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Best Charter Schools in Charlotte NC

A charter school is a school that receives funding but operates independently of the established state school system in which it is located. Charters schools in the USA have a long history of foundation and function as a major source of education and betterment in the country’s social and economic conditions. Basically, these charter schools have a mission of serving underserved communities that wish to have alternatives to their neighborhood school. If we have to trace its origin, then the history goes back to 1974 when the idea of charter schools happened, and since then, the quality of education imparted by these schools has only increased.

Minnesota and California happen to be the first states to pass Charter Schools, and now we can see these charter schools everywhere. In North Carolina, there is a total of 204 charter schools serving 130,485 students. If we have to calculate then, approximately 8% of North Carolina’s 1.55 million schoolchildren attend Charter schools. In 2020-21, seven new charter schools were opened.

North Carolina is a well-known center of education and skill. The charter schools here work on an ideology of creative teaching and offering quality education to young minds so that they can come up and show their learned abilities in the world that they have chosen to step in. Proving the students with opportunities that can help them grow and build their character is what these Charter Schools aim for.

So, we have made an effort to gather ten Charter Schools in North Carolina, have a look and select the one you find apt!

1. Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy is a non-profit K-8 public charter school that aims at offering opportunities to its students in all spheres and enhancing their potential, and helping them achieve success. The atmosphere of the school is highly positive and inspiring, which not only boosts the confidence of the children but also creates an environment of growth and dedication. The teachers, the facilities, the overall environment of the school is helpful in every manner and works together in the direction of achieving the set norms of quality performance by the students and teachers as well. It is regarded as the top best Public Middle School in North Carolina.

Founded in: 2000
Location: 5225 77 Center Drive, Charlotte, NC
Rank: #1
Contact: 704-503-1112
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2. The Magellan Charter School

Magellan Charter schools aim for Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity. The school was founded in 1997 on the idea that learning should be both informative and fun. The teaching program of the school carries many roles like exploration, experimental, participative, and interactive so that students can learn at their best. The students are encouraged and motivated to think and practice beyond books and question the established standards and points. Arts and other activities are valued in the curriculum, and students are provided enough space and facilities to grow in their area of interest.

Founded in: 1997
Location: 9324 Baileywick Road, Raleigh NC 
Rank: #2
Contact: 919-844-0277
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3. Woods Charter School

We all seek an environment for our children where they can grow and where they are nurtured like family. Woods Charter is one such school. The idea on which the school works is, involving each and every student in the school as they are at their home. The students are encouraged to bring forth their talent and also their weakness so that they can be polished too. The best part of the school is that it established an empathetic culture of acceptance, and because of which children are motivated to reach afar and fulfill their goals. The school is serving approximately 500 students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Founded in: 1998
Location: 160 Woodland Grove LaneChapel Hill, NC
Rank: #3
Contact: 919-960-8353
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4. Lake Norman Charter School

The school was founded in 1996 in Huntersville, North Carolina. It is one of the oldest and largest charter schools in the state. The Lake Norman Charter is divided into three schools; One for Grades K-4, Second for Grades 5-8, Third for Grades 9-12. The schools of Lake Norman Charter have received a grade of “A” from the state of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in 2021. The total strength of the school is approximately 2,100. The school aims at achieving its purpose of integrity and creativity. The school provides an environment of utmost growth and positivity where children can perform better while learning from the best available.

Founded in: 1996
Location: 10019 Hambright Road, Huntersville, NC
Rank: #4
Contact: 704-948-8600
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5. Triangle Math and Science Academy

Triangle Math and Science Academy is a public charter school that was established in 2012 by a group of public charter school advocates who were in support of effective, diverse, and well-funded public charter schools in North Carolina. The school is up to grade 10 from Kindergarten. Triangle offers a life-changing experience at the campus by supporting the dreams of children who have taken the courage of seeing for themselves a life that is not only beautiful but full of opportunities. Here, the children are appreciated for who they are because every child is special! The school has approximately 900 students. It is also ranked as one of the top High schools in North Carolina.

Founded in: 2012
Location: 312 Gregson Dr, Cary, NC 27511
Rank: #5
Contact: 919-388-0077
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6. Endeavor Charter School

Endeavor Charter School is a TK-12th grade public charter school. The school was founded in 2020 out of a resource center serving both Mountain Home School Charter and Glacier High School Charter. Endeavor Charter sums up its motives into three credentials and which are: Parents have to be an active leaders in their child’s education, the academic program of each student is personalized on the basis of his/her requirement, and the last is that Endeavor Charter School is committed to maintaining high expectations of excellence in both academic rigor and personal conduct for students, parents, and faculty.

Founded in: 2020
Location: 4879 One World Way, Wake Forest, NC 
Rank: #6
Contact: 919-848-0333
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7. The Expedition School

The Expedition School was established in 2006 in Hillsborough, North Carolina. The school functions with a vision of appreciating and awarding the curiosity and ability to be better each day. The school aims at empowering children and making them competent to lead society and create the world of their dreams. The school offers excellent and innovative education to students through experimental project-based learning and a STEM-focused curriculum. The school is for grades K-8. The school has approximately 400 students, and it is also ranked amongst the top best Public Middle Schools in North Carolina.

Founded in: 2006
Location: 437 Dimmocks Mill Rd, Suite 33, Hillsborough, NC 
Rank: #7
Contact: 919-245-8432
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8. Greensboro Academy

Greensboro Academy was founded in 1999. The school enrolls students from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. Greensboro Academy is ranked in top schools with math proficiency. In 2020, Greensboro Academy had an enrolment of over 780 students and aimed at providing the best education to its students by promoting learning with developed technology. The mission of the school is to offer an overall strategy to students for matching the need of society and the community—the school focus on the maximization of quality of results and performance by students through all the possible help.

Founded in: 1999
Location: 4049 Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27410
Rank: #8
Contact: 336-334-5243
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9. The Academy of Moore County

The Academy of Moore County is located in Aberdeen, North Carolina. The mission and philosophy of the school revolve around the best education being delivered to the children who are the future of tomorrow. The aim is to push forward the students who are capable of leading and creating miracles. The teachers support their students by simply considering them as their own and helping them with everything. The positive impact of a friendly nature by the teachers is very much essential for students, and the school aims at achieving it. The school encourages activities that can help students develop confidence and find out new ways to deal with a situation. This is one of the top-ranked Charter Schools with good academic performance.

Founded in: 2009
Location: 12588 Hwy 15-501 South, Aberdeen, NC
Rank: #9
Contact: 910-757-0401
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10. Summerfield Charter Academy

Summerfield Charter Academy was established in 2013. The central idea of the school is to build a society where students can be whatever they want to be, and the entire curriculum provides a suitable environment to make that happen with ease. The focus is laid upon the needs of the students, and everybody is given importance because the process of offering lessons is considerably enjoyed and valued. The school work on the path of character building and teaching moral values that the students can become an important and part of the society by shaping it positively. The school serves around 800 students between grades K-8.

Founded in: 2013
Location:220 N Summerfield, NC
Rank: #10
Contact: 336-643-1974
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