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Best Chapter Books For 2nd Graders

A chapter book is similar any kind of story books, but it is divided into -different chapters. The children coming under the age group of 7-10 are the category which shows interest in these books. The book has an intermediate kind of illustrations where the way of telling the story is not completely through depictions and illustrations, and not completely filled with text and prose. They have enough picturization and sufficient text to attract the specified age category. These kinds of books helps improve the reading skills and inculcate imagination and creativity. The chapter book series always serve up significant reasons to read them. They give the readers space to stop and assimilate the information of each chapter and indicate changeover.

Sometimes there might be a shift in location, the hero or heroine starting off on a new expedition or ending of a story and starting of another. The children receive a solid establishment for increasing the concentration of students and there by empowering expression of thoughts, command and reading skills. The chapter books are really appreciable in inculcating the listening and remembering abilities of the reader.  Reading such books would make the imagination of the reader go wild and even start writing small ideas popping inside their minds.

These are intended for children of the age group of seven to ten years and is filled with extremely colorful illustrations which is just in line with the interest of the intermediate readers, not too lees or too much of it.

Reading on a holistic basis increases the mental, emotional and psychological growth. Each book imparts different chances of excellence and understanding converting the children completely into smarter and passionate kids.

Reading such books aloud to children can likewise enrich their listening skills and subsequent understanding of the terms in the story. Books generally help any reader to have an open mind and to take everything lightly and positively for establishment of better connection with others.  The view about the world is changed and they try to understand the feelings and emotions of others, when a reader indulges in a book. It enhances the understanding and responsiveness of similar circumstances. Reading increases the self-reliance and confidence about self and thereby improving the inventiveness and thoughtfulness with optimistic thinking.

1. Amelia Bedelia

The book comes in an awesome package with not only stories but also a paper doll accompanying. It is humorously expressed which includes she getting herself a dog as a pet, she learns how to dance, she manages to be in a camp and lot more of such witty stuff to be a perfect gift for a tiny tot. The set consists of 12 books which had been the New York Times best seller among the other series of Amelia Bedelia. The character is a young girl and the story progresses with her featuring the funny family and friendship situations. The book is not only an entertainer, but also something really informative regarding the usage of idioms which can be of use for the young readers.

2. Ivy And Bean’s Treasure Box

The book says the story of two spirited and unafraid second graders and is delivered as a set of three books in the beginning.  Ivy and Bean are the above mentioned audacious young friends who were never destined to like one and another. The characters of both of them are completely the opposite. Ivy being strident, feral and ludicrous and forever nudged into other people’s dealings; on the other hand Bean was always calm and prolific and she was always behind the act of becoming a witch. Both of the girls thought that that the other was bizarre and strange. They could never even imagine finding a friend in the other. But often opposite and unexpected things ought to happen. The book gives a detailed and interesting description about both the characters and also about the treasure box unrevealing with a pretty fresh revelation inside.  The creator is one among the bestselling authors for children and adults and has an extra 5 million copies in print.

3. Magic Tree House

The book has been categorized as one of the bestselling chapter book series. There are a set of different stories, all of which related to time travel. The main characters Jack and Annie find out a mysterious tree house surrounded by magic in the forest. Once after they enter, they are taken through time back into the past, seeing them to be in the phase of dinosaurs, a primitive castle, olden pyramids, and pirates reaching out for riches, jewels and wealth. The book is exactly something that can be treasured and a perfect gift for our loved tiny tots.

4. Charlotte’s Web

The book categorized as a beloved selection among the children’s literature classics. The story weaves the relationship between a spider Charlotte in a web and a piglet named Wilbur. They try to develop a friendship together as Wilbur is badly in need of a buddy. The story also indicates the relationship with a girl, Fern who saved his life from the rubbish as he was born as a weak offspring among the others of the group.  The novel speaks high about companionship, love, life and bereavement and is a wonderful book that can be sustained through future generations to have a wonderful reading experience.

5. The Never Girls

The book relishes in bringing about the wishes of four best friends to come true; their biggest wish being fluffing off to Never Land, which is the home to Tinker Bell and the fairy comrades. The novel comes in a gorgeous pack with four stories. This book is an apt pick for children of 6-10 years of age.  

6. Junie B. Jones

The novel is a #1 best seller by New York Times in the category of chapter book series. The story is about a hilarious preschooler. The book is the ideal present for little bookworms. It makes the reader laugh the heart out with each page in the book. There are small and silly things depicted in the book, which ignites the innocent minds. It gives them quite a reading experience and increases the tendency to read more.  

7. The Best Seat In Second Grade

The story of Sam who enjoyed an elite seat in the class very next to George, the class pet Hamster is depicted in the book. The narrative progresses into the Hamster getting escaped into a science museum’s hamster habitat during one of the class field trips from Sam’s pocket. The illustrations are made with the help of watercolor works, and it brought to life all the students of the class along with their hamster pet. The book acts as a supporting stage for the children to improve their vocabulary and reading abilities and is for certain that it develops the capacity of the readers in every positive way it could.

8. Ellray Jakes The Recess King!

EllRay Jakes the Recess King

The extensively innocent amusing story of EllRay trying to make and maintain friends during the intervals as he is considered as the Recess King is the core of the story. He is eight years old and he is out there to conduct an audition for the selection of friends. This is compared to the way that his sister opts for when she does the same for the roles for the spring play at her day care. The different ways that Ell Ray takes up that too in much of an entertaining and comical way in order to attract friends towards him to increase the number of his best friends.

9. My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

The book set is surely considered as one of the indispensible chapter book series rated best by New York Times best selling writer  Mo O’Hara. This wild and endearing tale about Tom and his Big Fat Zombie Goldfish seems to be attractive and amusing to the young minds. Tom gives the life back to the Goldfish with the help of a battery which he considers as one of the best things he had done in his life.  The zombie goldfish now seem to possess extraordinary and mesmerizing abilities which were considered as something astonishing for a pet to own.  He finds it as a relief and liberation to have a powerful pet beside him when he has to live with a brother who is also a wicked scientist who makes plans which need customary dissolution. The implausible journey of the brothers through various vengeance filled plans and Super Zombie Electric Eel and other mystical pets.

10. Reading Success For Minecrafters

The undisputable love for games among children is their passion towards Minecraft. So the idea behind the book was to incorporate the learning process with Minecraft. The book is made in such a manner that it has textures and appearances of the characters and surroundings from the game. These are powerful enough to strengthen the reading skills as per the standards of common state core.  The illustrations of the book seem to be bright and vibrant. The pages for practicing exercises include reading passages incorporating diamond swords, potions, skeletons, zombies and creepers to add a level of excitement to reading moment. It has surely found to improve the spelling and reading command and to improve the confidence of the reader. The pages can be selected based on the interest of the reader, and the reading and exercising becomes extremely challenging and exciting altogether to make the reading process even more thrilling. The reader attains an exceptional improvement in academics as well as in the enlightening level.  

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