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Best Business Schools in NC

Does doing business require any pre-requisite learning? Can learning to do business improve the way it is done? Nowadays, everything has a solution. By understanding the global prospects and opportunities of business, it can be made even more effective and rewarding. Such academic and authentic understanding is obtained from world-class business schools which are part of reputed universities. The detailed areas and their importance are also briefed through these courses. The systems of business are closely interdependent and help in a mutuality relationship similar to that of human beings.

These courses also help to understand world-class business through assorted business development situations. The ability to manage, lead and take accurate decisions whenever and wherever necessary in order to reach up to smart goals in business is achieved through business university education. Business is a sector that never goes outdated and unwanted.

Some of the most rated business universities in the area of North Carolina are listed here. After browsing the details, go for the one best for you.

1. UNC Kenan Flagler Business School – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina is situated in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in the Raleigh Area. A comparably large institution with a more than average enrollment of undergraduate students makes it more competent to get in there. The rate of acceptance is also low. There are really commendable major subjects being provided, Business studies being an important one among the lot. The graduating percentage s above 90, and the pass-outs seem to have achieved respectable positions in their career. The campus and the students are welcoming, and mistreatment never occurs when a fresher is concerned. Varsity sports have always been a significant part of life at the campus. The university, on the whole, always follows the challenging part when academics and the use of intellectual abilities are concerned. Diversity is promoted along with being dedicated to the people around.

The Business department has always stood for supporting the students to lead them to various successful professions by developing the necessary skills through a business major. Present here is a team of experts who are constantly there in helping to select appropriate courses based on the benefit and intentions. It is considered the best and supple major and is always resourceful and professionally applicable when the long-term career prospects are concerned. The basic but important abilities, academic customization, and the essential support to push your career to progress in a positive direction are being provided by the UNC Kenan-Flagler business major. You turn out to be a veteran in the essentials of business during the understanding of electives and optional areas included under the major. A strong base is being laid any which ways by the center in business to lead you to a career and succeed.

Founded In: 1789
Acceptance Rate: 23%
SAT: 1310-1500
GPA: 4.39
Tuition: $10,085
Contact: +1 919-962-2211
Rank: 1
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2. Poole College of Management – North Carolina State University

The NC State University positioned in Raleigh, North Carolina is a well-known place with the highest number of graduates in Business studies. There are several attractive courses on Business being provided at the place. The institution is very large and has a high number of incoming students for under graduation. Since the competition to get into the university is very tight, the rate at which students are accepted is only average. Diverse majors are available here and out which Business is the leading one. The graduation rate is above 80%, and the graduates have been found successful after their studies.

Founded In: 1887
Tuition: $14,958
Acceptance Rate: 45%
SAT: 1250-1420
GPA: 3.8
Contact: +1 919-515-2011
Rank: 2
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3. Walker College of Business – Appalachian State University

The elite class public undergraduate institution in the state of North Carolina is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The primary aim of the university beyond academics is that they have developed a specialized method to prepare the students to move forward towards a reasonable living as better citizens who can understand an act universally. They also make the students be more responsible and create a more upholding future for everybody. On the whole, it encourages an inclusive mindset so that nobody is devoid of any involvement. The students ultimately nurture holistically and with enthusiasm and willpower. This makes the students develop a diverse and different outlook for life. The campus is super beautiful, and the classes are beyond explanation. Teachers are dedicated and supportive to providing what all needed by the student. The class size is adjusted in such a way that every single person is considered. The scenic beauty of the place is mind-blowing.

The Business Administration (MBA) at Appalachian is specially crafted to make the students ready to face life at its extreme through a dynamic global learning environment enabling them to develop themselves for constant learning and professional leadership behavior. Scholastic advising possibilities and devoted career services are the advantages of the place. The graduates are assured to be individuals with extravagant building capabilities and fantastic leaders. They can be of help and support to anyone in need.

