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Best Chemistry Books for Engineering Students

Engineering is a broad stream that needs application from every other sector of applied science, and chemistry is considered the core of it. A deeper understanding of chemistry would definitely help an engineer to be more beneficial and fruitful. Detailed knowledge about chemistry would certainly be a positive solution to many universal issues. Specifically for civil engineers, chemistry is a crucial topic as it describes the properties of building materials, their environment, and surroundings, their reaction with natural factors such as corroding and long-lasting capacity. When chemical engineers are concerned, they are into the development and designing of processes involved in the synthesis or use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, foods, and so on.

Whatever is done anywhere is considered chemistry. Be it inside the kitchen or at a construction site or inside a manufacturing company. Chemistry can be very well commented as the lessons of the whole lot around us. There is a list of books enlisted regarding the basics, and those features important to engineering available on Amazon.

1. Chemistry for Engineering Students by Lawrence S. Brown

Chemistry for Engineering Students by Lawrence S. Brown

The latest edition of the book has come with an improved and increased number of innovative problems along with its applications. It presents a brief, systematic, and significant introduction to chemistry preparing learners to move forward in the engineering sector. The highlight is the updated questions with its applications particularly aiming at the engineering domain. The core importance is for the interrelation between molecular properties and observable physical properties together with the connections between chemistry, mathematics, and physics. The book is additionally supported by the most extensively used online education system for chemistry; OWL.

2. Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, 9th Edition by Don Green 

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 9th Edition by Don Green

The well-celebrated chemical handbook for engineers had been of significant help for engineers for generations. They have proved successful in rendering crucial know-how, statistics, and approaches. This has been unquestionably the unmatched exposure of every single facet of chemical engineering. A variety of details regarding areas such as; chemical processes, reactor modeling, biological processes, biochemical and membrane separation, process, and chemical plant safety, are included in the detailing.

3. Chemistry for Engineering Students, Hybrid Edition by Lawrence S. Brown 

Chemistry for Engineering Students, Hybrid Edition by Lawrence S. Brown 

The excellent hybrid version of the book contains features and instructions for the description of chapter-wise questions along with their solutions. They are supported by the online learning system; OWLv2. Specialized programs are provided alongside the text to help them with powerful online resources that include lectures, simulations, randomized homework questions, videos, and an absolute interactive electronic edition of the textbook. The third edition of the book provides a short and snappy, systematic, and pertinent introduction to chemistry. This will help the learners to prepare further for their study in any engineering stream. The questions are updated more pointed towards engineering and also describes the connection between molecular properties and apparent physical properties furthermore the associations among chemistry and mathematics and physics. This version is also supported by OWL.

4. Foundations of College Chemistry, Student Solutions Manual by Morris Hein 

Foundations of College Chemistry, Student Solutions Manual by Morris Hein

The chemical concepts and problem-solving abilities are improved with apparent and reasonable elucidation. Getting the proper grip on the subject is indeed a difficult task. The ideas should be conveyed such that, it should be made applicable in order to succeed in it. There are worked-out problems to make the concepts even more clear. Conceptual questions help the learners to get into the relatable aspect of chemistry to other sciences which may become inevitable professionally. The basic chemistry is dealt with an innovative and self-paced guide for learning chemistry.  The knowledge is refreshed with the added on’s of the matter. Review questions are provided herewith along with quizzes to make sure of the materials that had been learned. 

5. Chemistry Made Easy: An Illustrated Study Guide For Students To Easily Learn Chemistry by NEDU

Chemistry Made Easy

The completely illustrated guide helping to study chemistry for the students helps in visualizing the ideas and making it easy to take up the subject from its core. Around 300 illustrations are provided to make the acquitting of the complex topics in chemistry simpler. The book helps to get the basic idea in a simplified manner, so that there is no need to be spending loads of time over something futile. The major concentration in the book is about the chapters concerning the matter. The further deeper study into the molecular, atomic and subatomic levels of it pulling out the fascination in them is what the book highlights.

