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Best Cardiology Board Review Courses

Cardiology board review for initial certification and recertification is one of the most demanded courses on web search. The CVBR (Cardiovascular Board Review for Initial Certification and Recertification) is a course that gives an overall perspective for cardiologists and internists with cardiovascular machines.  This course will guide you to pass the CVBR test, which is conducted online.

Generally, cardiology means A cardiologist will review a patient’s medical history and carry out a physical examination. If you are a cardiologist or cardiovascular fellow, or even a general internist, these courses will help you ace the examination. In this article, I have curated the top 10 courses offered by the best educational platforms on CVBR. Cardiology Board Review is designed for fellows and physicians within two years of their next General Cardiology board or recertification exam. So what are you waiting for? Become the best cardiologist already!

1. Cardiology Board Review Courses by Mayo Clinic

The Cardiovascular Board Review for Initial Certification and Recertification offered by Mayo Clinic is a top-class course that costs around 800-900 dollars. The course is offered in two credit types. The former is AMA PRA Category 46.5, and the latter is  ABIM MOC 46.5. it is a Livestream course that gives a first-class virtual experience

The best cardiologists and industrial experts instruct the course. Additionally, Each lecture will be followed by a question and answer session with an audience response system. Thus, the course gives a great practical approach to learning about the CVBR.

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2. Cardiology Board Review Course by K2P

This live instructor-led course is offered by the top online platform- K2P, which delivers individual learning and promotes mastery. The course starts at 775 dollars per year. However, there is a free trial option so that you can give it a shot and see if this program works for you.

The nation’s top cardiologists bring their expertise to you and your board’s preparation. Moreover, the course gives a 100 percent guarantee of passing the examination, which is not usual. Moreover,r the complete course is aligned and tailored according to the ABIM blueprint. So you don’t have to prepare for the examination separately. This course will do everything for you.

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3. Cardiology Board Review Courses by American College of Cardiology Foundation

American College of Cardiology Foundation’s Cardiovascular Overview and Board Prep Virtual Experience is the best in the biz. The course is very concise and gives a fun approach towards exam preparation as well as information analysis. In addition, the course provides an ECG  has the drill & Practice to improve your interpretive skills in the ECG test.

The course is designed according to the contents of ABIM Cardiovascular Disease Initial Certification and Maintenance of Certification Exams. Additionally, they give you a study roadmap which breaks the study content to provide you with a whole perspective. For each individual, the study materials are customized according to their strengths and weaknesses. If you are a member of ACC, you will receive this course at just 300 dollars.

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4. Cardiology Board Review Courses by American Society of Nuclear Cardiology

According to the 2021 board prep course, the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology has curated the top-rated course to ace the CVBR examination. So whether you’re preparing for the 2021 Nuclear Cardiology Board Exams or just want to stay current on board-focused updates in nuclear cardiology, this course is the best choice to have a full-fledged education.

This course is offered in a unique virtual format that includes interactive questions and answers with one of the top industry experts. Additionally, there will be four practice exams and a Self-paced course available for up to 7 weeks. The 2021 program has added another eight faculty experts to teach the new concepts like Production and Management of Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals.

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5. Cardiology Board Review Courses by ThePassMachine

The Cardiovascular Disease Board Review program offered by The Pass Machine is a first-class course at just 1097 dollars. The program comes with a free printed study guide for significant exposure to education. In addition, the course comes with more than 1300 Cardiovascular Disease Practice Questions which are completely exam-oriented.

The highlight of this program is there is a whopping 96 percent pass rate for ABIM Pass Machine Participants. Moreover, you will get 38+ hours of high-yield lectures featuring board-focused faculty. Every lecture is up to date, and it is highly recommended.

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6. Cardiology Board Review Courses by CME List

BoardVitals Cardiology CME Board Review offered by CME List costs 999 dollars for its 1400 plus question bank, which is up to date to the 2021 syllabus. All these practice questions come with detailed answers to get a good understanding of the subject. In addition, hot Topics like Hypertension and Pulmonary, Pericardial Disease, Pharmacology, Physiology and Biochemistry, and Valvular Disease are covered.

The most important consideration to have before opting for a course is accreditation. The program offered by CME List has 65 AMA PRA Category 1™ Credits and 65 MOC Points for this program. It is transferable too. The program poems with 12-month access and is highly recommended.

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7. Cardiology Board Review Courses by Gage Online Education

Gage Online Continuing Education has been offering radiologic services for 30 years. Therefore, the credibility of choosing Gage’s online course is high. There are various options for you to opt for. Book and test for 129 dollars, online test at 84 dollars, and mail test at 84 dollars.

The credit type for this test is category A which ARRT, NMTCB, and ARDMS accept. Gage’s program is considered to be one of the most affordable accredited courses. After completing this course, you will be able to name the two distinct apoptotic signaling pathways induced by heart failure.

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8. The Brigham Board Review in Cardiology by Oakstone

Oakstone’s The Brigham Board Review in Cardiology is an excellent course if you are looking for more hands-on training. This is an excellent course with a 28.50 CME credit score. Covering all the core concepts and emerging trends, the Brigham Board Review in Cardiology features case-based lectures and in-depth discussions from cardiology experts.

The course makes sure you apply current and most recommended cardiology guidelines in clinical practice because most of the courses follow the traditional way of performing cardiology. The Course Director of this top-class program is Akshay S. Desai, MD, MPH. Akshay is an Associate Professor of Medicine in one of the top ivy league universities- Harvard Medical School.

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9. Cardiology Board Review Courses by American College of Chest Physicians

Cardiologists who are specialized in chest board review are high in demand. American College of Chest Physicians is considered the global leader in advancing best patient outcomes when it comes to chest medicine education. It is a tailored program consisting of an ABIM certification syllabus.

Before the start of the course, they will offer 30hours of pre-recorded lectures. After getting an idea of cardiology, you will have 100 percent productivity for the review course. There are a lot of Questions and Answers sessions to make you a master in cardiology.

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 10. Certificate in Clinical Cardiology by Udemy

Offered on Udemy, Certificate in Clinical Cardiology is a top-rated course with 16 lectures. It is 9.5 hours on-demand course especially curated for beginners. The course planning and execution have taken a long time for the technical team and the faculties at Heartbeats academy.

So the content and modules are high in quality because of their rich industrial expert instructors. The course is meant for doctors, technicians, researchers, even patients, and all knowledge enthusiasts like cardiology. The only disadvantage of this course is it is not tailored to appear for the CVBR examination.

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