Founded: 1899
Acceptance Rate: 77%
SAT: 1100-1270
GPA: 3.98
Tuition: $10,525
Contact: +1 828-262-2000
Rank: 3
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4. McColl School of Business – Queens University of Charlotte

A smaller university known and ranked one among the best globally located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the Queen’s University of Charlotte. It is a private organization and follows a co-education pattern for students. The specialized and separate attention obtained by every student makes it an outstanding one as all of them feel the value, support and care obtained. Every student maintains a rather close and important relationship with teachers and colleagues. The campus lies very close to uptown Charlotte, which is a fast-growing metro in the country. The place in itself is a center for learning as they can research, serve and get involved in internship opportunities. The faculty members from every department are equally cooperative, be it professors or sports coaches. The BBA in Business Administration deals with the concepts of the economic, political and social systems, which can be a challenge to the fresh and ever stable business prospects of the world. Along with the learning experiences, the degree in business from Queens makes you ready for amazing chances and experiences. It also gives the opportunity to meet with the business leaders and to learn from their networking know-how.

Founded: 1857
Acceptance Rate: 65%
SAT: 1040-1240
GPA: 3.42
Tuition: $24,286
Contact: +1 704-337-2200
Rank: 4
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5. Cameron School of Business – The University of North Carolina – Wilmington

UNC Wilmington is a public university that is rated as above average and situated in Wilmington, North Carolina. The institution is an immense one with comparatively more undergraduates being enrolled. The acceptance into the university is competitive but can be got into as the acceptance rate is not too low. They are known for their majors in nursing, business, and psychology. Graduating percentage falls above 70%, and the outgoers seem to get decent work options. There is a famous athletic division, NCAA division with Athletic conference being held accordingly.

The university has an individualized center itself to deal with the business studies major where different subjects of interest are provided for the students to choose from. The Cameron School of Business makes ready the students to come up with choices based on understanding, succession in career, and business leadership in a universal platform.  The faculty members are scholars who are highly qualified, along with practitioners and staff. They are experts not only in teaching but also in being excellent mentors and motivators who can make the students involved in community activities and service. The main intention of the institute is to develop graduates who are competitive and creative who will be equipped enough to be recognized globally.

Founded: 1947
Acceptance Rate: 65%
SAT: 1170-1320
GPA: 3.8
Tuition: $4400
Contact: +1 910-962-3000
Rank: 5
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6. Wake Forest University School of Business – University of North Carolina School of the Arts

A small institution situated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in the Greensboro Area, the UNCSA is a public university rated as above-average. The enrollment of undergraduate students is very less which comes below 1000. Even though it is a place that gives importance to majors like Cinematography and Video Production, Theatre Design, and Dance, a special association between UNCSA and the Wake Forest University School of Business (WFUSB) helps to graduate UNCSA students who are interested in Business studies. Graduating rate of students is above 70%, and those who pass out have been able to get into reputed firms. Students are made to develop a sense of confidence regarding their position in the career market. The teachers are the best here, and they maintain a warm and strong bond with the students.

They are seriously involved in the development of the individuals and are ready to be at any extend to help in attaining their dreams. The place is known for its diversity, good staff, and professors who are scholars, along with good food. The artistic school is what it is known better, but also gives importance to being an entrepreneur too making them collaborate with the Wake Forest University School of Business (WFUSB). The association supports the chances for the imminent and latest UNCSA graduates to continue graduate studies in management at the Wake Forest University School of Business. There the students can be part of the nationally recognized program in management and earn a Master’s degree (MS). This finds to be even more beneficial in many different ways, including scholarships, special awards, and other advantages. 

Founded: 1963
Acceptance Rate: 29%
SAT: 1090-1290
GPA: 3.78
Tuition: $12,579
Contact: +1 336-770-3399
Rank: 6
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7. Martha & Spencer Love School of Business – Elon University

Elon had been recognized among the top 100 National Universities, which would be an admirable place for obtaining learning experiences from outstanding teachers and mentors. The basic growth of the university is based on several factors, like making the student learn more deeply through hands-on experiences. The personal relationships of the students are also improved with the teachers making their life to be altered remarkably. Teachers are best mentors too. There are a variety of activities going on on campus, including sports, club functions, and even on-campus jobs. The faculty is voted to be wonderful as they don’t set limits in being there for the students. The campus is extremely stunning and lovely, and there are various kinds of activities, making the campus life lively, exciting, and attractive. 

