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Best Books on Codependency

The concept of attempting to characterize disproportions in relationships where at some point an individual facilitates the predisposition of self-destruction or destabilization of the other person’s relationship is what is meant by Codependency. There is an overload of emotional and psychological dependence on the partner, especially when there is suffering from sickness or obsession. A person who is codependent seems to be keener in the activities of others. They are constantly thinking about those around them and are persistently worried about them. But the relationship is normally considered to have a negative touch and is a damaging one. The kind of relationship that both individuals share will be continuously concerned about, but not out of love. It is a type of psychological situation where one partner does anything for the other irrespective of the expenditure that has to be tolerated. This unhealthy relationship is entirely different from a dependent kind. The control of the person is purely under the effect of either alcohol or drugs.

The term is rather an unconstructive concept because it hinders a person’s aptitude to survive a well, equally enjoyable relationship. These relationships are usually directed in one direction, and it would be surely psychologically disparaging, and insulting. Several books are available on Amazon which would turn out to be constructive for such individuals.

1. The Codependency Recovery Plan: A 5-Step Guide to Understand, Accept, and Break Free from the Codependent Cycle 

The book helps to move away from the patterns of codependency. The situation is a bit complex when an advanced situation reaches an ultimate state where everything including one’s self is put away to give importance to a particular person in life. A level of equilibrium is crucial for a relationship between others and the self. It helps the person to follow an instructive path from its origin to the trail out of it. The writings are purely guidelines of how to understand the symptoms and the factors that are responsible for the situation to develop further. It helps improve communicative skills, restoration of relationships, and enhancing self-esteem. The values obtained helps to attain a clean outlook for life.

2. Nurturing the Light Inside: Overcoming Addiction and Codependency on the Path to Self-Love

A compassionate chronicle regarding the principles of triumphing over the disgrace that stimulates compulsion and a realistic lead to find out the ways of loving the self is what his book is. The book is like a mirror faced against the author herself, revealing how bad and drastic the situations she had to face were. These facts would definitely be of support and help for those who are going through similar situations. Her true to herself experiences which most of us would have hidden from others, like sexual assault, a love affair that started in a rehabilitation center which ended up tragically, a passionate womanly acquaintance complicated by alcohol which was wrecked chaotically, a religious arousing that set in motion a hundred-pound weight reduction, and an unusual addiction-recovery process that led to the ultimate liberation from the conflict with alcohol which she had been trying for years on end. The numerous reasons contributing to the development of disgraceful thought process leading to addictive behavior to drugs and alcohol are analyzed in detail and put forth with the possible steps that can be taken to come out of such a mess and to lead a self-loving healthy living status.

3. Courage to Cure Codependency

The book is the perfect pick for the identification of symptoms and signs for self-analysis. Most of those who are suffering from codependency would behave like a caretaker to others, taking responsibilities for others, but not out of love or affection without caring for the self, only because the person is unable to turn the back on others.

At times it might also happen that a normal relationship might lead to sacrifices for the happiness of the partner, and living with a fake face giving up on all the dreams once had, and trying to please society. The book surely helps to fix the issues identified and bring out the real self to lead a free and desired life that was dreamt of once. The importance of denying things when it has to be, healing from codependency, retaining methods of self-esteem, the prevention of the urge to get back to the old situation, freedom from the guilt of saying ‘NO’ and the ways of recovery ultimately making the reader come out of the present state and move forward courageously to make a difference in the life one was leading till date.

4. The Codependency Workbook

The book is a reassurance for those who feel that they have lost their selves in some kind of weird situation, but are unable to come out of it. It is an e It is an exercise-based activity book that includes several techniques based on brain activity. It helps to set the goals in life, remove the negativity and fill it up with reassurance, completely changing the codependency pattern of living and reconstruction of self boundaries.  All the prescribed strategies have been scientifically tested for effectiveness and proved successful. It also makes the reader capable to handle disagreement, manage conflicts, and lessen anxiety. Motivating summaries of experiences after every chapter helps to reassure the reader, the relation to addiction factors, and easier exercises to follow which are not fussy and time-consuming.  

5. The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations for Codependents

The current pandemic situation has created a chaotic situation all over the world in most of the relationship setup. Most of the forgotten and overcame behavior might have a tendency to pop up with even more vigor and resilience. The book stresses the mindset to let go of the things which were once left behind. The meditation techniques in the book offer the best way to know more about ourselves to grow and become even more self-responsible.  The problems will only make us stronger according to the author and finding solutions to such situations would enable us to progress further. All the motivations made are based on the personal experiences she had to undergo in her life. She also sets an example to remove unnecessary thoughts from us to recuperate and to develop.

6. The Self Confidence Workbook: A Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Improving Self-Esteem

The book has the measures to be taken to go on with a life better than before by boosting the inner self-confidence of the reader. The sufferers are made ready to face the most dreadful fear that haunts them and develop the ability to feel consideration and recognition of the self thereby bringing out the best of everyone. The activities and techniques in the book make the self suppress the inner critic and progress the mind towards growth and development. Consist of a 5- step program to encourage recognition, mindfulness, and empathy. The exercises in the book are so designed to check the improvements with quizzes and checklists. It really acts as a steer to understand one’s self more accurately and the importance of gaining and maintaining confidence, to begin with, the building up of self-esteem.

All these make the book an outstanding one among the helping motivational books to overcome the arms of codependency.

7. Co-Dependents Anonymous

The book takes the help of the 12 step principles to be applied in everyone’s personal life on a daily basis. The contents are stories and ideologies in the book very exceptionally pertain to any reader who is trying absolutely hard to overcome the hurdles of codependency and is in a wandering state for free will and harmony.

8. Codependents’ Guide to the Twelve Steps 

The New York Times bestseller comes under the category of helping books which enables the reader to find out and select the correct recovery program for oneself. The importance of the Twelve Step program is also emphasized. Every single step in the program is detailed and its application to the specific issue. The welcoming and soothing way of rendering would make the mind calm and relaxed along with serving its purpose.

9. The New Codependency

The book is a best to keep written format helping in understanding the real self of a person along with the essential tools for claim back the life by wading away detrimental practices. The book is the best for those who are troubled to find peace in their relationships and giving a clear-cut picture about the concept of codependency and the path of discovery to eternal well-being. The condition of codependency is often the normal behavior itself when there are situations of doing a bit more than required in caring, loving, or engaging. When generosity is mistaken with a mental state of bitterness after giving, narcissism for self-love, enable and nurture, and controlling with setting boundaries are all delicate terms that are easily mistaken for the other. Here all these changes are analyzed in detail by taking the experiences from her life as well comparing them with others. All this inspiration helps the reader to jump out of the responsibility of the sufferer. She considers the condition, not as a diseased one, but something, when cut into smaller sections, can be easily and productively fought out. The sections of the book are dealing with specialized behavior such as caretaking, controlling, manipulating, denying, and repressing. Each of the conditions is individually analyzed and recommends the apt solutions to come out of it and move towards prosperity and peace of mind. The set of tests included in the book also makes sure of the understanding of the height of codependent behavior and the development of the vigor to take care of the self leaving behind the disturbing thought process inside the mind.

10. Facing Codependence: What it is, Where it Comes from, How it Sabotages Our Lives

The author produces a borderline for recognize the way of thinking, emotional activity, and alteration in behavior for codependents and sort out the ways to recover from it. The book analyses the reasons behind the disabling conditions which may trace back to the childhood days when they might have faced situations like abuses of any kind whether mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. So according to her, the healing process should start from the deep-rooted hurt feelings, by removing all the brooded poisonous emotions from the wounded early days’ incidents.        

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