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Best Canon Star Wars Books

Star Wars is an American heroic tale space opera authorization created by George Lucas started in 1977 and very soon became popular worldwide. The initial idea of the creator was to remake the Flash Gordon movie serials from the 1930s, but later he ended up creating the primary version which later evolved into Star Wars. It was later found to create history in motion pictures multimedia. The movie of Star Wars utterly changed the kind of Hollywood movies of the time. There was an influx of special effects and attractive never-seen themes into the story creating a revolution of the movie industry. The movie series was considered as a particular phenomenal sector and a breakthrough in the genre of Sci-Fi movies which paved the way to be influenced by many others of a similar kind.

Books related to the story of Star Wars have also gained acceptance. Several series of stories in the category are available and are assured to be worth reading. Some of them are available on Amazon too. The list is provided below;

1. Star Wars: The Jedi and Book of Sith

The book comes as a set that opens upon the light and dark sides of the Force jointly for the foremost instance. The methods followed by the Jedi Path including Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luke Skywalker. The Book of Sith explains the collection of 6 legendary dark texts collected and joined by Darth Sidious and highlighted remarks from Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Darth Maul, and few others. The book is an exclusive version to the insights of the timeline of Star Wars and has an elite selection of two prints, each of them describing a significant character from the Dark and the Light Side of the Force making the understanding about the Forces more clear and comprehended about the superior and malevolence powers.  

2. Star Wars Skywalker- A Family At War

The story of the skywalker filled with obsession, deception, boldness, and murky acts depicts a family which created a far-flung galaxy. The twines and twirls of the Skywalker dynasty are explored which included the unhurried alluring to the dark side of Anakin, his disastrous marriage to Padme Amidala,  the fearless deeds of Luke and Leia, the descend and salvation of Solo and Princess Leia’s son, and the struggles of his pair Rey in the Force. The story goes more in detail about the family of the Skywalkers, their biography and personal tales, character’s depictions, inspiration, fight against their foes, and their final victory.

3. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark

Based on the book the movie created had been the winner of Emmy Awards in the section of animated series. It is the description of the classic war between the Light and the Dark forces, between the Galactic Republic and the Separatists, between brae heroes and brilliant villains putting at stake the fate of the galaxy. The story is kind of an explosion due to the compilation of events about Yoda, Anakin, Darth Maul, and Count Dooku. The specialty of the book is that it is the joined effort of 11 authors who have brought to life their favorite characters and their characteristics. Enthralling happenings like attempted murders to stolen rewards from life experiences learned to lost loves and actions from their point of view has been written down to excite the readers.

4. Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

The book provides a complete list of all the characters from the Star Wars movie and acts as a guide on 200 heroes, villains, aliens, and droids of the Star Wars Galaxy. Not only mere mentioning, but detailed description about each character and accompanied with their illustrations would be a perfect gift for those who are madly crazy about Star Wars or any other Sci-Fi movies. The fans are sure to be enthusiastic and mesmerized by the information, fun facts, lesser-known facts, and something innovative that the fans were unaware of.

5. Thrawn (Star Wars)

The book follows the story of Thrawn rising to power and revealing the happenings which led to the creation of the most enigmatic villains in Star Wars history. It had been the best seller by New York Times. The villain Thrawn has been in detail depicted in the book. The rise of the blue-skinned, red-eyed Grand Admiral Thrawn; master of martial tactics and deadly combat intensifying into power with ill reputation and ultimately emerging into the ever cunning and ruthless warriors in history along with his detailed character description.

6. Star Wars: Light Of The Jedi

The book had been the New York Times bestseller and is one of the most action-packed enthralling pieces of the kind. It describes the peaceful life during the golden period under the compassionate and generous leadership of the Senate, where peace and prosperity prevail and are imposed by the knowledge and power of the order of Force; Jedi. With the reign of Jedi, everyone was safe and sound from any weather. Suddenly certain storm disobeys the peacefulness casting an evil shadow that brings about unexpected disaster in the hyperspace which breaks a ship into chunks, leading to the flooding of the place with shrapnel posing a warning to the entire system. How Jedi overcomes the consequences with the trust in Forces with the thought of the loss of billions of lives with a slight mistake is what follows further. The late realization of Jedi regarding the growing threat in the darkness away from the force of Light strikes fear in Jedi’s heart. The evil that has grown beyond the boundary of the Republic certainly grows into a threat.

7. Heir To The Empire: Star Wars Legends

The book explains the first appearance of the Grand Admiral Thrawn on the galactic stage. The last of the emperor’s warlords are now taken over power of the Imperial Fleet which is thousands of light-years away and is getting ready to impose war against the New Republic. He has found out the crucial secret with which they can defeat the Rebel Alliance who had destroyed Death Star, crushed Darth Vader along with the Emperor, and gaggled the remains of the Imperial Starfleet to a faraway nook of the galaxy.  The brave men and women had taken their heart and soul to build this empire, but what will happen to it if it is being invaded by the Imperial Fleet.

8. Path Of Destruction: A Novel Of The Old Republic

The story of the life transformation of a young miner into the legendary Sith Lord named Darth Bane. Many among those who decided to join the Sith army to move against the Old Republic who were stagnant for a long period of time, was included Des who lived on the Outer Rim. Des is ultimately enrolled into the Sith Academy with his battling skills and heroism. He ultimately unlocks his dark talents which had remained dormant. He receives another name Bane grows even more powerful and slowly turns against the dark forces destroying the Kaan’s brotherhood and removing the entire Sith race to develop a new order of ‘one master and one apprentice’.

The wicked Sith had overpowered the Old Republic long before the ascend of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. He had been a continuous prick among the Jedi. The order of Sith was on the verge of destruction, as gluttony and desire for supremacy had been brewing for a long time inside the Order. This was the apt time when Darth Bane recognized the need to keep the Order from falling rose to be the leader of the Order. He deceitfully hid from the disagreement that was brooding and finally rose to be the most authoritative Sith Lord ever.

9. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The book is a special edition category with all the 7 seasons covered. It includes behind the scene interviews, profiling of characters, a described guide about episodes, an outlined run down for every episode, enriched with pictures and illustrations from the archives of Lucas film Image and Final Frames.  

10. Star Wars: Galactic Baking

The book seems to be a bit different from other Star War books, as this is not dealing with war and heroes and villains, but about the delicious and lip-smacking treats enthused by fan-favorite planets.  It is the most delicious way of experiencing the planets, vegetation, and wildlife of the Star War Galaxy. This cookbook serves to be a must for every Star War fan. The book is a collection of more than 30 delightful recipes such as Mustafarian Molten Lava Cakes, Cloud City Marshmallows, Life Day Cake, Loth-Cat Kibble, Keshian Spice Bread, Dagobah Bog Pie, and many more. The book is encouraged by the snowdrifts of Hoth, the wastelands of Tatooine, and furthermore. The pictures included are also attractive and are sure to induce baking skills in any reader. It gives insights into planets such as Kashyyyk, Jakku, Endor, Bespin, and Coruscant. This is considered the official cookbook for galaxy’s paramount delicacies and is worth the keep.

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