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Best CFP Review Courses

Just like how bar examination is for law graduates and USMLE examination is for medical students, CFP is for the students from the financial industry. Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is one of the hardest examinations in the USA.  To successfully crack the CFP test, it is indispensable to choose a proper path. Generally, CFP is offered 3 times per year in order to train the finance laypersons. Moreover, having the financial planning certificate builds great confidence in you as well as for the clients since you have met the rigorous standards of the CFP Board and are committed to their needs.

CFP has become very important to get a good job as well as good pay. So choosing the right financial planner certification course will be the right thing to do. Generally, most of the programs for CFP are pretty expensive; don’t worry about it, this article is a god-sent for you. I have enlisted the top 10 CFP programs available on the internet which are affordable, flexible, reputed, and standard. So what are you waiting for? Let us dive into it!

1. Courses by Dalton Education

The program offered by Dalton online education is considered to be the overall best provider for preparing for the CFP test. The highlight of this course is, for the starters they offer a money-back guarantee which increases the credibility of the program. And further, they allow you to take many reviews to track your progress, requiring no additional charges.

The course options offered by Dalton are unique compared to the rest of the programs. It is more like a gamble. Dalton has two exam prep course options: one with a pass guarantee for $2,195 and one without for $1,395. Even though it is quite expensive, the stakes we hold gives us confidence.

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2. CFP Exam Prep by Brett Danko

Brett Danko is a specialist in this industry. He is the Boston Institute of Finance’s course provider. Brett offers highly engaging live video classes that will keep the students hooked. He has almost 20 years of guiding students in preparing for the CFP exam.

Critics say the course is designed in a way that primarily focuses on passing the exam and not how to be a great CFP. With a great instructor like Brett, students do expect an idol approach towards preparing for the test. however, The course costs 1795 dollars for the Signature exam prep which will provide one on one approach, mentor approach, and personalized study plan.

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3. Courses by Zahn Associates

If you are looking for a top-notch live in-person course for your preparation, this is the right course for you. Zahn Associates provides an astonishing pass rate of 10 percent more than the national passing rate. They offer personalized study plans considering each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike Dalton’s education, they do not provide any guaranteed sort of motivation. However, for $1,045, you will receive two pre-study books, a live four-day review class with a CFP professional, case studios, videos, and a study plan for your post-study work. A total of 60 to 80hours of post-study preparation videos can be expected throughout the course.

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4. CFP® Exam Prep Review by Kaplan Financial Education

Kaplan financial education is the division of the top-rated Kaplan University. If you are on a budget and you are looking for a self-paced course that focuses on the study and not the exam, this is the right course for you. The essential review program is just $449 which is pretty economical than most of the courses offered online.

Within the package, they offer seven review books, a Performance tracker to show areas of strength and weakness, and Email access to the instructor. Some reviews do mention that the Kaplan CFP prep program has an overwhelming amount of materials that could dry out the preparation.

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5. CFP Exam Prep Review by Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University is a public research university based in Boca Raton, Florida. They offer comprehensive CFP exam prep requirements at the university. The course is guided through one of the renowned faculties of the University. This course is rated as the best value for the money.

At just 850 dollars, you will get the books needed for the prep. Moreover, each instructor is a practicing CFP, so they can help you understand real-world applications of what you’re learning.  The program also includes online mock exams to step up your preparation game.

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6. CFP® Exam by Wiley Efficient Learning

The most affordable program offered is by Wiley Efficient Learning. the course is just 445 dollars and will give you all the necessary materials for the preparation for the CFP exam. They offer both live online classes as well as on-demand video classes. You can also buy access to the question test bank with over 850 exam questions, study guide, and mock exam separately.

With over 200 years of education experience, the Sedona, Arizona-based Company offers exam prep courses for accounting and finance professionals. This course is highly endorsed.

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7. CFP by Pocket Prep

Pocket Prep is the handiest way to prepare for the CFP test. They offer 700 CFP exam questions for practicing on the go on your phone or tablet to earn the top nod in this category. Pocket Prep application offers a course dashboard to track your progress and design your prep journey accordingly.

CFP Pocket Prep has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in the App Store based on 411 ratings. Moreover, it is a Washington-based company having experience with more than 10years of. The cost is comparatively reasonable: The Premium Prep costs $29.99 per month, $71.99 per quarter, and $179.99 per year.

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8. CFP Review by APNACourse

With a great number of quality lectures, they provide a comprehensive course on CFP preparation. This prep journey can also be accessed through ApnaCourse’s application on the app store. The only disadvantage of this course is they do not provide any pass guarantee since they are middlemen. However, the individual courses provided by this company for CFP review come with their support channels.

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9. CFP Review by Keir Financial Education

Keir Financial Education offers the top-rated audio content for the preparation of the CFP test. Keir offers something which most of the online providers lack: Calculator instructions. Keir concerns the calculations and formulas commonly used in financial planning will help you ace the exam.

Moreover, Keir involves 20+ hours of audio content discussing the ins and outs of financial planning in great detail. If you are an individual on a tight budget, this is the right course for you. Although the audio content is top-notch, it does not match the quality of education from the video content.

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10. CFP Review by College for Financial Planning

The College for Finance Planning offers a top-notch CFP review and preparation course which will guarantee that you will ace your exam. Their video lectures are all optimized in a way that will help you prepare in compatible tablets as well as mobile phones.

Adding a cherry to the top, they also offer great discounts. Students can save money on both initial study courses for the CFP exam and CPE material. The tools and study materials offered by the College for Finance Planning are worth every single penny as well as your time. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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