Best Cheerleading Colleges in the U.S.

Cheerleading is an athletic endeavor, designated as a sport at many high schools and colleges. If you’re a cheerleader or just curious enough to know about college cheerleading, here are the best universities with the most competitive, popular, or noteworthy teams that country has ever seen!

We’re excited to present an updated list of the Best Cheerleading Colleges. Colleges recruit promising cheerleaders with campus-specific scholarship programs designed to lure top talent. As such, talented cheerleaders qualify for scholarships alongside other athletes.

Discover our complete methodology and choose the best one according to your need, interest, and requirements. Good luck!!

University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky cheerleading squad is one of the most successful collegiate cheerleading programs in the world. No other college cheerleading squad has dominated the Universal Cheerleaders Association National Championships like Kentucky. The University of Kentucky cheerleaders won their 22nd national championship at the Universal Cheerleaders Association competition Sunday in Orlando, Fla. The cheerleaders regularly attend University Athletics Association and Alumni Association functions. They also represent the University at many charitable and public relations’ events.

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University of Minnesota

The mission of the University of Minnesota Spirit Squad Coaching Staff is to serve and guide their student-athletes to academic and athletic excellence. Through their diverse qualities and characteristics, they will bring sincere care and instruction to their teams. Their end goal is to build intelligent, authentic, and selfless ambassadors of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Spirit Squads comprises the cheerleading organization at the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota. Being the first program ever to form worldwide, the University of Minnesota is consequently considered the “Birthplace of Cheerleading”. The Co-Ed and Small Co-Ed Cheer squads consist of both men and women, though size varies from year to year. The All-Girl Cheer squad consists of all women as members. The Minnesota Dance Team consists of 19 women dancers.

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University of Alabama

The cheerleading squads at Alabama University are ranked among the nation’s best consistently each year. Their cheerleading program consists of two teams: All Girl and Coed. The All-Girl team cheers for Women’s basketball games, Volleyball, Gymnastics, and home football games. The Coed team cheers for all home and away football games and Men’s basketball. Both teams compete each year at UCA College Nationals in January. Cheerleaders are expected to schedule their classes around the practice times determined by the coaches. In addition to practice, the cheerleaders are required to attend weekly workouts.

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University of Louisville

GymTyme is home to the University of Louisville Coed and All Girl cheerleaders! The University of Louisville cheerleaders is recognized in the cheer-community as one of most elite college programs in the country. GymTyme has a special relationship with the UofL cheerleaders as they share a coaching staff, they are home to the majority of their practices and they are proud to have trained numerous athletes to become UofL Cheerleaders.

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University of Central Florida

At the University of Central Florida, Team Organization the UCF Cheerleading Team typically consists of 16 men and 16 women. UCF is widely regarded as one of the premier programs in all of the college cheerleading. The team represents UCF at all home and away football games, men’s and women’s basketball games, all home volleyball matches and acts as ambassadors for the University of Central Florida in numerous community appearances each year. The UCF Cheerleading team travels to all away football games and postseason conference championships and tournaments. Scholarships ranging from $1000-$2000 per year are awarded to the top 16 new prospects and returning team members each year. The team is sponsored by Nike and as such, all practice attire, game uniforms, shoes, warm-ups, bags etc. are provided at no cost to the student.

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University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi is looking for dedicated candidates who are able to represent Ole Miss in a positive way on gameday, social media and in the community. This will include strong gameday performance, ability to lead the crowd, attitude/work ethic, professionalism/speaking skills, physical fitness, academic performance, stunting/tumbling execution, and appearance. All candidates must be accepted, currently enrolled or have a pending application to the University of Mississippi prior to tryouts.

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Louisiana State University

LSU Cheerleading is a major time commitment for both spring and fall semesters, as well as, the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring break. The Cheerleading year begins in mid-July with “pre-camp,” followed by a week at a UCA College Spirit Camp. The LSU Athletics Department pays all expenses directly associated with uniforms and athletic attire, as well as any cheerleading travel expenses. In addition, camp training fees are included. Cheerleaders have the opportunity to “letter” at LSU and receive letter jackets, plaques, etc.

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University of Southern California

USC Cheer takes cheerleading to the competitive world. Their primary goal is to represent the University of Southern California at competitions across the country. As a team representing USC, they focus on maintaining a strong work ethic, sense of dedication, and the traditions of their university in an environment that is fun and inspiring. Cheerleading experience is required. You must be enrolled as a full-time student for the academic year(s) you intend to be on the team. All members are expected to maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

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University of South Carolina

The South Carolina cheerleaders love supporting Gamecock Athletics and the University of South Carolina! The cheerleaders work hard throughout the entire year to represent the tradition and spirit of South Carolina! There are two very talented teams, Co-ed and All-Girl, that can be seen at Football games, Men’s and Women’s Basketball games, Volleyball games and numerous university and community events throughout the year! In addition, both teams show off their own talents at the NCA Collegiate National Championships each spring.

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Oklahoma State University

The OSU Athletic Department is the sole director and sponsor of the OSU Spirit Group. The OSU Spirit Group consists of- Coed Varsity Cheerleaders (approx. 30 members) Varsity Pom Squad (approx. 20 members) Pistol Pete (2 mascots). The purpose of the OSU Spirit Group is to support the athletic teams of OSU, encourage crowd participation, present a positive role model, communicate and socialize with alumni and fans, and attract positive attention to the university. The benefits you will reap from your experience as an OSU cheerleader are far too many to list, however, one of the more important things to know about the program is: you do not pay for anything cheerleading related.

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