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Best Chapter Books for 1st Graders

First graders are children who belong to the age group from 6 – 7. They are starting to read words and small sentences. The importance of using the capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and the use of punctuation are beginning to be used in this period of time. They start to talk about their reading topic and its details making the listeners understand the level of comprehension. The crucial time for shaping out the appearance and sound of words is the age of first graders. They acquire the capability to develop a sense of excitement at this age. The relation between a sound and a letter, seeing the patterns of spelling words, and gaining knowledge of correctly pronouncing words are most of the characteristics of a first-grader. They attain the ability to read sight words and understand the difference between a fictional and a non-fictional matter, know about rhyming words, and know about the alphabets, and take interest in finding out new words and thereby leading to the reading of simpler books.

1. Lots of Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids

The book is filled with jokes, yes; a collection of them to read and get overjoyed. It not only consists of jokes, but also tongue twisters, questions and answers, family jokes, riddles and is perfected with wonderful picturization. It is well fit for kids around 6 to 10 years of age. The book is worth a time killer and relaxant during boring travels or other such uninteresting situations. It is sure makes everybody laugh out of their hearts. It should be provided to every kid to help him/her to laugh out loud, exhale side-splittingly, and be out of breath.  These jokes are all ranked according to their age group that there is no chance of getting negative messages from such jokes. The child is sure to enjoy it to the fullest by reading the book.

2. The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids

A book on jokes is definitely a tension releaser and motivates the child to read more. There are around 800 or more jokes which might seem silly but are of course able to amuse every bone in the body. The book is filled with riddles, tongue twisters, and the comical aspect to share and enjoy and relish again and again. Along with the jokes, there are also fun facts, along with hilarious illustrations to append to the laughter. The book is so addictive that the reader could seldom put it down, and also adds up to the understanding of joke writing skills, usages of punch lines, and handling of story backdrops. The child develops a sense of humor, understanding, and a really strong reading habit through the book.

3. Silly Milly 

The book is so attractive with the pictures and representations to magnetize the children of the age. It is a level 1 book for those who have just started to read. It is complemented with an immense name, huge entertainment, and a big illustrator. The book is completely like a riddle about Miss Milly and her likes and the reason behind the like towards the things mentioned in the riddle. It is in the form of question format with added answers. The reason behind the attraction is the love for double letters in each of the words that depict the thing liked by Miss Milly. Green, butter, seeds, umbrellas are some of such double-letter words. This indirectly improves the vocabulary of the child too. 

4. Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids

The child is enriched with activities pertaining to the engineering skills inside them. It is a fine choice for children between 5 and 10 years of age. It helps improve imagination and inquisitiveness. The book is filled with exercises that arouse interest in engineering and they learn about the various working principles and methods. Around 50 STEAM exercises are planned for kids with systematic guidance, colorful illustrations, and simple experiments with explanations of the working process. The book contains activities which can be done on their own like making a tower using toothpicks, phones from paper cups. Learning is accomplished through playing. These techniques enable them to solve issues and improve their thinking ability. The topics are based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The job profile of engineers in various domains and the kind of work done by them all are explained as per the understanding level of the kids. These will surely enhance their creativity, growth, and comprehension making the book a must-buy.

5. Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid

Here, a unique box of three books is inserted all together in a comical small packaged set. The stories are about Judy Moody who is concerned most of the time about the reason why he does not grow. He is worried about all his classmates growing up so fast, and he remains the same. He is up with several tricks to make others feel that he is growing. He turns his hair into a spike and always prefers to wear striped trousers to enhance his thoughts.

6. Goggles: The Bear Who Dreamed of Flying 

The most touching and cheering story of a cute small bear that is completed whelmed with an enormous dream. His biggest dream is to fly even if he is too small to do that. He is so optimistic that he always wears flying goggles all the time expecting to get an opportunity at any time possible. He even lands with the name ‘Goggles’ because of this strange habit. The story progresses to see how or whether his dream would come true through an unusual and special secret. The book is apt for children of age group 3 to 7 and is an excellent choice of a picture book for parents and grandparents. The book is for sure a motivator for children to embark on their imagination and pursue their dreams. There are special effects tricks on each page holding the children close to each page of the book such as hidden bears in clouds, a naughty mouse on all pages, a wonderful airplane, and a magical honey jar. Moreover, an emphasis is given to the Wright Brothers who had given the initial lessons on flying. The pages are enriched with colorful pictures of the same. The rest of the books in the series comprise a teddy bear picnic, bear magic, and bear pirates. The book is considered as something to be treasured. ‘GOGGLES’ is the perfect pick for every child to follow an adventurous journey.

7. Narwhal and Jelly Box

The book has been the New York Times bestseller and is available in an incredible set of the paperback box which is complimented with a poster as an additional benefit. There are books in the series, and all are exceedingly enjoyable which are in the format of graphical novels and filled with spirit, comradeship, and lighthearted escapade. The books are completely adventurous and are sure to take the young vibrant readers to the next level of entertainment.

8. Never Let a Unicorn Scribble!

The reader is made to wonder about the abilities of a unicorn to scribble. The girl who is the main character tries to practice her unicorn to scribble, even though all around her are cautioning her to not let the unicorn scribble. She realizes the ultimate beauty of the scribbling by a unicorn and that is why she is meticulously trying to make her unicorn do so. But on the go, she understands that it is not an uncomplicated task. However, she is not ready to give up on it and finally comes up with a superior method to make her unicorn scribble by using her imagination. The result was exasperating at the end, even supposing it was tragic in the beginning. The book is a must-read for any child of the age to travel through a truly magical and mystic voyage.

9. Fancy Nancy and the Quest for the Unicorn

The book is not only a fantastic story about an even fancier unicorn but also supplemented with attractive stickers to keep the children occupied and amused. This is especially for those children who are more fascinated by the belief in the existence of unicorns. The story is about children Nancy, Bree, Freddy, and Jojo who are set on an expedition to find a unicorn.  Nancy and Bree seem to be supreme about the details of unicorns and the other two children want to have fun along. The story is like a pursuit were after following the trails of glitter, and not finding a unicorn but not getting disappointed. But the sisters are all set to find out one. What happens further forms the rest of the story.

10. Learn to Draw Dinosaurs! (Easy Step-by-Step Drawing Guide) (Young Artist Series)

The book is a practicing text for learning to draw dinosaurs of different kinds. It is specifically equipped with clear instructions in a step-by-step manner. The drawing practice is done with the help of red lines. The children get used to the ways of drawing a variety of dinosaurs. Confidence is built with developing drawing skills. The pages are colorfully illustrated and provided with outlines. There are enough and more pages for practice for children 6 and above. The kids become experts in drawing as they are given training with tracing pages so that they are able to draw basic shapes on their own and make them more naturalistic with their unique backgrounds.

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