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Best Certification Courses for Marketing

In a world where only,those things get sold which attract the eyes of the consumer, marketing and advertising of a commodity is the most essential part of any business or organization. Marketing is not only important for the customer’s knowledge of your product but it also allows businesses to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers and sustain the company’s presence in every changing market. Studying marketing helps a student to learn the different aspects for promotion and sales of a product or services. You learn to identify new trends in marketing industry and generate new idea to enhance the sales of your product.

In today’s digital world knowing marketing skills and having a certificate has become an important addition to your skill sets. Organizations are hiring people with multiple skills and a marketing certificate can add extra points to your resume. An online marketing certificate can teach you necessary marketing skills such as media marketing, market research and strategic brand management, search engine optimization and customer development and prepare you for entry-level roles. Having a marketing certificate can also spike the chances of increased salary.

You can find a wide range of websites online to get a marketing certificate, but knowing which one is right and feasible can be difficult. Browsing through the internet to find that right one can become hectic, but no need for you to worry. You need not look anywhere else because we have a list of best online marketing certificates sorted out right here just for you. Scroll down below and click on the given link to apply to anyone of the best online certificate course.

1. Product Marketing: Research, Consumer Behavior and Analytics by GetSmarter

Northwestern University offers a course in marketing with the name “Product Marketing: Research, consumer behaviour and analytics”. It is a 6 weeks long online marketing course requiring 6-8 hours per week for its completion on time. During the duration of this course, you will learn what factors undermine a consumer to buy any product and their expectations from a company. You’ll learn to use descriptive and predictive analytics to identify, target and engage any consumer. You’ll learn to develop a successful product strategy for the growth of your business. This course is available at digital learning platform get smarter for $1900 only. To access it click on the link below.

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2. Digital Marketing: A Strategic Perspective by GetSmarter

Yale School of Management Executive Education provides a digital marketing course through an online platform to get smarter. The course “Digital Marketing: A Strategic Perspective” is available at $2600 only. It is an 8 weeks long program that builds on your marketing skills in the digital world. In this course, you get to explore the key tools required for digital marketing, how social media can be used to increase your consumer numbers, and now use analytics successfully on various digital media platforms. Even if you are someone already working in the sales and marketing field, doing this course will give you a better understanding of the emerging world of digital marketing and boost up your resume. To gain access to this course click on the link below.

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3. Direct Marketing Certificate by Ferris State University

Ferris State University is offering a Direct Marketing Certificate course which is sure to boost up your career. In this course you’ll learn the concept and application of database-driven marketing methods including the use of direct marketing in planning, promoting, merchandising your product, and fulfilling the needs of customers. You’ll learn to target the right audience and execute your plan successfully. You’ll learn to see direct marketing as an overall business and the techniques required for direct marketing of a product or service. You’ll learn B2B and B2C marketing skills. If you want to gain access to this amazing course from the comfort of your home click the link below.

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4. Introduction to Marketing by Coursera

Wharton University is providing a marketing course named “Introduction to Marketing” through the e-learning platform Coursera. This online course is taught by 3 of Wharton’s top faculty members in the department of marketing and you can enroll in this course for free. In this course, you’ll learn basic principles of branding, customer centricity, and go-to-market strategies. You’ll learn to make effective marketing strategies and their execution to increase your customers. This course is approx. 10 hours long and you have the option to complete it at your own pace. To enroll in this course today click on the link below.

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5. Marketing Management I by Coursera

Marketing Management is a two-part online course provided by the University of Illinois through the digital learning platform Coursera. Through this course, you’ll learn how marketing for any product or service builds on a comprehensive understanding of customer’s behavior to build product value. You’ll get to learn key elements of marketing and how to use them to interact with customers. You’ll learn to use different analytical frameworks and planning a marketing proposal. You’ll also learn to create persuasive advertising pieces and how to execute them. To gain access to this course today click on the given link. 

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6. Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing by EdX

It is a self-paced online course offered by the University System of Maryland through Edx. This is a digital marketing course for 4 months for $1709. In this course, you’ll learn varied digital marketing platforms, web analytics, and how to leverage SEO and SEM strategies to your benefit. You’ll learn how to develop an online advertising ecosystem complete with social media and media big data analysis for successful selling of your product or service. Click on the link below to apply to this course. 

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7. Marketing Strategy Specialization by Coursera

IE is offering a marketing specialization course on Coursera named “Marketing Strategy Specialization”. This course covers the fundamental concepts and tools needed for the successful development of a marketing strategy for a business, product, or service. You learn main marketing research techniques and understanding consumer needs and how to correctly segment, target, and position your product using this information to achieve success. You learn the 4 famous Ps of product, promotion, price, and place and how to analyze these areas in marketing. Your final project in this course will be developing a marketing plan for any product or service after completion of which you will receive your certificate. To access this course, click on the link below enrollment in it is free.

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8. Marketing by GetSmarter 

UCT is offering an online course on marketing through getting smart for $1015 only. It is a 10 weeks program covering the fundamentals of marketing management. You’ll get to observe a holistic approach to marketing and sharpen your marketing skills. You’ll learn to create marketing goals, developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy of marketing and creating customers personas, and leveraging them towards your product or service. You’ll get a chance to apply your learning of different fictional products given to you throughout the course. To apply click on the link below.

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9. Marketing by Mountgomery County Community College

MCCC is offering an online marketing course with total of 30 credit hours. This course provides fundamental knowledge of marketing concepts, necessary marketing skills required for brand building, and proficient communication skills. This program is made for both students and people who are already employed. To apply for this course, click on the link below.

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10. Undergraduate Certificate in Marketing by Thomas Edison State University

This university provides an undergraduate certificate program in marketing which is an 18-credit course providing students with a solid foundation in the field of marketing. In this course, you’ll get to learn the basics of marketing and advertising and creating a successful marketing plan to sell your product. This course can also be converted into the Marketing Degree program at Thomas Edison State University. To apply to this course, click on the provided link.

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