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Best Chapter Books for 3rd Graders

Books are the best companions of every human to improve the quality of behavior and way of thinking. Reading brings happiness and relaxation to our minds and make the mind free from worries and anxiety. It also helps to improve the communication skills, vocabulary, self-confidence, imagination and creativity. The experiences earned through reading enhances the problem-solving abilities and aids to face challenges in life boldly and positively.

In case of children, books take them into a completely different world of thoughts and understanding about the world outside their homes. It helps improve their reading, writing and speaking skills along with the enhancing of remembrance and intellect, making the reader smarter in every which way.

Books are the best way to advance from the state of self-centeredness to an empathetic pattern in order to understand the conditions of others and have a broader perspective of the universe.

Chapter books to be precise is a story book by itself recommended for intermediate readers coming under the age group of 7-10. The illustrations are generally less and more emphasis is given on text, but pictures and colorful presentations will be there when compared to books for the adult readers.Chapter books provide profound basis for establishing the child’s language command and conception. It even greatly improves the retention abilities of the child, and also advance the capacity to start writing on their own.

Several such books are available online through Amazon;

1. Wish

The book is the best pick for those who love animals madly. It sis the story about a girl Charlie Reese who is 11-year old and Wishbone, who is a stray skinny dog. The life of Charlie Reese about struggles, her wishes which needed to be fulfilled and her life being completely uprooted to an entirely different place. There she tends to meet up with the so-called Wishbone and a neighbor boy named Howard. The events that follow are rather surprisingin many a wayand putting her at risk.

The book had been New York Times best-seller and is sure to be a warm story where ultimately Charlie gets the life she wished for with the help from an expected friend, an uncle and aunt, and the dog she had always dreamt of.

2. Emily Windsnap: Six Swishy Tails Of Land And Sea

The book surely takes the readers through an enchanting journey of exploration and magic. There are a set of 6 stories which sparkle in their own magical way. The story of Emily is depicted in the book where she fights with an identity crisis when she discovers that she is half-human, half-mermaid. The book actually mirrors the confusion that children tend to face at a particular age trying to figure out their actual identity. The book is stuffed with extravagant swimming tricks, enchanting magic and much more.

3. Unicorn Academy: Rainbow Of Adventure

The book is really an enchanted one where the main character gets to befriend a charming unicorn as a best friend. The story happens at the so called place called Unicorn Academy where each and every student gets a sweet unicorn all for themselves. Each of the unicorn is different in its own way through magical properties. Some could fly, some could go invisible, whereas somecould create fire. In order to understand the special power of the unicorn each one got; the children should first try to build a strong relationship with the unicorn. The storyunderlines the importance of friendship.

4. The Secret Lake: A Children’s Mystery Adventure

With the extraordinary specialties like twits and unexpected suspense, the book is sure to be a pick of the lot for both boys and girls. The story moves around certain happenings and occurrences with reference to aundisclosed lake, a secretedpassageway and a missing dog. This exceptional story of time travel is for sure going to put the readers at the edge of their seats while reading. The characters Stella and her brother Tom moves to their new home in London and seem to be bewildered when their neighbor’s dog goes missing every now and then and reappears in a wet state. The story opens out to a time travel sequel when they go in search of the secrets behind the happenings. It can be categorized as an adventure category with inclusive mysterious happenings with contemporary turns making it a truly mind blowing one.

5. The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions

The story is a kidnapping mystery solving where animals are the main characters. Dawn; a thoughtful fox, Tobin; a charming pangolin, and a tiny sugar glider Bismark are up to the mission to solve the mystery behind the kidnappings which occur without leaving even a hint. The attraction of the book is the combination of the three unexpected animals being clubbed together for a reason worth working for. They make it a success with their bond, cooperation and wit.They also get help from wacky bats, a calm wombat, a nervous jerboa and a crew of coyotes.  Their expedition to the deep areas of the earth and by playing of weird high-risk games they tend to survive and control their existence.The book is perfect for children in the age groups 9-12 and is rather attractive with its presentations and colorful pictures. 

6. Trapped In A Video Game

The thrilling and terrifying book where Jesse Rigsby, the hero of our story gets stuck inside a video game and has to go through the roughexplorations posed for him inside it. The book is for sure a pretty attractive one for those kids who are mad about video games.The book comes as set of five where each one is more the better than the previous. It follows an action-packed, fun filled with a twisted design making the reader grab the next subsequently. The book brings out the idea that getting stuck inside a video game is not enjoyable as assumed it would be.

Jesse and his friend Eric get stuck in the game named FULL BLAST, where they are terrorized by the insane creatures inside the game. The story line follows the plotting of the escape plan by the characters, otherwise will be trapped inside forever. The book opens out the necessity of maintaining the over addiction of children to videogames, and the harsh reality when they have to come face to face in reality with them (if ever).

7. I Was A Third Grade Spy

The interesting and a kind of seriously fictious story about a dog who has the unique ability to talk. The dog Arful is the pet of Josh and is used by the hero to spy on others with regard to the preparations done for an upcoming competition in school. The story creates an unbelievable situation in the story at the ability of a dog who can spy on others.The story progresses when Josh uses Arful to find out the activities planned by the girls’ team for the contest. The suspense uncovers when the real show time begins!

8. The Bad Guys

The book had been the New York Times bestseller, and is going to be a movie flick and is the kind which we regret for not getting to read during our childhood days. The story revolves around wannabe heroes who seem to be The Bad Guys. They are but real heroes trying to be of help who those who are in need.The readers who are fans of Dog Man and Captain Underpants are sure to be mesmerized by the book. The book is depicted in such a hilarious way and the picturization of the ‘bad’ benefactors, would make our stomachs to bounce out.

9. Crenshaw

The book is an unimaginable tale depicting the importance of friends in everybody’s life, whether it is a real one or an imaginary comrade. The story is a touching one with painful sequences where Jackson, our hero finds conciliation in his imaginary friend, Crenshaw who is believed to be an enormous,opinionated cat.Jackson and his family seem to be going through a really tough period where they have lost everything and there is nothing to look up to. The author takes her work as an opportunity to express the importance of a friend in everybody’s life to help overcome the worries faced in life.

10. What Should Darla Do?

The book is about Darla a young aspiring astronaut-in-training who is on an adventure along with Darla which would be an exciting experience for the young readers.Her character seems adorable and charming which attracts the young minds to be with her for her preparational activities.Her wish is to explore Mars like her doll named Astronauticasomeday.Prior to the big day, she should learn to cross several practice events which seem significant to the regular scenarios that kids face in their everyday life.There is a collection of eight stories which are prepared in a particular format where the children have the freedom to choose their own kind and provide help to Darla to overcome the training events through her day with complete fun and frolic.

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