The business school at the university is The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business. They are at their best in designing and delivering the transformational educational experiences attained through engaged learning, excellence in teaching, mission-driven applied and pedagogical scholarship, and service. All these ultimately contribute to the building of graduates to be leaders in the global setting.

Founded: 1889
Acceptance Rate: 78%
SAT: 1160-1320
GPA: 4
Tuition: $36,564
Contact: +1 336-278-2000
Rank: 7
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8. Cameron Schol of Business – Greensboro College

Greensboro College is a surprisingly smart place that helps to shape the way to define the career path you need to travel through the perfect internship. Every individual is considered separately with constant support and motivation to grow and transform what you meant to be. The system followed is a co-educational kind with the freedom to learn. The intake of students is not very less, and it accepts students from different states and territories. There are a variety of majors made available to choose from. Among the strong and well known for years include the Business Administration along with many others. There is a 17-sport NCAA Division III athletic program running which is recognized on a national basis.  The students are made to be involved in sports, clubs, and music during their life on campus.

The School of Business here is all set to create leaders of tomorrow who will be ready for anything, with analytic thinking and aspiring to bring about a difference. There are subjects including Business and Accounting. The academic and hands-on experiences gained during the time of study helps to attain the confidence required to be successful in business and in life. The faculty is closely associated with the booming business society making things even easier. The size of the classes is small, making the relationship between the faculty and students stronger and warmer.

Founded: 1838
Acceptance Rate: 77%
SAT: 900-1100
GPA: 3.35
Tuition: $19,483
Contact: +1 336-272-7102
Rank: 8
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9. Management and Accountancy – University of North Carolina Asheville

The University of North Carolina is a public liberal arts university. They are known for their way of dealing with things in a different manner. They promise to bring about innovation, thoughtfulness, and purposeful alterations through their unique academic programs and experiential learning. There is an Athletic Division, too, along with intense community service options. They endorse clarity in conversing, research for undergraduates, cooperation, and the courage to ask what is required openly. The class size is small and has experiences with large effects. On the whole, the university prepares the students to be leaders of tomorrow who can be innovative and brave to face worldly challenges. The campus has a positive vibe totally, and the setting is even better. The mountain landscape makes it a peaceful atmosphere. It is maintained clean and beautiful.

The Business Studies course here at the university is accomplished through the major in Accounting. The foundations of business and the details regarding organizations are included. Moreover, the accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), which is the most esteemed characteristic recognized by top employers and universities internationally.

Founded: 1927
Acceptance Rate: 84%
SAT: 1090-1270
GPA: 3.5
Tuition: $13,388
Contact: +1 828-251-6600
Rank: 9
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10. College of Business and Economics – North Carolina A&T State University

The NC A and T public university in North Carolina is an above-average rated place. This place has been known for its sturdy past of supporting black Americans in the field of education. The institution is large as it has an enrollment of more than 10,000 students for under graduation. The admission is indeed competitive, and the acceptance rate goes above. There are several famous majors who have been continuing since long back. Students graduating are more than 50%, and the graduates after course completion tend to get into decent job profiles. The academic backdrop is amazing as it is being adorned with club activities, sports, and games such as football and basketball.

The Business Information Technology Bachelors helps to develop a strong base for business along with added information in accounting, economics, management, and marketing. Students also get the chance to get registered for courses such as advanced computer applications, business information systems, and management technology.

Founded: 189
Acceptance Rate: 58%
SAT: 970-1150
GPA: 3.697
Tuition: $9,097
Contact: +1 336-334-7500
Rank: 10
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