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Best Brene Brown Books

Brene Brown, a Social Scientist and a research professor at Houston University and a visiting professor at the University of Texas. She had been behind the understanding of courage, shame, vulnerability, and empathy for the past twenty years. She is the author of 5 books that had been the #1 New York Bestsellers. Some of her books ever have over 50 million views. She is the first researcher who has a filmed lecture, The Call to Courage available on Netflix which is ‘the most’ humorous and light-hearted video that can make us lighter at mind. She is basically a teacher by profession along with being a wonderful speaker. Several laurels have reached her, but the exceptional one being the ‘College’s Outstanding Faculty Award’. Regarding her family, she is married to Steve and blessed with Ellen and Charlie, and resides in Houston, Texas.

According to Brene, the ability to be courageous makes a person more different and ultimately making the world braver too. Her books are worth reading and they are available online through Amazon.

1. The Gifts of Imperfection

The book can be better considered as a guide to get motivated and to lead an enthusiastic living. Most of people are caught amidst the condition of the ‘perfect life, which is the most unwanted sense of the mind. Through her writings, she is trying to make sure that everyone needs to be honest to themselves and need not pretend to live a perfect life. It is okay to be imperfect and we need to live genuinely. Everybody in today’s world is behind the false projections of impracticable good looks, outlook, and accomplishment which should be kept apart and we should try to look deep into ourselves to discover the real genuineness and gratefulness inside every one of us. The book is a real gem to help us try to overcome our imperfections and inspire us to confidently move forward. We are bound to be loved especially by ourselves, and we are worth more than anything else in the world. The book has sold millions of copies all around the globe.

2. Dare to Lead: Brave Work

The book is for someone who aspires to take an extra step to move to greater heights by leading. To be a leader is a great responsibility to us and to those who are following. They should be able to; discover the talents and capabilities in people to recognize their ideas and the valor to develop that ability. The supremacy should not overpower the mind and become blind considering the followers only to be working for us. A good leader should always be susceptible, open at heart and mind, empathetic, connected, and courageous in every aspect. A better leader would always be better than any other machine or robot that doesn’t have feelings and emotions. This book is the result of rigorous research that she had been doing for more than 20 years and working closely with leaders to understand and experience how it is to be a leader.

One of the best books according to New York Times is the best for teaching the reader to develop courage, bravery, and strength to improve and alter oneself.

3. Rising Strong

The importance of being vulnerable is a very difficult state to reach. The condition of the mind to be fearless to show off the real self without bothering about the outcomes is surely not easy at all.  The initial days are going to be of struggle and tumbling, but once we are able to regain the pace, it is sure to be a path of love, happiness, belongingness and creativeness.

The book focuses on the concept of the rise from falling. It is the result of her research and conversations with teachers, couples, military officials, organization heads, and many others regarding their journey. All the cases had clear indications about being fallen at some point in their life but rose from the failures to see another horizon. The falling or struggle of each of us may be entirely different from another, but the ability to rise up above it remains the same. The book takes us through different struggle stories which might seems dangerous but ultimately can make the reader into a completely new person, more courageous and realization of who we actually are.   

4. I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t)

The need to be ‘the perfect’ would ultimately be the goal of any normal individual which is more to make society believe rather than for our own self. The situation of imperfections normally brings insecurities which alters the person to wear something on the outside to make others believe who we are not. The need to attain perfection is often very tiring and inexorable. The being of imperfection is always taken as being insufficient. The circumstances around us are always persuading us to pretend to be perfect enough and be away from embarrassment, judgment, disapproval, and hold responsible.

This book has been an inspiration to thousands to enable them to deal with their insecurities and to keep the heart and mind strong and open to reality. Self-realization and fearlessness to overcome uncertainty make a man able to love, laugh, enjoy life empathetically and joyfully.    

5. You Are Your Best Thing

The book is a combined effort of Brene Brown and Tarana Burke and is the ultimate collection of essays on Black Shame and Healing. The depiction is the product of a conversation that both had regarding the topics of vulnerability and shame resilience. The discussion that both of them shared regarding the insecurities of a Black individual in an emotionally and physically unsafe country became the core reason behind the book. The book opens out on the trauma created by white supremacy and the establishment of the space to be vulnerable to confirm the Black Love and Life.

6. Braving the Wilderness

The book is written to bring about the prevailing sense of division or split among humans in the present society. A sense of true belonging exists only if there is love, empathy, courage, and vulnerability. The current way of living is normally to be only for the self living with our own comforts, staying quiet inside our own ideological dugouts, showing off to be perfect and pleasing and civilized, and not being the real self. The author highlights the challenges, practices, and authenticity that have to be taken up in order to cultivate real belongingness with the community in which we fit in. the place of true belonging is assured to be wild, a place to be feared of, treacherous and magnificent, but the most blessed and the bravest place where one can stand with true belongingness.

7. Workbook for the Gifts of Imperfection

The workbook is a helping hand to have a better understanding of the views of Brene Brown, and the tips to apply the lessons in real-life situations. It includes the summary, plans, targets, and goals which are some of the major messages conveyed by the author in her books. It is a write-along book where findings and thoughts can be jotted down and try to implement in life for progress. The book as a whole act as a workbook to practice courage, compassion, and connection and to rise above the self-defeating thoughts inside each one of us.

8. The Power of Vulnerability

The art of work is meant for searching for one’s self, and to find happiness with what we have, and being thankful for all the goodness in our lives; be it meager or enormous. It also comes with beautiful quotes to inspire the reader, and it encourages counting the blessings that have been received.

9. Daring Greatly

Author in the book depicts vulnerability as the central point where difficult emotions like fear, anxiety, distress, and sorrow as well as soft emotions such as love, empathy, joy, creativity, and innovation arise. When a person becomes less vulnerable, he is taken away from all the real feelings and meaning from his life. The book emphasizes the need to be courageous in every walks of our life, be it at work, or at home, or in a relationship. The feeling of not winning should be taken over by courage to face anything that comes our way by practicing the revelation of letting our inner and real self shown to the exterior visible to everybody around. Every day is a different challenge for everyone. The uncertainty and risks faced by an individual make him more vulnerable. And vulnerability makes him courageous and truthful.  

10. Women and Shame

The book explores the complications of shame in women’s life. A woman may have to face the feeling of shame several times and periods in her lifetime. It may be due to different reasons such as appearance, sex, body stature, motherliness, parenting, physical condition, and senescence. The author has written this book from the experiences she had after conversing with more than 200 women about various situations and incidents they had gone through. Brene Brown comes up with certain essentials which would help alter the feeling of shame to bond and recognition.   

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