in her entire life, from her getting into Harvard Law School, becoming a TV host on National television, and becoming the Press Secretary at The White House, which has taken her through unexplored paths guided positively by her faith. 

3. The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today

The book had been the no. 1 bestseller by the New York Times. The book depicts the stories of women in the Bible, which, when analyzed closely, we can understand what the faith has done in their lives. Generally, there is an assumption about women playing minute and insignificant roles in the Bible. 

But the book brings out the significant and crucial roles of many women, bringing about historical changes. Queen Esther played an important role in saving her whole populace, Jael, a soldier, Deborah (an adjudicator), and Miriam (a diviner), being some among them. Mary Magdalene was the first to be the eyewitness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who became the first evangelist of the Christian religion. 

Beyond such well-known ones, others also seem to be less important, like a shepherdess who played vital roles in bringing up the leaders of the community of God. These women had been captivating and brilliant. They had to undergo turmoil in their life to fight to attain their faith and hope. These stories would surely bring us closer to our faith

Various values could be absorbed from different women in the stories. By reading about these experiences, we are being made to realize the importance of each one’s life, how they connect and to the reader, like fearlessness from Esther, optimism from Hannah, bravery from Rahab, and belief from Mary.

4. Don’t Miss Out: Daring to Believe Life is Better with the Holy Spirit

The book claims to have an outstanding experience about God and the impact of the Holy Spirit. The book tends to improve the self of someone suffering from loneliness and cannot make up with the things they desire them to be. She is an all-time devotee of Jesus once realized the power of the Holy Spirit from within. She expresses her thoughts pleasantly and gently through stories, exposing the importance of Spirit. She advocates several methods to strengthen the influence in day-to-day life. She directs the reader closer to Jesus and how these can bring about positive changes in life. 

5. Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

The book enhances the efforts to understand the truth of God if there are thoughts and mental activities out of control. It helps to overcome the unhelpful state of mind. The book has several approaches and plans put forward by the author Craig Groeschel in order to fight the negativity and self hesitation from within and thereby change the mentality and being in the long run. He deals with faith and emphasizes the scientific attributes of such kind of activity to the human mind. He gives importance to prayer to improve the state of mind and lead to a new person who lives life joyfully and contended. 

6. Jesus Over Everything: Uncomplicating the Daily Struggle to Put Jesus First

The author is a preacher of the Bible, who provides a practical aspect for all the hurdles that all humans have to face, and how to alter them to optimism for the future. She puts forth the importance of prioritizing Jesus above all in our lives and how it changes our lives and teaches us to lead a life that is simpler and more peaceful. All these lead to a change of perception of everything around us and make up our minds to choose wisely, not based on worldly desires. This will take us to a position where we place God in a very special place in our daily lives.

7. God Will Use This for Good: Surviving the Mess of Life

The author, Max Lucado, is a pastor who tries to explain why God gives us perils and sufferings. People tend to turn towards God when they face suffering and hardships in life. But the author’s perspective is that God uses this situation for something good. According to Max Lucado, God uses the chaos in our lives for good; some may be painful, whereas some may not. However, he tries to convince us to believe in God constantly, maintain trust and faith, and regular offering of prayers to make us stronger and jump above the difficulties that come our way. Ultimately, God designs only good to happen in everyone’s life, but we have to wait patiently for it.

8. Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God

The author tries to train the readers to listen to God in this ECPA Christian Book Award-winning book. He considers God as a ‘voice,’ who did wonders like parting the Red Sea, is the one trying to converse with every one of us. As from the Scripture, it is noted that He tries to talk to us through whispering, and it is to bring us closer to Him. 

We know through stories from the prehistoric period that God communicated with people in a variety of mystifying ways. It seems to be a bit difficult to digest this kind of thought in the present. The author believes strongly that He stills talks to all of us through his Love Language. The only thing is that we should interpret it and move forward with the right decisions. It can be in the form of a dream, soreness, people, wish, or anything we should understand. The author gives some techniques for finding meanings from these signs, listening to God, and accomplish our dreams.

9. When Women Pray: 10 Women of the Bible Who Changed the World Through Prayer

The author declares that women attain the supremacy that changes their life forever once they discover their vigor, curative abilities, and their feeling of influence in Christ.

The book had been the New York Times Bestseller, penned by Bishop T. D. Jakes. The book stresses the power of prayer. Prayer, especially by a woman, often stands to safeguard and reduce the pain of our minds while going through the difficulties faced by us or by our families. The women of today are completely different from the past, as they continue to succeed and empower in various facets of society. But they continue to pray like their ancestors for the well-being of their families. 

10. God’s Purpose for Your Life: 365 Devotions

Charles F. Stanley, in this beautiful book, explains the plans God has for each and every one of us and how special and magnificent they are. He gives constant guarantee throughout the book that the reader feels a sense of belongingness and extreme bonding with Christ. He enlightens us about the goals set up for us by God and the satisfaction we feel in conforming to God’s words. The author also emphasizes the importance of prayer in our daily living. The book is so comforting that it changes our outlook about life and to understand its intention. 

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