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Best Books on Charisma

If we look at the literal definition of the Word Charisma, it is “A compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. And a Charismatic person is likely to have Active listening ability, clarity in speaking, having a positive approach to almost everything.  Roger Dawson says, “Charisma is the intangible that makes people want to follow you, to be around you, to be influenced by you.” 

There are varying views regarding the nature of Charisma, whether it is a learned attribute or ascribed. According to Olivia Fox Cobane, People acquire certain talents and skills when they are in a particular work set up; with time, they evolve in their decision making, and the best part of this feature is that it can be turned on and off as per the utility. But let’s just not forget the fact that there are some traits of people which make others drawn to them swiftly, it can be either on the basis of their way of talking or leading the groups. There have been plenty of studies being done on the aspect of Charisma, from Plato to Olivia and many more. Their studies can be summed up into two categories. First, we are quite often attracted to certain people and feel it to be entirely supernatural, as if it is something not in our control. The second observation says that we cannot judge or make sense of what exactly makes some people so captivating.

In general, people who have patience, which is warm, who is actually present while they are talking or listening are some of the basic characteristics of a charming personality. Whether you talk to one person or a group of persons, the ability to lead, the tact to handle situations clearly and make them listen is what we can term as a Charismatic Person.

In this article, our purpose is to enlist the ten best books on Charisma that have been put together on the basis of ratings and their reviews, so why not grab the opportunity to understand and build a Charismatic personality!

1. The Charisma Secrets: How anyone can master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism: Good books on Small Talk by Ozell Towels

The Charisma Secrets

As we have mentioned above that the science and technology has worked a lot in evolution of Charisma as an entity. So and so, that the people will low Charisma can be brought and changed into high charismatic personality. If we are able to understand the core of Charisma and various methods for it, then it becomes possible for all of us to actually apply it in our lives on a daily basis. This book is all about the essentiality of small talk, and everything surrounded by this topic like what are the blockages in a talk (shyness, low-self confidence), the ways to improve your self-confidence by conquering your mind and ultimately building an overall personality. It is indeed an inspiring and influential book.

2. The Charisma Within:15 Steps to Enhance your Magnetism by Happy Ali

The Charisma Within: 15 Steps to Enhance Your Inner Magnetism

This book has the potential to answer all of your questions to find the best version of yourself. The book revolves around a central idea of internal qualities that make you a superhuman. The external validation and external qualities after a point of time just vanish, and then people are helpless. So the book underlines how a person can work on the qualities which not only make them charming but also enhance their lives on a personal level. The book has all the content for making its readers see and learn how to outshine every situation by just building a personality that adapts to every situation and every change. The books offer you a quick and very intensive outlook towards personality making, which is beneficial for you as an individual as well as for the people around you.

3. The Secrets of Confidence and Charisma: How to build Confidence, Improve your Skills and Develop Effortless Charm by Alex Peterson

The Secrets of Confidence and Charisma

In this book, Alex Peterson has talked about everything to have a charismatic personality, from raising the level of confidence to understanding the psychology behind confidence and how to form a personality that is so attractive that people respond to it without any resistance. The body language, the tone of the voice, how to develop assertiveness and settle down the disputes of an aggressive mind, which acts as a blockage in the smooth flow of conversations, everything is described in this book. The most important element of the book is that people don’t have to go an extra mile to create a dream personality but make certain key changes in their everyday life, and hence everything is worth achieving. This book has all the tips which make it worth reading.

4. The Charisma Machine: The Life Death and Legacy of One Laptop per Child by Morgan G Ames

The Charisma Machine

This book is an essential tool for all Ed-tech enthusiasts before they enter into the world of their dreams. It provides an insight into the need and essential components of leading or even participating in an organization. This books documents the skills and basic elements which all together work upon the welfare of the organization and its people and how the involvement of Charisma in every practice can actually produce favorable results.

5. The Charisma Myth: How anyone can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism by Olivia Fox Cobane

The Charisma Myth:

The book revolves around the three main components of Charisma- Presence, Power, and Warmth. The book is full of techniques, knowledge, and a variety of sciences, revealing what Charisma really is and how it works. The book has an engaging strength that can hold the readers to it till the very last. The author has taken the scientific approach towards finding out what actually is Charisma and how it determines our lives and our principles.

6. The Science of Likability: 60 Evidence-based Methods to Radiate Charisma, Make  a Powerful Impression, Win Friends, and Trigger Attraction by Patrick King

The Science of Likability

The book takes over 60 seminal scientific and psychological studies and breaks them down into real, usable guidelines, and provides tips to create the presence you have always wanted. The book sums up the great works of psychologists like Sigmund Freud, Ivan Pavlov, and many more and provides a glimpse of what it exactly means to work on ourselves and ultimately result in the upliftment of a charismatic personality. The author has signified the internal mechanism of our mind and subconscious, which shapes our personality and makes us likable. If you strive to reach your absolute self, then this book is quite apt for you.

7. Charisma: Micro-Sociology of Power and Influence by Randall Collins

Charisma: Micro-sociology of Power and Influence

Randall Collins is himself a  Sociologist who has made the use of sociological factors in deciphering the root of Charisma and Charismatic behavior. He has also talked about how Charisma heightened Jesus, Queen Elizabeth, etc. He has explored four types of Charisma: frontstage, backstage, success-magic, and reputational Charisma. He has put a lot of emphasis on the understanding of Charisma in terms of sociology which makes it a very rich book.

8. Charisma Improvement: Guide to Effective Communication Improvement to Enhance Self-Confidence, Public Speaking, and Social Skills by John Ward

Charisma Improvement

In order to have an impact, the need is to have a command over the communication and clarity of the conversation being done. And this book by John Ward has everything and more to enhance your communication skills and boost your confidence which will help you in making your personality shine like a star in the Universe.

9. Magnetic Charisma: How to Build Instant Rapport, Be More Likable and Make a Memorable Impression by Patrick King

Magnetic Charisma

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and teaches Charisma and social skills. He has put all the elements into this book which will prove its utility only if you read it. The basic but very life-changing advice has been mentioned by the book, which can develop your overall personality and completely change your way of talking and interacting with people. The book has a multitude of illustrative examples. Conversations varying from big to small, from complicated to simple, every conversation has been exemplified by the author. This is the ultimate guide for all those looking for a Charismatic Personality. So why wait? Hurry up!

10. Communication Skills Training: How to Talk to Anyone, Connect Effortlessly, Develop Charisma and Become a People Person By James W. Williams

Communication Skills Training

In order to have a personality which makes everybody awed and amazed, some basic skills are required and keeping in mind the need; we have shortlisted this book by James W. Williams. The book focuses upon the vitality of Communication skills and how it makes any personality remarkable. A better and well-informed communicator is always the most appreciated and preferred one. Every individual has unique traits, and a good communicator is the one who keeps this in mind and then exhibits his/her skills judiciously. This book is surely a good start and an influential reading for all those who really seek to glorify their personalities.

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