6. Chemistry: Concepts and Problems, A Self-Teaching Guide, 3rd Edition by Richard Post

Chemistry: Concepts and Problems, A Self-Teaching Guide, 3rd Edition by Richard Post

It is the 3rd edition of the self-teaching guide which is a practical and wholesome steer to learn about the most important concepts and terms in chemistry. It is very easy to use and includes details about chemistry as a rudimentary science that covers biology, physics, electronics, environmental studies, and astronomy. This book helps in easy learning along with the updated topics of chemistry. It follows an interactive, self-teaching method with commonly occurring questions with answers. This will improve memory and retention of what has been learned. Self-testing methods and progress monitoring methods are incorporated in the book. It has taken up a fresh and successive approach to learning chemistry with no prerequisites and underlines the concepts ensuring the subject to be concreted for the lifetime. The book leads the learners to dive deep into concepts of practical need, critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-assessment.  

7. Practice Makes Perfect Chemistry Review and Workbook, Second Edition by Marian DeWane

Practice Makes Perfect Chemistry Review and Workbook, Second Edition by Marian DeWane

The book is about learning the interconnection between chemistry and other related topics. The chapters are well laid to help understand the lessons better in detail. A whole lot of exercises are provided to practice the understood concepts associated with the whole answer key sets to compare the answers with. The rudimentary terms for learning the subject and for expanding the knowledge are detailed with sample questions and their solutions. The learners can easily gain the confidence of getting a better grip on the chemistry concepts. This developed understanding can be applied to the skills in class works and in exams. The topics mastered include; structure of molecules, atomic structure, the periodic table, chemical formulas, chemical reactions, mass and mole relationships, gas laws, solutions, acids and bases, and thermochemistry.

8. Must Know High School Chemistry by John Moore

Must Know High School Chemistry by John Moore

The book is an extraordinary one with an exceptional approach to understanding chemistry as per the publishers. It has all the learners need in the accurate for ensuring the perfect understanding. The concepts are made absolutely simple and easy to make it retained in the memory. The learned knowledge acts as a base on which the further info can be built upon. The book is enriched with practice questions relatable to the classwork and exams, flashcards to reinforce the concepts once learned, and examples that push forward the basic concepts which are extremely essential. Special help is provided for more demanding chemistry subjects, counting on the mole concept, stoichiometry, and solutions. The ideas about the subject of chemistry are sure to be understood within a limited span of time.

9. Chemistry: The Central Science in SI Units by L. Brown 

Chemistry: The Central Science in SI Units by L. Brown

The foremost online tutorial and engagement system Mastering Chemistry is working together with the book to offer flawless and firmly incorporated videos and other prosperous transitional and evaluation all the way through the lessons. Once after the direct lessons from the instructors, it is supplemented with the book-specific Mastering Chemistry assignments with hints and answer- precise response that put together the skills of problem-solving. It is aimed at improving the results by rendering the scrutinized content. The significant concepts are explained and the students are motivated through questions. It evidently helps to increase the capabilities to deal with chemistry and math to have a better outlook regarding the general chemistry course.

10. Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheets: Chemistry Essentials Practice Workbook with Answers by Chris McMullen

Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheets: Chemistry Essentials Practice Workbook with Answers by Chris McMullen

The book takes us through mastering the art of balancing chemical equations which needs clear logical thinking. It is accomplished through completely solve examples with solutions detailed as a guiding source. A whole lot of chemical equations are delivered to ensure practiced learning. The pattern is such that, it starts off easy, and slowly progresses to the challenging ones. Pre-balancing exercises are also provided to ensure the counting skills before moving into the main ones. The book is not just for students, but can be used by anyone interested basically in math and science to strengthen their basics through puzzles and activities. Chapter-based reviews are also provided based on the application prospects of the concepts and ideas.

11. Chemistry Essentials for Dummies by John T. Moore

Chemistry Essentials for Dummies by John T. Moore

Chemistry being learned as part of the curriculum or part of another core subject, the book serves as a valuable and speedy reference item for the understanding of the elementary segments of chemistry. Only the major topics are focused with a separate explanation of important concepts usually taught in a high school level curriculum and includes;  bonds and reactions acids, bases, and the mole. This also helps as a guide for parents so that they can be of help for students in their home work assignments. A new series of the book is also in the market for helping those to refresh the concepts and for assistance in exam preparations.

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